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Powering the Quest for Real-Time Business Intelligence Summary
Sami Akbay explains why active data warehousing is an important, growing initiative for any organization striving to gain a stronger understanding of their customers and business and to excel in today’s competitive market.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence

by Sami Akbay | 0 comments
The Right and Wrong Approaches to Enterprise Master Data Management Journeys Summary
Ravi Shankar describes how master data management lessons learned can be leveraged to drive more effective data governance across other lines of business and more elements of the system’s infrastructure.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence

by Ravi Shankar | 0 comments
Building a Fact-Driven Enterprise Summary
Tim Wormus discusses how next-generation tools are providing employees at all levels within organizations the ability to make fact-based decisions, and he examines the approaches of key players in the analytics space.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, Visualization

by Tim Wormus | 0 comments
Boundary Free Data Sharing for Acute and Ambulatory Facilities Summary
Lorraine Fernandes explains why integrating patient data between facilities – hospitals, clinics, labs, physician practices, etc. – is becoming a top priority.

Topics: Data Integration

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments
8 CRM Uses for Text Analytics Summary
Dr. David Bean outlines eight ways companies employ text analytics technology to garner important customer insights that grow customer relationships.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Text Analytics

by David Bean | 0 comments
Using Business Intelligence to Monitor Trading Partner Relationships Summary
Online business processes send and receive millions of messages every day via electronic data interchange (EDI) and other methods, and administrators must be able to quickly identify which messages didn’t get through or didn’t get a response.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Text Analytics

by Glenn Wiebe | 1 comment
MDM Architecture Options: Evaluating Traditional and SOA-Based Approaches Summary
Marty Moseley explains why many data practitioners are stumped when it comes to choosing between a traditional approach to master data management and an SOA-based approach.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

by Martin Moseley | 0 comments
Customer Value Management Summary
Mike Tobin discusses the use of predictive analytics to facilitate customer value management.

Topics: Analytics, Predictive Analytics

by Mike Tobin | 0 comments
Business Intelligence and GIS, Systems within Systems, and Ubiquity Summary
Today, there are two predominant approaches that are used to bring maps and proximity analysis into business intelligence and business applications.

Topics: Analytics, Predictive Analytics

by James Steiner | 0 comments
Disruptive Trends in Master Data Management Summary
Dr. Lawrence Dubov discusses five disruptive master data management trends and the technology requirements resulting from market changes

Topics: Analytics, Predictive Analytics

by Lawrence Dubov | 0 comments
Disrupting the Status Quo: Next Generation Business Intelligence for the Real World Summary
Christopher Ahlberg looks at supercharging your existing business intelligence investment to achieve unprecedented corporate performance.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Christopher Ahlberg | 0 comments
Integrating Unstructured Data into Your Analytic Environment Summary
Kirby Lunger suggests several techniques you can use in your performance management environment to make all types of content readily digestible and understandable across your organization.

Topics: Analytics, Unstructured Data

by Kirby Lunger | 0 comments
The Multi-Tiered Gap in Business Intelligence Summary
Mike Psenka explains why it is time to close the gaps that impede enterprises from effectively managing and leveraging the growing amounts of enterprise data.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Mike Psenka | 0 comments
Unstructured Data: The Hidden Enterprise Asset Summary
Gaurav Verma explains why it is time for companies to adapt their information management strategies to become more efficient, differentiate themselves from the competition, mitigate risk and comply with the continued onslaught of regulations.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management

by Gaurav Verma | 0 comments
Utilizing Unstructured Data to Provide Business Intelligence Summary
The wealth of information contained in unstructured data sources is simply too great to ignore. Fortunately, unstructured data now can be analyzed to provide vital, enriching context for traditional business intelligence results.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Content Management, Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

by Billy Cripe, Nick Tuson | 0 comments

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