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Getting the Most from Your Virtual Infrastructure Summary
Tapan Patel and Bill Wright discuss how virtual infrastructure is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people compute. They provide advice so that IT departments can avoid being trapped into imbalance across the IT resource footprint.

Topics: Data Integration, Information Management, Storage

by Tapan Patel, Bill Wright | 0 comments
Five Steps to Predictive Performance Management Summary
Becca Goren describes how analytics embedded into the performance management process empowers organizations to better focus on developing and supporting an effective strategy and ensuring successful execution.

Topics: Analytics, Performance Management, Predictive Analytics

by Becca Goren | 0 comments
Availability in a Converged World: Successful Providers Must Rise to New Market Standards Summary
The telecommunications industry is changing at a blinding rate. Competitors are entering the market from outside the traditional telecommunications space, and they are offering innovative new services to a receptive subscriber base. Michael Crane explains that to remain competitive, telecommunications service providers (TSPs) will need infrastructure that delivers superior, differentiated services that extend across IP and telecommunications networks. However, such infrastructure must facilitate the same levels of availability for converged services as customers have come to expect for the public switched telephony network (PSTN), and this poses challenges.

Topics: Data Integration

by Michael Crane | 0 comments
Successful Data Migration: A Step-by-Step Process Summary
David Barkaway describes a 7-step data migration process that balances cost and rapid delivery.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Migration

by David Barkaway | 0 comments
From Business Intelligence to Intelligent Data Exploration Summary
Sylvain Pavlowski describes why it is critical to re-think infrastructures in order to give users the flexibility and tools needed for greater adaptability and faster analysis.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

by Sylvain Pavlowski | 0 comments
Search Technology for the Enterprise Summary
Dr. Yves Schabes explains that enterprise search enterprise site is a difficult and laborious process because of the lack of metadata.

Topics: Data Integration, Search

by Yves Schabes | 0 comments
Dirty Data’s Domino Effect Summary
The average American business retains somewhere between 25% to 40% bad data. Gordon Daly explains why in addition to being worthless, this data is also a dangerous liability.

Topics: Data Integration, Search

by Gordon Daly | 0 comments
Governance Should Lead the Healthcare Data Dance Summary
Lorraine Fernandes and Michele O’Connor recommend a clear, concise data governance model to avoid conflicting governance and stewardship paths.

Topics: Information Management, Data Stewardship, Data Governance

by Lorraine Fernandes, Michele O'Connor | 0 comments
Connecting Visibility to Value: Data Integration and Business Intelligence Summary
Dain Hansen explains that data integration allows pervasive intelligence across the enterprise by linking strategic financial and operational management processes to their data sources in near real-time.

Topics: Data Integration, Information Management, Customer Data Integration

by Dain Hansen | 0 comments
Bridging the Gap between the Promise of EMR and Today Summary
Alan Eisman explains how business intelligence and performance management can help healthcare providers maximize quality and minimize costs.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence

by Alan Eisman | 0 comments
What You Don’t Know Can Kill You Summary
Blake Cahill discusses how companies can take advantage of existing business intelligence tools to monitor, measure and engage with social media.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Blake Cahill | 0 comments
“Age of Interoperability” in Healthcare Requires a Patient-Centric Data Foundation Summary
Lorraine Fernandes explains that modern healthcare systems have realized the need for “interoperable” data to transform business processes and achieve patient and provider intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments
Seven Ways to Reduce IT Costs with Master Data Management Summary
Ravi Shankar explains how master data management (MDM) can reduce IT costs, even in the current economic climate.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Ravi Shankar | 0 comments
Optimizing Human Capital Summary
Becca Goren looks at the challenge of getting top talent in this increasingly competitive global marketplace. She explains how human capital management software can help managers optimize their workforce.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Becca Goren | 0 comments
Reasons to Consider Independent Business Intelligence Providers Summary
Ted Cuzillo questions whether shoppers should ignore their well-founded skepticism and consider only integrated business intelligence suites or build with the best-of-breed and flexibility in mind?

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Ted Cuzzillo | 0 comments

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