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The Demise of the Data Integration Toolbox and the Rise of the Data Management Platform Summary
David Barkaway describes the benefits of a data management platform.

Topics: Data Integration

by David Barkaway | 0 comments
Text Analytics to the Rescue Summary
Richard Foley suggests promising text analytics approaches that should be very effective in countering cyber bullying.

Topics: Analytics, Text Analytics, Text Mining, Social Media

by Richard Foley | 0 comments
Avoiding Social Silos Within the Enterprise Summary
Vincent Lam discusses how organizations can benefit from the tools for real-time collaboration and mobile enablement by recognizing the importance of data integration between different platforms.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Data Integration, Social Media

by Vincent Lam | 0 comments
Behind the Curtains of the Cloud: Considerations for Physical Inspection Summary
This article provides a checklist for conducting a physical inspection of a cloud provider, a prudent step before entrusting mission-critical data or applications to third-party cloud providers.

Topics: Information Management, SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud Computing, Data Management

by Brian Klemm | 0 comments
Social Media: Driving the New Avatar of Retail Business Intelligence Summary
Social media is bound to spur dramatic evolutionary shifts in traditional business intelligence in several ways. By enabling applications to monitor and mine growing streams of social media content, the new generation of social BI platforms will need to accelerate the convergence of data mining, content analytics, and complex event processing.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Social Media

by Ajith Nayar | 0 comments
Master Data Management: Free Up the Data to Free Up the Business Summary
The future of enterprise data management, reports Dominic Micic of DataFlux, is the master data management approach, and the key for data management professionals is to tie data management efforts to business objectives.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Management

by Dominic Micic | 0 comments
Data Integration: Looking Beyond ETL Summary
Daniel Teachey explains why some organizations are now looking to the extract, load and transform (ELT) method, data federation and real-time/near-time data integration as alternatives to ETL.

Topics: Data Integration, Real-Time Enterprise, ETL, Data Federation

by Daniel Teachey | 0 comments
A Journey to Adaptive Master Data Management Summary
Many organizations need to adapt their master data management (MDM) deployments to address new and wider sets of business requirements, and enable different deployment and implementation architecture options. MDM will also need to expand beyond customer and product data into other data and relationships and provide access to information-rich systems for broader use.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Rick Clements | 0 comments
Text Analytics: Deriving Meaning from the Deluge of Documents and Purging Content Chaos Summary
Text analytics technologies allow new, numeric representations of text to be embedded into traditional statistical and forecasting models. From there, results of this new, previously unknown insight are delivered to the end user/information consumer within the reporting capabilities of the framework.

Topics: Analytics, Text Analytics

by Fiona McNeill | 0 comments
Innovative uses of Analytics in Telecom Summary
Telecom operators are discovering innovative uses of business intelligence, driven by the need to extract more intelligence out of their business data—to drive more competitive offerings and to improve profit margins through newer revenue streams.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics

by R. Venkateswaran | 1 comment
Expanding Your Organization’s Analytic Bandwidth Summary
A strategic approach to analytics starts with executive recognition that analytics, like data, should be treated as a strategic asset. Taking such an approach requires that you analytically align along the four key organizational dimensions of people, process, technology and culture.

Topics: Analytics

by Anne Milley, Aiman Zeid | 0 comments
Real-Time Data Feeds: Too Much for Conventional RDBMSs? Summary
Whether it’s millions of RFID tags in Walmart’s supply chain, a network of sensors monitoring the nation’s water reserves or – over the next decade – sensors that control cars and traffic, huge volumes of streaming data on the real world create interesting and powerful new applications of analytics, but will be utterly crippling for conventional relational databases or RDBMSs.

Topics: Information Management, Analytics

by Charlie Silver | 0 comments
What Can the Real-Time Web Economy Do for Your Business? Summary
To make better business decisions, organizations are finding increased need for relevant, real-time data from public websites, such as BBC.com, or social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as from private, firewall-protected websites and Web applications.

Topics: Data Integration, Social Media

by Stefan Andreasen | 0 comments
Next Generation Master Data Management: Powered for Business Summary
The next generation of master data management (MDM) extends benefits beyond corporate IT departments to business users and their daily applications.

Topics: Information Management, Data Quality, Master Data Management (MDM), Information Quality (IQ)

by Jon Case | 0 comments
Federal Government Grant Facilitates Development of Health Information Exchanges Summary
Lorraine Fernandes looks at the issues surrounding the recent federal announcement of its $547 million grant release to facilitate health information exchanges.

Topics: Information Management

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments

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