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SAND Integrates its SAND/DNA Access for SAP

Originally published May 11, 2006

SAND Technology, a provider of intelligent enterprise information management solutions, recently announced that it has integrated its SAND/DNA Access for SAP NetWeaver business intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) offering with Open Text Livelink ECM Suite for SAP Solutions. This integration creates an environment in which SAND/DNA Access users can more easily and cost-effectively access nearline and archived data required for analytic purposes. The three-tiered environment will support active data kept online to satisfy day-to-day reporting requirements, nearline data for long-term analysis and/or rebuilding of warehouse information layers, and archived historical data, all seamlessly supported by the integrated combination of SAP NetWeaver BI, SAND/DNA Access and Open Text's Livelink ECM.

Open Text is a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and a market provider in SAP document/data archiving and management. More than two million users at more than 2,200 installations worldwide are using Open Text's Livelink ECM Suite for SAP Solutions.

SAND/DNA Access for SAP NetWeaver BI is specifically designed to complement the information lifecycle management capabilities available to organizations as their data warehouse solutions grow in size and complexity. Users can move infrequently used data into a nearline repository, where it is stored in a very small footprint, while remaining immediately accessible. As a result of SAND/DNA's unique access capabilities, service levels can be maintained for all data management activities, and storage costs reduced, without compromising users' ability to access and analyze granular historical data.

"The combination of Open Text and SAND/DNA solutions is an important win for both companies, as well as for SAP NetWeaver BI users," said Jerry Shattner, SAND Technology's Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Alliances. "Open Text's customers using SAP NetWeaver BI and SAND/DNA Access will now be able to access all their data, no matter where it resides whether online, nearline, or archive in a cost-effective manner that supports their business objectives. This partnership represents a significant extension of our reach into the SAP NetWeaver BI user market."

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SOURCE: SAND Integrates its SAND/DNA Access for SAP

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