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eToys Direct Selects Inquisite’s Enterprise Feedback System

Originally published November 8, 2005

Creating an effective catalog or retail site for the holiday season is a stressful time for most retailers, but for eToys Direct, an online toy retailer and retail catalog provider, it's an almost joyous occasion.  With the help of Inquisite’s Enterprise Feedback System, eToys Direct is able to garner valuable customer insight well in advance of the gift-giving season. 

While children are responsible for creating their wish list—and we know they are checking it more than twice—adults are typically responsible for buying the toys; consequently, eToys Direct utilizes Inquisite web surveys to ensure a happy holiday season for all.

Leveraging Inquisite, eToys Direct surveys gift-givers to ensure that the holiday buying experience is as enjoyable for the giver as it is for the receiver. The company also uses Inquisite's online survey capabilities to get fast feedback on a number of important issues, including possible web site enhancements, the most favorable catalog photos and designs, and the most valuable promotional offers such as free gift with purchase and/or free shipping on orders. 

This BeyeNETWORK news item contains information from a recent press release by the company mentioned.

SOURCE: eToys Direct Selects Inquisite’s Enterprise Feedback System

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