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Limiting Business Intelligence Project Failures: Some Practical Hints, Part 2

Originally published August 10, 2010

This two-part series concludes by offering tips for developing business intelligence solutions based on addressing business pains and gaining overall information availability to make more informed decisions.

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Posted August 10, 2010 by

Interesting post.

I would like to address issues 3 and 4 - good advice, but utterly impossible to follow.

Actually most BI implementations fail just because they are required to do so much planning ahead of time, while there really is no way for a consumer to know in advance what the requirements are and whether what they need now is what they would need 6 months from now.

Getting to the point where the "consumer" can provide REAL feedback, not theoretical feedback using traditional business intelligence software means extensive IT effort, i.e. significant upfront investment.  This cycle repeats until the consumer is happy, and would usually take months or even years.

Incidentally, I wrote a blog post regarding this exact issue if you're interested.






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