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Jitterbit Enterprise on Amazon EC2 Delivers All-Inclusive Pricing and Flexible Integrations

Originally published June 9, 2010

Jitterbit, the leading provider of powerful, flexible and easy-to-use application and data integration software, announced Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition, a cloud-based full featured version of the company’s award-winning integration platform. Running on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition is designed to accommodate organizations adopting a cloud strategy in either a hybrid or pure cloud environment, with seamless connectivity to more than 250 major databases and applications.

“The advent of cloud computing where business operates applications and database’s outside of their enterprise requires that organizations rethink the role of integration and business processes in this hybrid computing environment,” said Mark Smith, CEO and EVP of research at Ventana Research. “Enterprises need cloud-based integration and migration technology to connect the cloud and enterprise data together in a seamless manner. Jitterbit operating on Amazon EC2 provides a practical, flexible and affordable way to integrate data to, from and across the cloud based on the computing capacity necessary at the time.”

AWPRx, a pharmacy management company for workers compensation, recognized Jitterbit as a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to its previous integration tool from Cast Iron Systems (recently acquired by IBM). Moving critical prescription information to the cloud required a solution that could connect Salesforce to third party data from pharmacies, providers and insurance companies. According to Jay Roy, CEO of AWPRx, “Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud offered us features we couldn’t get from any competing vendor, with clear and straightforward pricing. There weren’t any hidden costs or obstacles when it came to connectivity and horsepower, which has become even more important as we scale. Jitterbit was our onramp to running our business fully in the cloud.”

Jitterbit’s award-winning data integration solution has drawn praise from some of the world’s largest corporations including NASA, Continental Airlines and Balfour Beatty. Designed for the technical business analyst, Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition requires no coding and allows companies of all sizes to solve complex integrations without relying on IT to manage and maintain hardware and software updates. Using Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition, customers can create powerful-yet-simple integrations in on-premise, pure cloud and hybrid deployments – reflecting the needs of businesses today.

“Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition delivers ‘practical cloud’ for organizations that want the benefits without the hype, and without compromising enterprise features or connectivity,” explained Sharam Sasson, CEO for Jitterbit. “Customers are tired of vendor ‘cloud bait and switch’ where solutions really don’t provide full enterprise features and functionality, in the end forcing the customer into a more expensive on-premise solution. Jitterbit uniquely offers an affordable, full-featured cloud integration solution where what you see is what you get.”

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SOURCE: Jitterbit Enterprise on Amazon EC2 Delivers All-Inclusive Pricing and Flexible Integrations

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