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Syncsort Announces Clickstream Data Integration Solution

Originally published February 3, 2010

Syncsort, a global leader in high-performance data processing, data integration, and data protection & recovery software, recently announced availability of its clickstream data integration solution. The high-performance solution dramatically reduces the time, cost and effort required for integrating large amounts of web data, and radically simplifies an organization’s ability to analyze online visitor behavior via a clickstream data warehouse.

The solution combines Syncsort’s high-performance data integration software, DMExpress, with optional professional services and training specifically tailored to implement techniques and patterns for processing clickstream data files. The solution exploits the many advanced technologies of DMExpress, including new features designed to speed and simplify clickstream data integration.

"Organizations in all industries are reaching the limits of what can be accomplished with web analytics services and packages. So to gain greater insight into online customer behavior, many are integrating their clickstream data in an internal data warehouse, where it can be segmented, analyzed and enriched with data from other sources,” said Mark Madsen, Research Analyst, Third Nature, Inc. “These organizations often discover that one of their primary challenges is to clear the bottlenecks created from the sheer volume of data."

Syncsort’s clickstream solution eliminates these bottlenecks with a unique combination of speed, hardware utilization, ease-of-use, and support for various clickstream data sources. This powerful combination enables customers to meet shrinking batch windows, reduce hardware costs by up to 90 percent and increase productivity over hand-coding by 75 percent. The result is a higher ROI for clickstream data warehousing initiatives.

“Using Syncsort ‘s DMExpress software for clickstream data integration allows our clients to make decisions faster because of the ability to convert raw clickstream data into strategic information,” remarked Michael Brown, EVP of Software Engineering at comScore Inc., a global leader in digital marketing intelligence and a Syncsort customer. “When we implemented DMExpress, comScore saw a 500 percent improvement in clickstream data integration throughput, providing us with a sizeable competitive advantage.”

“Web analytics initiatives require highly efficient technologies in order to handle the huge volume and complexity of unstructured clickstream data,” said Sean Ford, Syncsort’s chief marketing officer. “DMExpress and our new clickstream data integration solution enable customers to make faster and more precise strategic decisions using their online visitor activity data which leads to better margins, lower costs and improved bottom line results.”

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SOURCE: Syncsort Announces Clickstream Data Integration Solution

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