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Monitoring Performance with Dashboards

Originally published October 8, 2009

Dashboards provide graphical depictions of current key performance indicators. Because the technologies for implementing dashboards have improved significantly over the years, Dan Power revisits the implementation of dashboards to monitor operational performance.

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Posted December 5, 2016 by

Dashboard provide a great visualization and graphical depictions of current KPI's. And for data driven business decision support systems they are helpful to take most important decisions. They are used by head or c-level managers for peeking at current status. They are also available in many systems for running business. CirQ point of sale in India has dashboards that is also designed to make the most of a screen for data driven decisions. 

Sometimes there are too many data to see, as of course software dashboard is not limited like an automobile dashboard. So, user needs to get used to also. Bigger systems even require separate consultants and specialists for operating.

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