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Kalido to Directly Sell a Custom-Built Netezza TwinFin Data Warehouse Appliance

Originally published September 2, 2009

Kalido, a provider of information management software for enterprise data governance, and Netezza, the global provider in data warehouse and analytic appliances, recently announced that Kalido has licensed and will directly sell a custom-built Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliance engineered and optimized for the Kalido Information Engine and Kalido’s new industry analytics and reporting solutions. The agreement expands an existing partnership announced in March 2009.

The Kalido KONA Information Appliance addresses specific business information needs in various industries, enabling enterprises to more effectively manage key performance indicators for their critical business operations. The pre-built, customizable solutions can start delivering business benefits in 30 days -- a sharp contrast to the nine to eighteen months frequently required to build a traditional analytic data warehouse using hand-coding and an assortment of software tools. And Kalido KONA is the only information appliance with a completely-integrated MDM solution.

Priced at $450,000 for all hardware, software and professional services, the Kalido KONA Information Appliance costs up to 80 percent less than a comparable system built using traditional tools.

The Kalido KONA Information Appliance is an end-to-end analytics and reporting solution containing industry-specific business information models and all required hardware and software for data storage, data sourcing and integration, master data management and governance, and analysis and presentation. The pre-configured appliance dramatically reduces deployment complexity, implementation time, and both initial and ongoing costs.

Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido, said: “The next wave of business intelligence is end-to-end packaged solutions (i.e., industry models, data sourcing and integration, MDM, analytics, and dashboards) tailored to specific business domains that offer quick time to value at an affordable price. Kalido's partnership with Netezza represents the vanguard of the coming revolution that promises to deliver business what it wants: faster, better, cheaper BI.”

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SOURCE: Kalido to Directly Sell a Custom-Built Netezza TwinFin Data Warehouse Appliance

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