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KMM Trading Implements Panopticon Software’s Information Visualization Software

Originally published August 5, 2009

Panopticon Software, a provider of Heatmap data visualization software recently announced that KMM Trading, a Chicago-based hedge fund led by JP Morgan veteran James Gislason, has implemented its information visualization software.
KMM Trading works with a wide variety of financial instruments, including equities and options in all sectors of the economy. KMM uses the software to filter and highlight market, pricing, and other data relevant to its trading strategies. The firm uses the Treemap visualization as a filter that doesn't necessarily initiate transactions, but brings important data to the trader's attention and shows him where to drill down for more detail.
James Gislason, President of KMM Trading, said, "I employ several strategies, including intra- and inter-sector pairs trading. I'll go long one energy stock and short another, or I'll go short one basket of energy stocks against shorting a basket of basic materials. Panopticon allows me to track individual stocks and sectors, as well as spreads, more easily than I could without this tool."

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SOURCE: KMM Trading Implements Panopticon Software’s Information Visualization Software

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