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Quantivo Announces that its SaaS Service is Now Hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Originally published July 29, 2009

Quantivo, a provider in on-demand Behavioral Analytics, recently announced that its SaaS service is now hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2. Quantivo changes the expectations of customer analytics by offering a high-performance, highly scalable and highly reliable computing infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of traditional advanced analytics solutions. Now any company or department can quickly answer the most difficult customer behavior questions in minutes and immediately capitalize on all sales, marketing and customer service opportunities.

"The need for speed and flexibility in customer analytics has been amplified by the proliferation of social media and the mobile web, shrinking the window of opportunity to capitalize on behavioral trends to just hours or even minutes," said Paul O'Leary, CTO at Quantivo. "To help companies keep up, we didn't just move traditional BI technology into the cloud. Instead, we combined our revolutionary analytics approach with a cloud-based architecture for an entirely new vision of Business Intelligence. Quantivo customers can throw billions of records into the cloud and begin analyzing their data in ways not previously possible and at a fraction of the TCO of tired relational data warehouse solutions based on decade old technologies."

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SOURCE: Quantivo Announces that its SaaS Service is Now Hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

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