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The Ministry of Defence Selects the Informatica Data Integration Platform

Originally published July 28, 2009

Informatica Corporation, an independent provider of data integration software and services, recently announced that the Ministry of Defence has selected the Informatica Data Integration Platform to enable the integration of 70 legacy IT systems into a centralized SAP-based ERP environment.

The Ministry of Defence has a five-year relationship with Informatica, which began as part of the SPEER (Strategic Process Enabled ERP Re-engineering) program. SPEER is dedicated to improving and centralizing the flow of information between the Royal Air Force, the Royal Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Military Police.

As part of the move to become a combined defence force, the Ministry wanted to ensure it had a single and accurate view of information across the new structure, to ensure procurement and asset use was as efficient and transparent as possible.

Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Data Quality, key components of the Informatica Data Integration Platform, will be used to cleanse and enrich the data, as well as reduce duplication – saving time and lessening complexity during the data integration phase. A total of 12,000 of the 70,000-strong Ministry of Defence staff will work daily with SAP once the integration program is finished. The result, according to Jaap Timmers, Project Manager for Shared Services at the Ministry of Defence, is a far more efficient use of public funds during the integration process.

"Together with data integration and business intelligence specialist, KVL Inspiratie Technologie, we have built our migration methodology – the Data Migration Street – on Informatica’s technology to support this significant data integration project," said Timmers. "Our data existed in a distributed environment on numerous disparate systems. Manually updating these systems would not have given us the insight into, and ability to improve, data quality in real time, so automation was critical to the project’s success."

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SOURCE: The Ministry of Defence Selects the Informatica Data Integration Platform

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