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Io Consulting and LumenData Partner

Originally published July 20, 2009

Io Consulting, Inc. and LumenData recently announced a partnership to deliver expanded services to the Oracle Higher Education community. Io, a company known for providing premier consulting services for Higher Education, and LumenData, the company that co-developed the Oracle Higher Education Constituent Hub (HECH), are joining forces to advise the Higher Education sector on how to best move forward with the new opportunities presented by advances in the Oracle offerings for universities.

"Today's economic climate and changing demands are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on Higher Education institutions to deliver more service to a wider variety of constituencies" said Steve Kish, President, Io Consulting. "Our partnership with LumenData blends deep technological expertise in Oracle's software products with real-world Higher Education business knowledge. This combination puts us in a unique position to advise Higher Education customers on the most strategic and cost effective way to move forward in light of today's challenges."

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SOURCE: Io Consulting and LumenData Partner

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