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SenSage Unveils its Latest Event Data Warehouse Software, SenSage 4.5

Originally published July 15, 2009

SenSage, Inc. recently unveiled its latest event data warehouse software, SenSage 4.5, bringing the full power of unlimited, elastic storage and processing to cloud-based event data warehousing applications. SenSage 4.5 provides dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership by enabling server, storage and data virtualization in a single event data warehousing platform, along with a menu of pre-built governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions. SenSage cloud-based solutions are currently being deployed in multiple petabyte-scale implementations.

Complex GRC mandates are straining corporate budgets and legacy data management infrastructures. Organizations are facing unprecedented and escalating requirements to analyze, retain and immediately respond to risk incidents identified through log files, banking transactions, call records, network traffic and other types of event data. Increasingly, enterprises and services providers are looking to cloud-based data warehousing solutions to lower their costs and improve service delivery.

SenSage's breakthrough technology advantage is based on the integration of its patented columnar database, agentless event-specific ETL and intuitive business intelligence suite across clusters of commodity servers and storage to deliver highly targeted business solutions. SenSage provides pre-built, solution-specific data marts for GRC, SIEM and log management, telco CDRs, and others.

"We see analytic data warehousing emerging at the forefront of the deployment of data-management technologies in the cloud," said Matt Aslett, Enterprise Software Analyst at The 451Group. "This is due to the potential for ad hoc analytic services based on data stored on relatively inexpensive cloud platforms and the fact that MPP architectures, such as SenSage, are well-suited to clustered, virtualized cloud environments."

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