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Analytix On Demand and Pervasive Software Join Forces

Originally published April 2, 2009

SaaS business intelligence specialist Analytix On Demand and Pervasive Software, a global value leader in embeddable data management and data integration software, are joining forces to deliver a powerful, SaaS–based business intelligence solution for the healthcare industry. 

Designed expressly for healthcare providers, large physician groups, hospitals, health plans and other healthcare organizations, the solution is designed to give healthcare enterprises a comprehensive, real–time view of business performance across clinical, financial and operational aspects of healthcare management.  Architected for scalability, the solution is built for managing large volumes of data from multiple disparate sources. 

The solution is highly customizable, delivering speedy time–to–deployment and low upfront costs with seamless integration of data from multiple sources – thousands of physicians, for example – ensuring accurate and real–time data analysis.  The interface is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge to operate. The entire solution is HIPAA–compliant.
Both companies have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, serving a wide range of providers and payers.  Pervasive Data Integrator handles all the back–end data collection, while Analytix On Demand will provide the front–end dashboards, reports and information presentation.

“Healthcare enterprises manage myriad sources of financial, clinical and administrative information, and it can be overwhelming to get a true sense of things like financial performance, patient and member management, clinical performance and administrative efficiency,” said Vik Torpunuri, Analytix On Demand Founder and CEO.  “With our dashboards, you get the full picture without needing to review a series of spreadsheets and voluminous system reports.  We put the results at your fingertips, so you can operate more efficiently and make informed decisions in real time.”

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SOURCE: Analytix On Demand and Pervasive Software Join Forces

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