Business Intelligence Network 2006 Data Visualization Competition

Deadline for Entries is July 14, 2006

We are pleased to announce the Business Intelligence Network 2006 Data Visualization Competition. This contest provides you with an opportunity to showcase business data visualizations that illustrate what can be done when people apply best practices in visual design to the analysis and communication of data.

This competition consists of five business scenarios that require visual representations of data to solve real business problems. You may submit solutions to all five scenarios or only to those that interest you. Those who respond to all five will be eligible to win the overall prize. Everyone who submits a solution to a scenario will be eligible to win the prize for that particular scenario. The winning solution for each scenario will be featured in one of Stephen Few's monthly articles in the Data Visualization Edition of the Business Intelligence Newsletter. Even some of those solutions that do not win will appear in articles, in many cases to illustrate practices that don't work effectively.

No one is excluded from participating in the competition except employees of the Business Intelligence Network and their relatives. Even if you work for a data visualization software vendor, you may still participate.

Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet that contains a more detailed description of the contest, entry details and the five scenarios. (Microsoft Excel Worksheet 60KB)