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The Elusive Virtual Data Warehouse


Originally published March 19, 2009


Bill Inmon provides his opinion on virtual data warehouses.

Bill Inmon
Bill Inmon



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Posted March 30, 2009 by Andrew Powell

Bill tells it like it is and I agree that it is a carnival game minus the cheap prizes and cotton candy.

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Posted March 26, 2009 by Joseph Subits

On the subject of virtual data warehouses, my jury is still out because as hardware speed, memory, network and other related infrastructure continues to increase in capability while continuing to come down in cost, many of the traditional "physical" barriers to the virtual data warehouse will dissappear.  That said, I applaud Bill on emphasizing or re-emphasizing the great Achilles heel of virtual data warehouses or traditional data warehouses for that matter.  Any company that does not solve their data integration, data quality and data management issues will ultimately fail to leverage the power of data warehousing, business intelligence, enterprise application integration, e-commerce...etc. in any significant form that it is used.  It appears that the ultimate challenge of the 21st century is to banish the concept of GIGO once and forever.  That said, we must always remember that many of the information silos that exist in companies and why there are so many spreadsheets and so many arguments over who has the "right" data is that information is power and human beings unfortunately don't share power willingly or easily.  Thus, on the whole, we tend to culturally resist "one version of the facts".   

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Posted March 24, 2009 by Neil Raden nraden@hiredbrains.com

This article defines virtual data warehouse in a way that no one in their right mind would support. However, supplementing the data warehouse with other sources that are not loaded into it is a reasonable appraoch these days. I discuss is this article and some alternatives in my blog at http://www.b-eye-network.com/blogs/raden/archives/2009/03/time_to_rexamine_the_virtual_data_warehouse.php

-Neil Raden

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Posted March 20, 2009 by Robert Eve

Virtual Data Warehouses do not make sense.  But there are many cases where Virtual Data Marts and Virtualized Federated Query do, often complementing and extending the value of the Physical Data Warehouse.  This article seems to tar everything virtual with the same brush. 

Of course there are limitations to federated query.  But building and supporting Enterprise Data Warehouse must have a few as well.  Otherwise everybody would have them and they would all be working great.  And we all know that isn't true.  So should we tar all EDWs as well?

Because there are lots of data silos and complexity, diverse needs, various degrees of maturity, and many other factors in the mix, lets face the fact that the world is not so BLACK and WHITE.  And a palette of data integration options is in fact a good thing.


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