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Different Data Warehouses


Originally published March 5, 2009


Bill Inmon takes a look at data warehousing across a variety of industries.

Bill Inmon
Bill Inmon



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Posted August 19, 2009 by iftikhar shahid iftikhar@ab-sol.net

hi bill.

i am working on a warehouse project for a very large healthcare organization. the obstacles that you have mentioned are absolutely ture in our case. we are also controlled by a committee to get access to all of our resources. and this indeed is a painfull and time taking process. can you please suggest some study material that can help us to overcome these obstacles related to healthcare data warehousing?

thanks in advance

iftikhar shahid


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Posted March 16, 2009 by Joseph Subits

Wanted to comment on the Medical part of your article.  I think we're overlooking 2 back room data warehousing applications in the medical area even though you generally touched on them as a part of your other categories.  Medical research utilizes very large data warehouses for clinical trials whether for drug or other treatment regimen.  The SAS Institute generates a lot of its business from this vertical.  Medical insurance carriers also have large data warehouses which I'm sure they effectively use patient population and clains data when they negotiate the large group health insurance plans that most large and medium size companies have for their employees. 

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Posted March 10, 2009 by Zenobia Godschalk


Hi Bill,

Enjoyed the article. In addition to the examples you point out, we at Aster Data are finding that online businesses in specific verticals also have some very specific DW needs. For example:

--Digital advertising and marketing: must deal with ad impressions and traffic data volumes growing very rapidly, frequent updates to ad targeting rules, and daily reporting SLAs for advertising clients.

--Online retail: must constantly keep product recommendation engine rules fresh, have to account for seasonality in sales analysis without really having significant historical data, have huge amounts of data that they need to load quickly, and struggle to run click-path analysis and other complex queries where SQL is difficult or slow that could really help their business.

We have more examples here: http://www.asterdata.com/solutions/etailing.php

and we look forward to hearing about more examples from you. 


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Posted March 8, 2009 by Andrew Cardno

Love the article, is the Retail Industry worthy of a comment?

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