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Knowledge and Information Workers: Who Are They?


Originally published October 29, 2008


Vendors, analysts and consultants use the terms knowledge worker and information worker to describe users of business intelligence products without defining clearly what these terms mean. This article attempts to clarify matters and to begin a discussion on this topic.

Colin White
Colin White



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Posted June 24, 2009 by Anonymous

Interesting article to try starting categorizing these Knowledge workers. While reading it though, I was wondering if Information Consumption and Information Production were not common to all Knowledge workers at different extent. The call center representative might want to do more than just viewing reports and think about ways to optimize their job. Or, they could start interacting between each other to compensate for information not present in the report. Today, none of these actions would be possible with BI tools simply because of the categorization they have been put in. Wouldn't you think there would be another axis to definite the split of information users, and that consumption & production are actions done by all knowledge workers?



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Posted February 2, 2009 by kamal kumar

Data and business analysts who work with computers and business data throughout their working day may have a good working knowledge of corporate data and software used to process that data, but the majority of users do not. This is why business intelligence (BI) tools are used only by a fraction of users that could benefit from them and also why improving usability is a key focus area at present for BI vendors good article thanks





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