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Why Has Data Mining Struggled So Much?

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Originally published November 19, 2009


While Bill Inmon agrees that data mining has struggled over the years, he contends that it is still too early to call the practice a bust.

Bill Inmon
Bill Inmon



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Posted November 24, 2009 by Srikanth Velamakanni

It would be useful to know what the author means by "Data Mining", especially as opposed to analytics. I think businesses are using analytics extensively in decision management. In fact, in my view, data warehousing has been far less successful than analytics led decision management.

If data mining means looking for needles in haystacks, it obviously will never work, because it seems unfocussed, unclear and undirected. Define the purpose and analytics/data mining will deliver.

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Posted November 20, 2009 by Michael Berry

What evidence is there for the assertion that "data mining has been around for a long time without a lot to show for the effort"? It seems to me that data mining has been so succesful that it has become pervasive. The recommendations you see on every retail web site--data mining. The sponsored links next to your search results--data mining. The "people you may know" on linkedin--data mining. Your car insurance quote, the price of a seat on an airplane, the credit card offer you recieve--all based on data mining. Maybe it is just hard to notice something that is all around us.

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