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The Perils of Thought Leadership


Originally published March 18, 2010


Do you think thought leadership is right for you? Bill Inmon examines why the position of thought leader is more difficult than it seems.

Bill Inmon
Bill Inmon



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Posted March 18, 2010 by Neil Raden nraden@hiredbrains.com

A few weeks ago, one of your coauthors told me that "Data warehousing and BI have been very good to me and I want to give something back." I was not only impressed with her altruism I was proud to be part of an industry of people who were so noble.

Then I read your piece, a self-serving whine about how anyone who traded in data warehousing was a plagiarist hyena. This is a concept that you you've milked and monetized for decades and, frankly, did.a fair amount of "borrowing" yourself. In 2001, you sat in the front row while I gave a presentation I called "Data Warehouse 2.0." Do you remember that? Heck, the whole concept of data warehousing was something you fashioned while standing on the shoulders of giants.

Bill, of you want to be a thought leader again, you have to lead. Come up with something new and useful. Real thought leaders, by the way, aren't afraid to escape their legacy. 




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