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Cracking the Code: Capture, Analysis and Utilization of Customer Information


Originally published June 23, 2009


Leslie Ament reminds us that use of marketing science and information analysis services has moved beyond a competitive advantage for companies that seek to grow aggressively. It has become necessary to stay in the game.

Leslie Ament
Leslie Ament



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Posted June 23, 2009 by Dale Paulson allegianceresearch@gmail.com

Thank you for this very comprehensive article. You mentioned consumers are being tracked at a granular level – by brand preference, warranty card registrations, product and service transactions, online behavior, demographic information and lifestyle stage.

There is one other approach that I developed called "Context-Driven Qualitative Research." I believe that this is a game changer because it tracks consumer behavior in context. This allows the consumer to explain themselves in greater detail that ever before. I thought this approach should be added to your detailed list of information sources. You can learn more by visiting my blog at http://beyondfocusgroups.blogspot.com.

Thanks, Dale

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