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The Rise of Data Lakes Summary
Discover how data lakes can provide your organization with a one-stop hub for all aspects of big data, from initial ingestion to analytics-based action, to make big data more manageable unlock its hidden value.

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Support Your Innovation Needs with SQL Server Summary
Access this white paper and uncover ways to leverage the data explosion in the face of customer demand with SQL Server.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Public PaaS for Dummies Summary
Organizations need to adopt a solid PaaS approach that accelerates the creation of new products and services for customers, employees, and partners. Access this book to learn what to look for in a PaaS solution.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
HR Analytics Fuels Employee Management, Retention Summary
Thanks to analytics tools, HR's role is changing – enabling HR decision makers to be more strategic players in businesses. In this issue, learn how companies like Wawa Inc. and BJs are leveraging HR analytics, how data collection capabilities are heightening privacy concerns, 3 things you should know about SQL on Hadoop, and much more.

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SQL Server DBA Responsibilities & Implications of Integration Summary
"Database management" may sound like one responsibility to the uninitiated, but those who are more familiar know it's just an umbrella term. Read on to explore six duties that are the building blocks of effective SQL Server administration.

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Tiered Storage Architecture Demystified Summary
This white paper discusses the method of tiered storage architecture, and how to actively manage it to ensure that the different tiers meet your data requirements. Read on to learn the benefits of multi-tiering that your enterprise can take advantage of, including controlled costs, enhanced customer experiences, greater agility, and more.

sponsored by: Cintra/Oracle
Thriving in the Age of Big Data Analytics and Self-Service Summary
Uncover the biggest trends in BI and analytics shaping the big data landscape. Discover how cloud delivery, consumer applications, and mobility are providing more information to companies, allowing decision makers to gain actionable insights faster.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Getting Real About Big Data: Build Versus Buy Summary
When it comes to updating your big data infrastructure, should your business build a customized solution, or should you buy one? This white paper explores the pros and cons of both sides, and can help you determine what big data infrastructural model is right for your organization.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Tier-1 Storage Considerations: The HPE 3PAR StoreServ Architecture Summary
In the following technical white paper, learn about a tier-1 storage system that can support true convergence of block, file, and object access while offering the performance and flexibility needed to accelerate new application deployments. See how this system supports server virtualization, cloud computing, and ITaaS all at a manageable cost.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
CRM Analytics: How to Make the Most of Customer Data Summary
This expert e-book delves into the power behind CRM analytics in helping you to make the most of your customer data. You'll also uncover why companies shy away from analyzing social media data, as well as how companies can make the most of the stacks of tweets and Facebook postings.

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Date Lake: Adoption and Maturity Survey Findings Report Summary
Back by insights from 385 IT practitioners, this report, produced by Radiant Advisors and Unisphere Research, reveals the findings of data lake adoption and use cases.

sponsored by: Attunity
How to Lower the Barrier to Data-Driven Innovation Summary
This white paper discusses why rapid application development is the key to data insight, discovery, and knowledge. Learn how speed and flexibility can enable faster pursuit of insight, lower the barrier to experimentation, and more.

sponsored by: Exaptive
Pair BI and Analytics With Data Governance Summary
A data governance plan is essential to keeping analytics efforts from becoming chaotic and disorganized.

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The Surprising Economics of Engineered Systems for Big Data Summary
This white paper presents tactics for building your own big data infrastructure cost-effectively. Allow this resource to help you determine if it makes sense (and cents) to build or to buy your next data engine.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Survey Results: Is the Data Warehouse Dead? Summary
Are big data solutions complementary approaches to the conventional data warehouse, or do they signal the end of the data warehouse? This research report presents the results of a survey conducted to discover the answer to this question.

sponsored by: IBM

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