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Big Data Poses Weighty Challenges for Data Integration Best Practices Summary
Organizations that deploy big data platforms are finding that they also need an upgraded data integration framework to meet rising demands. In this expert handbook, uncover advice on how to navigate the demands of big data architectures, high volume data warehousing, and data lakes by updating your data integration strategy.

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All Cloud, No Fluff: Success Stories in Cloud Automation Summary
You don't need to know what cloud "can" do, you need to know what it will do. Take a look at this collection of cloud automation success stories. Inside you will find 14 case studies from various industries. Each case study deals with a unique challenge, presents a solution, and shows the results.

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Real-World Strategies for Big Data Summary
Access this white paper to learn more about the technical challenges that block big data success, and the strategies you need to succeed. Additionally, learn how Hadoop-based data integration can ensure high levels of flexibility.

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5 Steps to Harnessing Data for Business Value Summary
In this white paper, you'll learn how to derive lasting value from your data. Uncover 5 steps to making this happen, plus case studies on how real businesses laid the foundation for measurable business success.

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How Companies are Using Hadoop for Big Data Summary
The ability to perform data management inside the Hadoop cluster is the key to realizing maximum value from big data investments. Learn about tools that can run inside the Hadoop cluster, fully exploit all Hadoop services, replace coding with mapping, and ensure data accuracy and consistency.

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Big Data A Big Problem? Where, When & Why To Use NoSQL Summary
Big data is becoming a big challenge for enterprises. To cope, many organizations have built environments for transactional data with Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), but even these can become inundated. In this e-book, learn why and how NoSQL databases help ease this data hurdle.

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Data Center: Build vs Buy Summary
Your data center needs to be on the cutting-edge to make sure it can handle any technological disruptions that pop up. The question is, do you build and maintain your own or buy into colocation? Access this white paper to learn about colocation and the reasons why it is growing in popularity.

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2017 IT Priorities Survey - Benelux Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities in Benelux.

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2017 IT Priorities in the Middle East Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities in the Middle East.

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Finance Executives: A Breakthrough Dashboard For You Summary
Join Justin Gillespie, Principal for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing at The Hackett Group, in this webcast to explore the benefits of the Hackett Oracle Performance Exchange (HOPE) and learn how it could revolutionize how you leverage data.

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Sizing up Oracle Upgrades: Exadata with Oracle Database 12c Summary
In this expert e-guide, 20-year industry veteran Brian Peasley explores the top 10 reasons for upgrading Oracle databases to 12c. Discover how DBAs can improve their management of Oracle systems and how Oracle Exadata Database Machine enables analytics, batch, reporting, and other tasks to run simultaneously across databases.

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Best Practices Report: Operationalizing Embedded Analytics For Action Summary
Embedded analytics has evolved beyond reports in CRM and ERP systems to include analytics embedded in dashboards, devices, applications, systems, databases, and more. But how do you successfully operationalize embedded analytics? Access this comprehensive best practices report by TDWI to find out.

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IT priorities report 2017: UK Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities from across the UK.

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Common Hadoopable Problems – And Real-World Hadoop Use Cases Summary
Explore concrete examples of companies that leveraged Hadoop to advance the state of their data analytics and drive business impact.

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Gain Better Performance, and Better Insight to Your Mainframe Storage Network Summary
In this white paper, discover a suite of enterprise computing hardware specifically designed to help you realize the full potential of flash storage in an IBM z Systems environment.

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