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Computer Weekly – 16 September 2014: The IT challenges facing an independent Scotland Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, as Scotland goes to the polls to vote on independence, we assess the IT challenges the country would face. We look at the products available in the fast-growing market for object storage. And we ask if it will be worth migrating to future version of Windows given the rise in mobile usage. Read the issue now.

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Eight Considerations for Utilizing Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Summary
Uncover the 8 considerations for utilizing big data analytics with Hadoop.

sponsored by: SAS
Data Evolution: Why a Comprehensive Data Management Platform Supersedes the Data Integration Toolbox Summary
Learn about the data integration tools and technologies that are capable of supporting your data warehouse, and, as a result, your high volumes of data.

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The Marriage of SAS and Hadoop Delivers Better, Faster Answers to Business Questions Summary
Learn how the marriage of Hadoop and SAS can help you achieve an efficient and cost-effective way to store, process and analyze the daily flood of structured and unstructured data.

sponsored by: SAS
Why Cloud and Mobile BI Are Worth the Investment Summary
Access the following expert e-guide to explore the top 6 challenges and opportunities for moving BI and the data warehouse to the cloud. Additionally, learn how to make the most out a mobile BI strategy.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
Examining the Fundamentals of the Hybrid Cloud Computing Model Summary
This expert e-guide will help you gain a full understanding of the hybrid cloud.

sponsored by: IBM
A Crucial Challenge for the Internet of Everything Era Summary
Learn about the data engineering challenges brought on by IoE, as well as suggestions for companies to increase their skills and capabilities.

sponsored by: MapR Technologies
Best Practices for Using Hybrid Cloud Technology Summary
This expert e-guide will help you handle the complications and confusion that come with managing a hybrid cloud.

sponsored by: IBM
Putting Customers on the Map With Geolocation Apps Summary
Geolocation mobile apps are giving companies new insights about customers: where they are at any given time. But this ability spooks many.

sponsored by: SearchCRM
BI Architect Has Options to Tap to Support Expanding Environments Summary
Designing a systems architecture and technology infrastructure that can meet the increasing demands of business intelligence platforms is an exercise in finding the right combination of tools among a multitude of different choices. So how do you do it? Consult the following expert e-guide to find out now.

sponsored by: Actuate
Integrating Hadoop into BI and Data Warehousing Summary
This TDWI Best Practices report explains the benefits that Hadoop and Hadoop-based products can bring to organizations today, both for big data analytics and as complements to existing BI and data warehousing technologies. It also covers Hadoop best practices and provides an overview of tools and platforms that integrate with Hadoop.

sponsored by: Pentaho Corporation
Managing Big Data: Best Practices Report Summary
Download this TDWI best practices report to learn more about the many options that are available for big data management, including old, new, and upcoming technologies. The report brings you up to date so you can make intelligent decisions about which tools, techniques, and team structures to apply to your next-generation solutions for big data.

sponsored by: Pentaho Corporation
Hadoop Buyer's Guide Summary
Uncover the guidelines for searching for the best Hadoop infrastructure for your organization and gain background information on big data, MapReduce and Hadoop.

sponsored by: MapR
Think Big (Data) Summary
For IT solution providers looking to build a big data practice, we investigate the areas that experts predict will be the most fruitful. And we take a look at how some Microsoft partners are already making money on big data.

sponsored by: SearchITChannel.com
MDM: The key to optimised, profitable management of your data? Summary
In the era of big data, your data quality can literally make or break your entire big data analytics initiative. So when it comes down to it, how can you ensure the highest quality of data without running up expenses? Consult the following expert e-guide to learn how MDM can offer a solution to not only handle data, but profit off of it.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited

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