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Nucleus Research Note: IBM Announces Watson Analytics Summary
To learn about one specific cloud analytic platform that has just hit the market access this exclusive resource. Discover how your organization can take advantage of the predictive and visual analytic capabilities of Watson to combine natural language cognitive computing capabilities with the ease of cloud technology.

sponsored by: IBM
Can Your Business Intelligence Environment Handle Data Growth? Summary
From indexes and cubes to reporting-specific data marts and warehouses, IT departments have found it difficult to truly address slow BI environments. This white paper explores embedded data stores as a critical component to addressing slow query response times. Discover how they mitigate high volumes of data, while generating dramatic benefits.

sponsored by: Information Builders
What Happens When Big Data Meets the Cloud Summary
In this e-guide, experts discuss ways to choose the best cloud service, or cloud platform, all the while tailoring each strategy to your company's requirements. Additionally, learn how Cazena, a startup company, was able to solve its pain points with managing and analyzing big data in the cloud.

sponsored by: Amazon Web Services
Top Factors to Know About the Cloud Summary
In this e-guide, Amazon Web Services' general manager of data science, Matt Wood, shares expert insight on cloud pricing, federation, compliance, and data localization. Additionally, explore Amazon Redshift's features and how it's changing the game for data warehousing in the cloud.

sponsored by: Looker
The Benefits and Challenges of the Cloud Summary
A growing amount of companies are cloud-bound, particularly for sales and marketing applications - but are they correctly leveraging data with these apps? Discover answers to your integration inquiries and other expert cloud tips in the following e-guide.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Flash-Based Storage: A Crash Course Summary
Access this white paper to learn about why DBAs should care about SSD, and the differences between flash and SSD. Read on to discover how flash and SSDs can change the way your storage architecture is designed, and how those designs compare with each other.

sponsored by: HGST
Deep Dive: Hybrid Cloud Summary
Access this guide to deep dive into information about hybrid cloud architectures.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Overcoming Data Warehouse Performance Gaps with MMP Summary
In the following white paper, learn why conventional warehousing solutions are beginning to break down and can no longer offer the same strategic value they once did. Access now to bridge the gap from old warehousing strategies to far more advanced analytics.

sponsored by: Looker
Achieving World-Class Collaboration Summary
To discover how your organization can facilitate collaboration between your data management team access this exclusive white paper.

sponsored by: Dell Software
5 Top Reasons to Consider Flash Storage for the Enterprise Summary
Access this white paper for the five most important reasons why you should consider flash storage for the enterprise.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and SanDisk®
Looker for AWS Redshift: Cloud Based Analytics Summary
Access the following white paper to uncover why agile data warehousing seems to be the best approach when it comes to dealing with the new complexity and size of cloud data in the business.

sponsored by: Looker
Reinventing Business Intelligence for the Modern Data World Summary
Consult this white paper to learn what new features modern business intelligence holds, including data discovery, sharing, and collaboration improvements.

sponsored by: Looker
The 2015 Business Analyst’s Guide to Big Data Analytics Summary
In this white paper you'll learn how big data analysis has been radically changing and how businesses are transforming the way they view and act on data to get fast accurate analytic results. Read now to discover the 5 biggest big data challenges today.

sponsored by: Platfora
Business Information ANZ May 2015 Summary
The role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) is exploding across the region bringing the data-driven agenda to the C-level and coalescing the imperative to effectively protect and curate an organization's digital memory.

sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics
An Innovative Approach to Solid-State Storage Summary
Access this white paper to learn about one flash storage system that takes costs into account, for both large and small businesses. Read on to find out to overcome the management challenges of high velocity data.

sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems

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