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The Ins and Outs of Harnessing Hadoop Summary
Hadoop technology has made it easier for organizations to process and analyze big data from both internal and external sources – but there are limits.

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Identity and Access Governance Buyer's Guide Summary
This Identity and Access Governance Buyer's Guide is designed to help you define requirements for an Identity and Access Governance solution for your enterprise.

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In the Cloud, Big Data's a Big Deal Summary
The public cloud puts big data analytics within reach for even small organizations.

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Roadmap to the Predictive Analytics Promised Land Summary
Consult this white paper to learn more about how businesses are managing the large volumes of information available today. It explores how your business can benefit from well-managed predictive analytics programs. Find out how to plan and manage a successful predictive analytics campaign for your business by consulting this resource now.

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Putting Big Data Technology in its Place Summary
Businesses must evaluate what big data technology they need most – whether it's Hadoop or in-memory analytics tools, finding the right fit takes planning.

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Data Center Storage Evolution - Executive Summary Summary
This whitepaper examines these three important configurations and takes a close look at the connection technologies associated with them, including SAN over IP and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

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Strategies for De-Cluttering Business Intelligence Dashboard Designs Summary
The following solution spotlight will provide readers with tips on how to design BI dashboards that present useful information to users without overwhelming them with unnecessary data. Additionally, gain insight into how to avoid common pitfalls of dashboard design.

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Putting Customers on the Map With Geolocation Apps Summary
Geolocation mobile apps are giving companies new insights about customers: where they are at any given time. But this ability spooks many.

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The Enterprise Data Hub in Financial Services: 3 Customer Case Studies Summary
Learn from 3 customer case studies regarding their experience with big data, Hadoop and an enterprise data hub.

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Video: Tata Consultancy Services speeds operations analysis capabilities while reducing data warehousing costs. Summary
Tune into the following video case study to learn how Tata Consultancy Services sped up their operations analysis capabilities and reduced data warehousing costs by adopting SmartCloud analytics solutions. Watch now to get a firsthand look at how this technology can benefit you as well.

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Benefits and features of a database designed for the cloud Summary
View this in-depth e-book that dives deep into a database designed for the cloud, and highlights many features including database consolidation, database storage optimization, and defense-in-depth security. Learn how this innovative technology can help reduce costs and simplify database administration.

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Three Cornerstones for Healthcare Analytics Success Summary
The following white paper examines the 3 cornerstones for healthcare analytics success and provides insights into several common pitfalls to avoid, why pretty dashboards are not everything, and much more.

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Evolving Data Warehouse Architectures In the Age of Big Data Summary
Learn about the latest trends in data warehouse architectures, and find out how businesses are evolving their architectures to leverage new business opportunities for big data.

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Computer Weekly – 11 November 2014: Migrating away from Windows Server 2003 Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, as Microsoft prepares to end support for the popular Windows Server 2003 operating system, we assess the risks. We hear from IT leaders delivering benefits from enterprise social media use to improve staff collaboration. And we look at criticisms from Oracle users about software licensing. Read the issue now.

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Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study Summary
The following Wisdom of Crowds Embedded Business Intelligence market study contains everything you need to ride the Cloud BI wave with 57 pages of in-depth market analysis, 24 vendor rankings, and a buyer's guide comparing and contrasting BI vendor cloud capabilities – including BI features, cloud architectural support, and more.

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