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Dell adds fluid cache for compellent Summary
This e-guide describes how Fluid Cache uses PCIbased flash in PowerEdge servers as a cache to reduce latency. Find out more about Fluid Cache and the Compellent Storage Center.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Looking into Data Warehouse Management? Do Your Homework First Summary
This helpful e-guide illustrates the ways these platforms deliver business value that justifies the cost. Along with learning myriad examples of how real-time, operational reporting and data is worth the price tag, you'll find first-hand accounts of how in-memory data warehousing has served real companies for the better.

sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.
Hadoop cluster implementations take IT teams into uncharted waters Summary
In this e-guide, explore key challenges of Hadoop implementation, and gain valuable tips on how to make it a less daunting task. In 3 distinct sections learn the challenges of cluster implementation and get tips and best practices for how to successfully accomplish your goals.

sponsored by: Rackspace
Use Analytics to Innovate and Lead in Today's Banking Environment Summary
Banks are bringing together big data projects, transactional processing, data warehousing and analytic tooling. Find out how IBM DB2 for z/OS and DB2 Analytics Accelerator in an IBM zEnterprise environment can help.

sponsored by: IBM
Big & Fast Data: The rise of insight-driven business Summary
This report from Capgemini and EMC, which surveyed more than 1,000 C-suite and senior decision makers around the world, looks at enterprise readiness for big data.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
BI in the Sky: Making Cloud Analytics Work Summary
Cloud BI offers companies many advantages. Find out if those benefits apply to your organization.

sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics
Scale-out and Scale-up Flash Storage: Optimizing Business-Critical Workloads Summary
Access this white paper to learn how to optimize your business critical workloads using scale-up and scale-out flash storage.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Top 5 Reasons to Consider Flash Storage for the Enterprise Summary
Access this white paper to learn about the top five reasons to choose flash storage for the enterprise. Read on to discover the benefits of this flash system.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Top Five Considerations for Self-Service BI Dashboards Summary
Business intelligence dashboards can make or break the performance of effective analytics strategy, so making sure you have the right system is imperative. This white paper examines the top 5 considerations for self-service BI dashboards and provides insight into how to evaluate the right system for your own business.

sponsored by: IBM
Operational Intelligence: Real-Time Business Analytics from Big Data Summary
Access this white paper to discover how paring business intelligence and data warehousing tools with operational intelligence tools can help you easily analyze unstructured data. Read on to dive deep into the technology behind operational intelligence, and learn about where this tool is best used.

sponsored by: Splunk
Legacy IT Systems: Keep 'Em or Cut 'Em? Summary
How do you calculate the expiration date on your legacy IT systems? We explore the keep-vs.-cut dilemma in this issue of CIO Decisions.

sponsored by: SearchCIO.com
How To Evaluate the Top All-Flash Storage Systems Summary
Access this expert eGuide to dive deep into the top nine all-flash storage systems to find out how they compare. Read on to find out how these arrays differ in performance so you can make an informed decision about all-flash storage.

sponsored by: Kaminario
Top Five Considerations for Oracle Database Replication Platforms Summary
his business brief explores the top five reasons to chooseSharePlex® over Oracle GoldenGate, a competing datareplication solution for your Oracle database environment.

sponsored by: Dell Software
Essential Enhancements for Your Database Support Summary
This white paper describes one option for effective database support that offers availability, scalability and data integration capabilities.

sponsored by: Dell Software
A Checklist for Developing a Mature Big Data Environment for Real-Time Insights Summary
This white paper explores the importance of maturing your big data environment from collection-based to a more effective real-time analytics platform. Learn about the technology to consider, strategies, to use, and much more.

sponsored by: Cray and Intel

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