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How Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Architected a Roadmap for BI Success Summary
The following white paper highlights several best practices in successful business intelligence deployments that will allow a provider organization to set the stage for quick wins and demonstrable ROI within the first year of BI implementation.

sponsored by: Dimensional Insight, Inc.
Using Data Replication to Upgrade Your Oracle Database with Minimal Downtime Summary
Learn how the proven process outlined in this white paper can help you overcome migration challenges and successfully upgrade to Oracle® database 12c.

sponsored by: Dell Software
Big Data Analytics Calls for Agile Minds Summary
Companies are looking to big data analytics applications to increase revenues and one-up business rivals. To do that, they'll have to navigate a host of new challenges.

sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics
Best Practices for Big Data and Big File Storage Summary
In this expert e-guide, examine large file storage with respect to big data, including their importance as well as how to address the special challenges associated with big file data.

sponsored by: Red Hat
The Top 7 Big Data Streaming Analytics Vendors – Compared Summary
The following extensive report from Forrester Research, Inc. examines the top 7 big data streaming analytics platform and provides readers with a 50-point criteria to evaluate the right solution for your business.

sponsored by: IBM
The Challenges Behind Data Integration in a Big Data World Summary
This expert e-guide reveals the increased complexity behind big data projects, and how new approaches to data integration and governance are required. Additionally, learn why centralizing data integration may not be the best answer to tackling organizations' ever-increasing amounts of distributed data.

sponsored by: Scribe Software Corporation
How Little Data Will Empower Big Data in the Internet of Things Summary
The following report examines the potential that the Internet of Things offers in enabling organizations to develop deeper, more fine-grained, and timely insight from the massive volume of data that it will generate and the steps that organizations need to take in order to drive new insight from big data.

sponsored by: IBM
Big Data's Big Impact on Data Warehousing Summary
Access the following expert white paper to hear from Wayne Eckerson as he weighs in on the current state of big data and the respecting technologies that intend to help business leverage value from their big data silos.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement
Delivering trusted information for the modern data warehouse Summary
In ever-changing business environments, deriving business value from information remains a constant and unfortunately difficult objective for IT and business professionals. So how do you do it? The following white paper offers insight on how to leverage data integration and governance to derive value from you big data.

sponsored by: IBM
Accelerating Oracle on Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array Summary
In this white paper, find out how you can consistently maintain high performance for your databases even in diverse or adverse situations.

sponsored by: Kaminario
Creating Confidence in Big Data Analytics Summary
The following white paper discusses the current state of big data and the problems with gleaning accurate insights. Learn about the different parts needed to make your big data project run smoothly and what you need to do to ensure success in future initiatives.

sponsored by: IBM
Midmarket BI That Won't Break the Bank Summary
For midmarket manufacturers evaluating BI options, there are serious considerations to make -- and not all of them concern cost.

sponsored by: SearchManufacturingERP
CW Europe – October 2014 Edition Summary
BYOD policies: What's allowed and what's banned? As IT departments still try to come to terms with the notion of BYOD, CW Europe takes a look at what policies are being implemented to keep security under control.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
In the Cloud, Big Data's a Big Deal Summary
The public cloud puts big data analytics within reach for even small organizations.

sponsored by: SearchCloudComputing.com
Business Information: Big data applications, cloud a heavenly match? Summary
Organizations remain hesitant when it comes to managing big data applications in the cloud. Still, a mix of different businesses is seeing success.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement

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