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Getting the Most Value Out of Real-Time and Self-Service BI Summary
In the following e-guide, industry expert Wayne Eckerson divulges that there is more to self-service BI than handing tools to business users. Plus, read on to learn why real-time BI is worth implementing and how it functions as a pivotal implementation for decision-makers.

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Steps to Take Before Starting App Modernization Projects Summary
This expert guide offers advice for pinpointing application modernization challenges and getting started on a project. It also shares key insights on choosing an app modernization vendor that will help you to maximize your cost savings.

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The Do's and Don't's to Deploying a Big Data Analytics Program Summary
Uncover 5 first steps to creating an effective big data analytics program from the experts in this e-guide. Learn from what not to do by exploring worst practices in big data analytics strategy, and build your success off of common mistakes.

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More Data, More Integration Challenges Summary
In this e-guide, discover the adjustment organizations will need to make with data management principles and procedures, including data integration and data governance. Additionally, consultant Rick Sherman offers expert advice on integrating cloud and on-premise applications.

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Integrate for Insight Summary
According to the McKinsey Global Institute, data volume is expected to grow 40% per year, so enterprises must know how to best leverage big data. Read this white paper to learn how to leverage big data and gain a competitive edge. Additionally, get an executive viewpoint from George Lumpkin, Vice President of Product Management at Oracle.

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Study: Where Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Ranks Summary
In the following white paper, you'll uncover findings from an in-depth study conducted by BI researchers. Use this resource to gage what is important to your enterprise in order to make solid cloud BI decisions.

sponsored by: Birst
Striving for, and Achieving, BI and Analytics Platform Success Summary
The following white paper captures an organization's ability to become data-driven, with the combination of flexibility and speed, as well as the consistency and governance required by BI tech professionals. Discover how successful companies navigate the complexities of centralized and decentralized organizational models for business intelligence.

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Data Integration Platforms for Big Data and the Enterprise - Customer Perspectives on IBM, Informatica, and Oracle Summary
Access this white paper to compare Oracle's data integration platform with traditional ETL-architected solutions and to review the differentiating features and benefits in various use cases for data integration for analytics, data integration for enterprise systems, and information availability.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
An Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Big Data Summary
This white paper will serve as your guide to the big data ecosystem and the choices that an enterprise architect will likely face in this new environment. Read on to learn how through an enterprise architecture approach, decisions can be made to ensure business alignment, a value-centric roadmap, and ongoing governance.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Getting Down to Business on Big Data Analytics Summary
With the right big data analytics tools and effective strategies for managing them, companies can gain real business value and competitive advantages from their caches of big data. This handbook provides strategic insight and practical advice on some of the key facets of managing successful big data analytics programs.

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Making Smarter Decisions for Flash Storage: Considering Your Supplier Options Summary
Access this white paper to find out what you should look for when buying an enterprise flash storage system. Read on to take a closer look at these features to ensure a strong ROI on your flash storage system.

sponsored by: Violin Memory
Business Information E-zine Vol. 3.2: Getting into the cloud, a step-by-step process Summary
It's no secret: Organizations are putting their business apps in the cloud -- but they're not doing it wholesale. For most, it's a slow but steady rollout. Learn what you need to be aware of in this issue of Business Information e-zine.

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Desktop management tools still an IT staple Summary
Despite the rise of mobility, PCs remain prevalent in the business world. So desktop management tools are a must for IT departments looking to secure and control these devices.

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The Glue in Data-Driven Businesses Summary
A data integration strategy should address architecture, analytics and applications.

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CW Europe – April 2015 Summary
With the datacentre industry a major consumer of non-renewable energy, it continues to come under fire from environmental campaigners and users to clean up its act. In this issue of CW Europe,Computer Weekly datacentre editor Caroline Donnelly investigates energy-efficient Europe and how the technology industry is keeping the continent clean.

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