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Nucleus Research Note: IBM Announces Watson Analytics Summary
To learn about one specific cloud analytic platform that has just hit the market access this exclusive resource. Discover how your organization can take advantage of the predictive and visual analytic capabilities of Watson to combine natural language cognitive computing capabilities with the ease of cloud technology.

sponsored by: IBM
Pervasive technology trends shaping the business and the implications for your data center Summary
This paper describes the implications of cloud computing, mobile technologies, social collaboration, and business analytics on data center operations. Access now and learn about the predictive tools and techniques you can use to help build data center strategies that hold up in the face of such disruptive technologies.

sponsored by: IBM
Oracle Database Appliance X5-2: Everything You Need to Know Summary
The following white paper introduces the Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 system. Inside, learn about many of the features it brings to the table. Additionally, get a firsthand look at how this technology can benefit your business.

sponsored by: Oracle & Intel
Oracle Exadata: Engineered for your Database Summary
This in-depth white paper investigates Oracle's data management infrastructure, which is designed, tested, integrated, and upgraded as a unit by Oracle. Read on to see how Oracle's Exadata is engineered for business, clouds, and all types of workloads.

sponsored by: Oracle & Intel
Penton WP: Modernizing Your SQL Server Infrastructure Summary
Access this white paper to discover how 24x7 availability could ensure that your SQL server databases and IT infrastructure are agile and effective. Read now to devise your own SQL server infrastructure plan.

sponsored by: NetApp
Computer Weekly – 18 August 2015: Will digital government remain on course? Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, the UK government's digital chief has announced his shock departure, but what will it mean for the future of digital public services? Dell went back to a private company two years ago – has it proved to be a successful move? And our latest buyer's guide looks at big data appliances. Read the issue now.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
3 Ways to Get Started on the Road to Big Data Success Summary
This white paper examines a data management approach that can empower you to collaborate and innovate with greater efficiency in your organization. Learn how you can capitalize on your enterprise data and achieve business success.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Optimize To Modernize: Automated ERP Performance Summary
This white paper demonstrates how to bring ERP applications out of the on-premise age. Learn how to cope with the pace of change when CIOs implement new functionality to satisfy customer demand quickly.

sponsored by: Automic
SQL, Hadoop Make a Powerful Data Pair Summary
SQL-on-Hadoop tools give companies new, efficient ways to deal with data.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement
The Challenges Behind Data Integration in a Big Data World Summary
This e-guide reveals the increased complexity behind big data projects, and how new approaches to data integration and governance are required. Additionally, consultant Rick van der Lans offers insight on how centralizing data integration may not be the best answer to tackling organizations' ever-increasing amounts of distributed data.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
What to Consider Before Deploying the Hadoop Framework Summary
In this e-guide, learn three ways to decide if deploying the Hadoop framework is the right move for your enterprise big data needs. Read now to discover possible drawback that may make you reconsider other big data analytics options.

sponsored by: Pivotal
FAQ: Hadoop for BI and Analytics Summary
However, Hadoop is still a relatively new technology, and many data management professionals have little experience with it. This E-Guide aims to dispel common myths about Hadoop, and explore how businesses can leverage this technology to tackle big data projects. Read now to learn more.

sponsored by: Hortonworks
Combining Hadoop with Big Data Analytics Summary
This E-Guide explores the growing popularity of leveraging Hadoop, an open source software framework, to tackle the challenges of big data analytics, as well as some of the key business and technical barriers to adoption.

sponsored by: Hortonworks
Oracle Data Integrator 12c New Features Overview Summary
In this white paper you will get an in-depth look at one data integration tool that that can put your business ahead of industry competitors. Read now to examine special data integration features.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Achieving Non-Invasive, Real-Time Transactional Data Summary
This brief white paper covers the key benefits of real-time transactional data streaming into big data technology. Learn how to reap these benefits without degrading the performance of the source production systems.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

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