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Top Five Considerations for Self-Service BI Dashboards Summary
Business intelligence dashboards can make or break the performance of effective analytics strategy, so making sure you have the right system is imperative. This white paper examines the top 5 considerations for self-service BI dashboards and provides insight into how to evaluate the right system for your own business.

sponsored by: IBM
Operational Intelligence: Real - Time Business analytics from Big Data Summary
Access this white paper to discover how paring business intelligence and data warehousing tools with operational intelligence tools can help you easily analyze unstructured data. Read on to dive deep into the technology behind operational intelligence, and learn about where this tool is best used.

sponsored by: Splunk
Legacy IT Systems: Keep 'Em or Cut 'Em? Summary
How do you calculate the expiration date on your legacy IT systems? We explore the keep-vs.-cut dilemma in this issue of CIO Decisions.

sponsored by: SearchCIO.com
How To Evaluate the Top All-Flash Storage Systems Summary
Access this expert eGuide to dive deep into the top nine all-flash storage systems to find out how they compare. Read on to find out how these arrays differ in performance so you can make an informed decision about all-flash storage.

sponsored by: Kaminario
Essential Enhancements for Your Database Support Summary
This white paper describes one option for effective database support that offers availability, scalability and data integration capabilities.

sponsored by: Dell Software
Top Five Considerations for Oracle Database Replication Platforms Summary
his business brief explores the top five reasons to chooseSharePlex® over Oracle GoldenGate, a competing datareplication solution for your Oracle database environment.

sponsored by: Dell Software
A Checklist for Developing a Mature Big Data Environment for Real-Time Insights Summary
This white paper explores the importance of maturing your big data environment from collection-based to a more effective real-time analytics platform. Learn about the technology to consider, strategies, to use, and much more.

sponsored by: Cray and Intel
Accelerating Business Innovation with Integrated Servers, Storage, and Engineered Systems Summary
This white paper examines a series of software and hardware solutions that can help your organization experience the benefits of leveraging a single-vendor strategy for an entire server, storage and system technology stack.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
IT Priorities 2015 – Germany, Austria & Switzerland Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans, with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Accelerating Hadoop Success with Rapid Data Integration for the Modern Data Architecture Summary
Register for this webinar to learn about the best practices for moving data into and out of Hadoop and how you drastically accelerate the process by deploying a rapid data integration solution.

sponsored by: Attunity Hortonworks
IT Priorities 2015 – France Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities in France.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
IT Priorities 2015 – UK Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities in the UK.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Data modelling is NOT JUST for database management systems Summary
The following white paper examines many of the aspects of data modeling as well as why and how this technology can be used for a far greater set of applications rather than the standard of database management.

sponsored by: IPL
Business Information E-zine Vol. 3: Make sense of big data by zeroing in on information you really need Summary
Faced with ever-increasing amounts of structured and unstructured information, companies must be selective when undertaking big data initiatives. But how do organizations know what to keep and what to get rid of? It's a problem that the February issue of Business Information aims to solve.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement
How to manage your zEnterprise investment efficiently and cost-effectively Summary
Unfortunately for many IBM System z users, they find themselves in a bit of a bind due to the essential and critical use of a capacity management system. Either they find themselves with a solution that is too costly and complex to maintain or they are limited to using spreadsheets. So, where can you turn for guidance?

sponsored by: IBM

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