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Get the Most Out of SAP HANA With the Right Software Solution Summary
With the right solution for SAP HANA businesses can take a new approach to data management that provides instantaneous access to results gleaned from mountains of disparate data. Discover how your organization can take full advantage of all SAP HANA has to offer by pairing it with the right system.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
If You Build it (Correctly), They Will Come Summary
Understanding exactly what a data center project requires is key for IT before undertaking such a resource-intensive task.

sponsored by: SearchDataCenter.com
When Implementing Object Storage Makes Sense Summary
Object storage vendors cite price, efficiency and durability among the ways in which object storage can be a boon for data centers and storage architectures.

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Always Be Closing - The ABCs of Sales in the Modern Era Summary
This eBook, tackles the issues facing sales today head on, incorporating changes and developments in the market that your teams need to understand. Discover the role new technology plays in allowing sales people be more efficient while still meeting customers' high expectations.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Storage Magazine, October 2015, Vol. 14, No. 8 Summary
Storage magazine's October issue examines flash storage technology, takes a closer look at how the vSphere 6 release impacts storage and explores data capacity challenges.

sponsored by: SearchStorage.com
Best Practices for Managing Archive Migrations Summary
This white paper outlines best practices for managing archive migrations. Read on to learn about the three biggest concerns that organizations face during data migrations and how to overcome them.

sponsored by: QUADROtech
Information Security Magazine: October Issue Summary
In this issue of Information Security magazine, we look at updated cloud compliance and strategies that security officers can use for location and risk assessment.

sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com
The Benefits of Software-defined Storage Summary
This white paper outlines why companies today need to move to a software-defined storage model. Read on to learn how you can use resources more efficiently and how to easily deploy a software-defined storage system.

sponsored by: Formation Data Systems
Getting More Out of Hadoop Data Lakes And Big Data Summary
Access this exclusive e-guide for expert opinions on data integration processes and the use of Hadoop for data analytics. Read now to see how an efficient Hadoop data lake can help your enterprise use data proactively, in real-time, to improve your business processes and customer relations.

sponsored by: Cambridge Semantics
5 Ways Structured Archiving Delivers Enterprise Advantage Summary
This white paper outlines the top 5 benefits of structured archiving. Additionally, read on to learn about how your storage performance could benefit from decommissioning applications.

sponsored by: EMC
B2B Services Analytics Summary
In this white paper discover how analytics is emerging as a key differentiator for organizations to operate a high-performing value chain across thousands of suppliers, partners and customers at the speed and precision that today's markets demand.

sponsored by: IBM
Considerations for Adopting Blade Servers for Virtualization Summary
In this expert e-guide, two seasoned IT professionals and virtualization architects debate rack vs. blade servers, explaining the benefits of each architectural choice within a virtual environment.

sponsored by: Lenovo & Intel Xeon
Real-Time Big Data Applications for Hadoop Summary
In this partner brief you will learn how one system when combined with Hortonworks Data Platform can allow your enterprise to augment Hadoop's low-cost storage and batch analysis with real-time capabilities to create opportunities for new, immediate business insights. Access now to learn more.

sponsored by: Hortonworks
2015 Flash-Based Storage Services Benchmark Report for Service Providers Summary
This white paper presents a benchmark report that shows how companies are deploying all-flash arrays. Read on to learn how all-flash storage can cut down on your management time, as well as aid in scaling out storage.

sponsored by: SolidFire
Navigating Modern Data Architectures in 2015 Summary
Discover what a new data architecture looks like, the differences between SQL, NoSQL and big data, and why good old-fashioned relational databases are still relevant in this white paper.

sponsored by: Rackspace

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