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Amazon Web Services: Risk and Compliance Summary
This comprehensive guide will assist AWS customers with integrating AWS into their existing control framework supporting their IT environment. Read on for a risk and compliance overview, and follow along with the AWS risk and compliance program that includes: risk management, control environment, and information security.

sponsored by: Amazon Web Services
Loud in the Cloud Customer Spotlights: Learning Summary
Check out the following white paper to get a firsthand look at learning solutions software and how it can substantially aid in addressing all your learning needs into one integrated platform. Hear from 5 of the biggest vendors that used this technology to help their own learning initiatives and how it can ultimately help your organization as well.

sponsored by: SAP
Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Dummies Summary
Read this book to learn how big data analytics is critical for competitive advantage and why infrastructure matters. It also provides the tools you'll need to choose a BD&A infrastructure that will benefit your business.

sponsored by: IBM
Loud in the Cloud Customer Spotlights: Recruiting Summary
The following white paper examines the importance of having an end-to-end recruiting solution to help drive better hiring and business results. Hear from 13 big-name businesses and the solution they used to build the talent force capable of bringing them to the top of their game.

sponsored by: SAP
Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Summary
This exclusive whitepaper covers the value of effective infrastructure lifecycle management.

sponsored by: Insight and Symantec
DevOps for Dummies Summary
If you're unsure about how to leverage DevOps to its greatest potential, or just looking to brush-up on your DevOps best practices, then this e-book is for you. DevOps for Dummies provides a comprehensive look at what DevOp is, how it can benefit your organization, and what you'll need to succeed.

sponsored by: IBM
Mission Impossible? Data Governance Process Takes On Big Data Summary
Discover the best way to govern big data environments in a cost-effective way.

sponsored by: IBM
Combining the Flexibility of Public-Cloud Apps with the Security of Private-Cloud Data Summary
In this white paper, discover how a cloud application can have the flexibility of a public cloud app while maintaining the security and compliance of a private cloud.

sponsored by: BitGlass
The Next Wave of Data Management : Is Big Data The New Normal? Summary
The following white paper reviews the business drivers that are impacting the new wave of data management, highlights the new tools companies have for consideration in their next generation data architecture, and finally outlines a total data management blueprint for consideration in your big data strategy.

sponsored by: Talend
Snapshots Without Penalty - How Maxta Beats VSAN Snapshots Summary
This white paper explains the challenges of effectively leveraging snapshots in an increasingly virtual environment. It also highlights a potential solution to this issue that delivers a VM-level snapshot capable of delivering highly optimized metadata snapshots and clones on a per-VM basis.

sponsored by: Maxta
BI Integration Challenges: Data Errors, Big Data and Real-Time Needs Summary
The following expert e-guide examines both the drivers of BI data integration and key roadblocks, including data quality and data loading issues. Find out how new data integration techniques and tools can help organizations move forward with integration projects and more.

sponsored by: Apps Associates LLC
Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization Summary
Desktop virtualization offers chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) a powerful solution for today’s information security needs.

sponsored by: Citrix
ROI and Benefits of a Cloud-Based Application Security Service Summary
In this report from Forrester Research, Inc., discover the potential ROI you could achieve by deploying a cloud-based application security service. Explore the costs and risk of this technology, and weigh them with the benefits you could experience.

sponsored by: Veracode, Inc.
The Acronis AnyData Engine Meets Any Data Management Challenge Summary
This exclusive whitepaper details how to implement effective protection and recovery models in the face of a rising number of end points as a result of virtualization and the cloud.

sponsored by: Acronis
Evaluating Cloud-Based Archiving for Compliance Summary
This expert e-guide will teach you how to handle cloud-based archiving and compliance concerns

sponsored by: HP Autonomy

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