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Nucleus Research Note: IBM Announces Watson Analytics Summary
To learn about one specific cloud analytic platform that has just hit the market access this exclusive resource. Discover how your organization can take advantage of the predictive and visual analytic capabilities of Watson to combine natural language cognitive computing capabilities with the ease of cloud technology.

sponsored by: IBM
What to Consider Before Deploying the Hadoop Framework Summary
In this e-guide, learn three ways to decide if deploying the Hadoop framework is the right move for your enterprise big data needs. Read now to discover possible drawback that may make you reconsider other big data analytics options.

sponsored by: Pivotal
FAQ: Hadoop for BI and Analytics Summary
However, Hadoop is still a relatively new technology, and many data management professionals have little experience with it. This E-Guide aims to dispel common myths about Hadoop, and explore how businesses can leverage this technology to tackle big data projects. Read now to learn more.

sponsored by: Hortonworks
Choosing the Right SAN System Summary
In this e-guide, learn if SAN is right for your environment, and get an up-close look at Infinidat's Infinibox array. Additionally, learn about the 101 on SAN scaling, capacity, performance, and much more.

sponsored by: Infinidat
Top Tips for Object Storage Systems Summary
In this e-guide, learn about the various data protection techniques for object storage systems that businesses can use to help ensure the longevity and value of their data. Access now and also gain insight into several object storage use cases.

sponsored by: Infinidat
The ABCs of Sales in the Modern Era Summary
In this e-book, explore the issues facing sales today along with the changes and developments your sales teams need to understand to succeed in the modern market.

sponsored by: Microsoft
ECM Trends: Cloud, Compliance and Records Management Summary
In this expert e-guide, you'll learn why ECM systems are becoming a staple in today's enterprises. Additionally, discover why ECM is considered the heart of a well-governed compliance policy.

sponsored by: Hyland Software
CW Europe – August 2015 Summary
This issue of CW Europe investigates the different cultural attitudes towards data management ethics.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Achieving Non-Invasive, Real-Time Transactional Data Summary
This brief white paper covers the key benefits of real-time transactional data streaming into big data technology. Learn how to reap these benefits without degrading the performance of the source production systems.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
How to Get More Out of Hadoop Summary
In this e-guide, you will learn how the latest SQL additions to Hadoop can improve interactive queries. Additionally, read now to discover the other tools that when combined with Hadoop, can propel big data applications even further.

sponsored by: Hortonworks
Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization Summary
This white paper explores how desktop virtualization can help improve information security control, optimize overall application and desktop management, and spur initiatives that bring significant new opportunities for business growth.

sponsored by: Citrix
Deep Dive in RAID Types and SAN Systems Summary
This expert eGuide compares different RAID levels to help you determine which is right for you. Read on to learn if SAN is right for your environment, or if you're better suited for DAS or NAS.

sponsored by: Imation Corp.
Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition Advanced Big Data Option Summary
This white paper will illustrate the capabilities of new enterprise-scale data integration tools. Read on to uncover how your business can decrease big data projects' time-to-value and streamline the development process to improve overall performance.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Put Your Data First or Your Migration Will Come Last Summary
This white paper discusses how to be successful at data migrations in a world where most projects fail or significantly exceed their budgets. Read now to discover how a data migration factory approach could help your organization.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Harvard Business Review: Analytic Services Cloud Finance Study Summary
This white paper highlights emerging technologies - such as cloud and in-memory computing - that deliver information, insights, and consolidated financial statements in real time. Discover how to modernize your BI strategy and remake products, services, and operations quickly and easily.

sponsored by: Workday

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