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The Key to Maximizing the Value of Data Summary
Access this rich white paper to learn the qualities of an effective analytics program from industry leaders. See where your business stacks up in comparison to others, with fascinating findings based on various professional surveys.

sponsored by: Compressus
How Extensible Platforms Drive Greater Productivity and Efficiencies In Workplace Communications Summary
Access this white paper now to learn how cloud PBX can greatly improve your communications strategy.

sponsored by: RingCentral
CIO Guide: Hybrid Cloud Use Cases That Reduce TCO and Drive Business Value Summary
Access this white paper for hybrid cloud use cases that you can use to decide if hybrid cloud storage is right for you. Read on to learn how hybrid clouds can reduce storage total cost of ownership and improve areas such as backup/archiving, disaster recovery, and deploy primary enterprise workloads.

sponsored by: NetApp
Presentation Transcript: Leveraging the Cloud to Capitalize on Big Data Summary
This presentation covers the key considerations IT staff and business-decision makers must consider before implementing a cloud-based data management strategy, including the security of your data access and the economics associated with this type of approach.

sponsored by: CommVault
Flash Storage: Powering the Future of IT Summary
Access this white paper to learn about how flash storage not only provides the performance necessary to run these applications, but also the security to prevent data breaches.

sponsored by: IBM
Computer Weekly buyer's guide to data science Summary
In this 10-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how, with the open data movement taking hold and data analytics technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, data science is finding its use in a variety of fields.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Secrets to Bolstering Customer Experience Management Strategies Summary
Access this expert e-guide to learn how a strong analytics program can boost customer loyalty by creating engaging personalized customer experiences for your organization. Read on to discover the critical role contact centers play in customer experience management. Uncover tips for optimizing your contact center.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
The Importance of Thrid-Party Tools When Using AWS Summary
Access this expert e-guide to explore advice to help you better understand the choice between AWS tools and third-party tools and find out when to look for inward or outward tools. Learn about Amazon's free TCO calculator for calculating the true cost of public cloud versus on-premise deployments.

sponsored by: Cloudcheckr
Complete OpenStack Storage Summary
Access this white paper to learn about OpenStack storage technology that provides data services along with software-defined storage to ensure maximum cloud success.

sponsored by: Red Hat
How Hybrid Cloud Storage is Improving Data Management Efforts Summary
Access this eGuide to learn from NetApp CEO Tom Georgens why data management is growing in importance, and how to develop an effective hybrid cloud management strategy.

sponsored by: NetApp
Simplify Migration for All Your Data Summary
In this white paper, discover a simplified method of clustered data migration.

sponsored by: Catalogic Software
All-Flash Array and VMware for Virtual Desktops Summary
Access this white paper to learn about how pairing a flash array with VMware for VDI can improve storage performance and keep desktops running smoothly.

sponsored by: NetApp
Comprehensive Copy Data Management Summary
In this white paper, discover a system for streamline, simplified copy data management that will reduce the demands of copy data.

sponsored by: Catalogic Software
Streamline Copy Data Management Summary
This white paper introduces a system of copy data storage that's streamlined and efficient.

sponsored by: Catalogic Software
Implementing a Data Integration Strategy For Legacy Modernization Summary
This white paper explains why federal agencies need to prioritize legacy modernization and the creation of a fully unified data quality and integration infrastructure in order to gain a unified view of business data.

sponsored by: Information Builders

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