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Enabling Effective Service and Management Automation through Cloud Technology Summary
This white paper examines the challenges major organizations face when preparing IT for maximum cloud benefits and discusses the major operational and cultural shifts that must occur in order to reach these desired levels of cloud utilization.

sponsored by: FrontRange Solutions Inc.
An Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Big Data Summary
This white paper will serve as your guide to the big data ecosystem and the choices that an enterprise architect will likely face in this new environment. Read on to learn how through an enterprise architecture approach, decisions can be made to ensure business alignment, a value-centric roadmap, and ongoing governance.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
The Intelligent Data Warehouse Summary
Discover how your organization can change the way you store and access data to yield better business intelligence insights. Uncover the power of the intelligent data warehouse and learn how effective master data management can revolutionize the way to see business intelligence.

sponsored by: Informatica
Deep Dive: OpenStack Technology Summary
Access this white paper to learn about how OpenStack technology uses software-defined storage with cloud infrastructure to make data management easier. Read on to learn about what OpenStack has to offer, and how it works seamlessly with modern cloud infrastructures.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Managing Data the NoSQL Way Summary
The use of NoSQL databases is growing as more organizations develop big data applications that aren't a good fit for relational software. This virtual classroom provides IT and business professionals with insight on what NoSQL systems can do and advice on managing them.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement
4 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Without Data Visualization Any Longer Summary
Access this white paper to learn how data visualization allows you and your peers to obtain immediate value from data. Grasp new methods of data visualization, as well as an understanding of its rich benefits.

sponsored by: SAS
The Big, Big Data Workbook Summary
Discover how your organization can better plan big data initiatives with this essential guide. Read now to get helpful tips and best practices for tackling next big data undertaking with confidence.

sponsored by: Informatica
Information Maps: A Records Management Must Summary
Whether you're in IT, records and information management, data security and privacy, data analytics, or other specific business units, read on to learn why visibility into where your information resides will enable various benefits.

sponsored by: Iron Mountain
Building a Business Case for an Enterprise Work Management Solution Summary
Without the right work management solution, a business' projects, goals, and long-term success may be severely wounded. This white paper explains why sticking to the status quo or implementing a partial solution isn't just ineffective in solving work management issues—it's costing enterprises millions of dollars each year.

sponsored by: Workfront
Managing Data with Cloud Integration Summary
Access this video to learn how using a cloud integration platform can give data management companies the ability to harness this data and gain a competitive edge. Tune in to find out how to design jobs that can be easily scaled and monitored without hardware, enable analytics in the cloud, and more.

sponsored by: Talend
Addressing HACCP Issues Within the Food and Beverage Industry Using ERP Software Summary
Learn how your organization can put in place a system to comply with HACCP guidelines in this white paper. Uncover the importance of an effective ERP system in compliance for the purposes of gathering, tracking, and reporting functionality.

sponsored by: IFS
Your Guide to Effective Data Visualization for Mobile Applications Summary
Access this brochure and discover why embedded analytics are important in addressing application development and deployment challenges. Determine if your analytic platform is powerful and flexible enough to handle app complications by considering five critical user needs.

sponsored by: Actuate
How Riak Helps Telcos Provide Innovative Services Summary
Traditional relational databases can't meet the requirements for scalability, availability, and fault tolerance demanded by the rapid growth in data usage and big data. This white paper explains how a NoSQL database optimized for big data can meet many of the challenges you may face with your current service operations systems.

sponsored by: Basho Technologies
Getting Down to Business on Big Data Analytics Summary
With the right big data analytics tools and effective strategies for managing them, companies can gain real business value and competitive advantages from their caches of big data. This handbook provides strategic insight and practical advice on some of the key facets of managing successful big data analytics programs.

sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics
IDC Report: Modernizing Enterprise Application Environments Summary
The biggest risk for an IT organization is falling behind. Learn how to plan for changes to your storage infrastructure.

sponsored by: NetApp

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