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Furthering the Potential of Public Cloud Services Summary
In this survey of 373 storage decision makers, learn why 37% say that using cloud to improve storage capacity will impact spending in the next year, how hybrid clouds can mitigate the concerns related to both public and private cloud environments, and more.

sponsored by: Panzura
Leveraging Big Data Lessons To Optimize Data Lakes for the IoT Summary
Dealing with big data was never a simple task – and it's even more complicated with the volume of data pouring in from the IoT. Learn how to overcome big data obstacles for data management and data lake success.

sponsored by: Zaloni
Which Data Migration Server will Save You More Time and Money? Summary
Choosing the right data migration appliance can be more complicated than you initially anticipate. In this white paper, learn how 2 platforms stack up in terms of simplicity of migration, affordability, and more.

sponsored by: Cirrus Data Solutions
Choosing the Right Path to Data Migration: A Side-By-Side Comparison of Current Migration Options Summary
In this white paper, explore the pros and cons of the 4 most popular data migration methods to better understand their cost, complexity, and how they will or won't disrupt your day-to-day business.

sponsored by: Cirrus Data Solutions
Everything Kubernetes: A Practical Guide Summary
Kubernetes, an open-source container management solution, provides a manageable execution environment for deploying, running, managing, and orchestrating containers across clusters or clusters of hosts. Open this white paper to learn more details about Kubernetes and how to get started with deployment in your organization.

sponsored by: Stratoscale
The Life-Changing Magic of Information Governance Summary
Learn how to create effective information governance with 3 keys to manage even cloud-based content soundly and securely throughout its entire lifecycle.

sponsored by: Box
How 3 Companies Leverage Machine Data to Improve Security, Solve Business & IT Challenges Summary
One of the most important – and often, most overlooked – resources that an organization can tap into to protect from cyberattacks is machine data. Learn how 3 companies are leveraging machine data to protect themselves against the latest cyberthreats and to address IT operations, IoT and business analytics challenges as well.

sponsored by: Splunk
Top 5 Sales Processes: Spend Your Time Following Leads, Not Paperwork Summary
Discover how to adopt effective business process automation and reduce the number of tedious, paper-based tasks for sales teams. Uncover the top 5 sales processes that contribute to busy work and learn how to improve sales proposals, contract management and renewal, and more.

sponsored by: Nintex
A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Data Management Summary
Organisations have an ever-increasing amount of data at their disposal. In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at what the future holds for data management, how the Met Office is opening up large volumes of data, and why business outcomes should be the focus for data use.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Why You Shouldn't Wait to Build a Data Governance Model Summary
As your company amasses data from multiple sources, you can potentially lose control over data quality and accuracy. In this expert e-guide, learn why it's time to halt the data free-for-all and apply data governance to keep your organization on track.

sponsored by: ERwin
The Compliance Benefits of a Modern Email Archiving Strategy Summary
Email is central to compliance with the expanding number of business regulations across all regions and industries. This expert white paper explores how updating your email archiving process can help you prepare for new legislation, such as the GDPR.

sponsored by: Mimecast
Data Governance Plays a Major Part in Big Data Success Summary
Big data holds the potential to provide insights for business growth – but only if data governance is part of the plan. Learn why data governance plays a major part in big data success. Plus, data management expert Anna Marie Smith, EWSolutions, explains when to implement a data governance plan, and challenges to look out for along the way.

sponsored by: IBM
How to Scale for IoT Connectivity Summary
Discover how to create a M2M and IoT connectivity strategy that suits not only the needs of today but scales for the demands of tomorrow. Read on to learn about 3 traits to look for in an IoT partner and 3 IoT connectivity case studies.

sponsored by: Aeris
Top 5 HR Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work Summary
Daily, routine tasks that are essential to running your business can actually be the culprit when it comes to slowing down workflows and detracting from productivity. Learn about the top 5 HR processes that create busy work and learn how to automate these types of integral processes to create more efficient workflows.

sponsored by: Nintex
The Power of Collaboration Summary
With data changing hands within a company so frequently, it's no surprise that collaboration has become a common organizational goal. Discover how you can use SAS Visual Analytics with Microsoft Office to improve information sharing and decision-making in your enterprise.

sponsored by: SAS

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