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Risk and Reward: Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Budgeting and Forecasting? Summary
91% of organizations are still using spreadsheets, but they are about to be replaced by budgeting and forecasting software. Access this white paper to learn about the risks and rewards of spreadsheets and budgeting and forecasting software, discover why Excel is not likely the best option for your organization, and more.

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The Definitive Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure Summary
The limited scalability and increased licensing costs of legacy infrastructures are causing major headaches and stretching budgets past their breaking point. This guide offers a comprehensive offer view of hyperconverged infrastructure- an intelligent storage resource designed to eliminate common pain points associated with legacy infrastructure.

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7 Leading Companies that Transformed their Business with Analytics Summary
This paper examines how 7 companies transformed their businesses by leveraging advanced analytics. Discover new ways to integrate data and drive innovation by managing large volumes, even for big data and IoT.

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Enterprise Applications on Hyperconverged Infrastructure Summary
Access this extensive guide to discover how a hyperconverged infrastructure can meet application needs while eliminating silos and increasing resource utilization.

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Computer Weekly – 27 September 2016: Digital knowledge at the British Library Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out about the technology plans at the British Library as it aims to store the UK's printed and digital history. Graph database technology is being used to help improve food safety throughout the supply chain. And tech leaders tell us how to architect IT for the cloud. Read the issue now.

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IT's Guide for Securing and Managing Business Content Summary
This paper introduces a partnership that enables you to deploy seamless and secure collaboration, syncing, and productivity enhancing capability.

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Take a Deep Dive Into Cloud Archive Summary
Though cloud archive is seen as an essential piece of cloud storage, there are issues to consider before taking flight. This e-guide takes a look at the operational benefits of cloud data archiving and what to consider when implementing a cloud archiving strategy.

sponsored by: Globanet Veritas
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Orchestration Summary
This document takes a deep look at one SIEM tool, and examines how it optimizes incident response processes. Explore ways to block threats more effectively, identify compromises, implement quick remediation, and more.

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The Little Big Book of Blogs: From Hyperconvergence to Enterprise Cloud Summary
To help you plan accordingly for your company's future in the cloud, this book provides a collection of insightful blog posts that take you on the journey to the enterprise cloud. Uncover strategies for building an enterprise cloud architecture, managing mission-critical workloads, leveraging the flexibility of hybrid clouds, and more.

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Data Analytics Maps Positive Customer Journeys Summary
Amid the noise of multiple communication channels, data analytics strategies can identify needs, predict behavior and enhance the customer experience.

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Safeguarding Vital Data Is a Battle You Can Win Summary
In this resource, uncover what it means to develop data management and protection policies that reach from the core of the business out to mobile devices, the cloud and beyond. Also, learn how to be ready for whatever security challenges the world sends your way.

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Pure Storage for State and Local Government Summary
Today's consumers expect their governments to use their tax dollars wisely and provide a private-like experience. So how can the government deliver the best, most efficient services to its constituents? Flash storage offers remarkable performance that can modernize legacy application, increase efficiency and decrease cost. Read on to learn more.

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Laying a Strong Foundation: Building your Legal Hold Process with Code42 CrashPlan Summary
This ebook explores an in-house storage system which bridges both your IT and legal departments to automate the collection, storage, and retrieval of data. See how you can safeguard against data loss, perform legal hold on custodian endpoints regardless of operating system platform, set retention policies individually, and more.

sponsored by: Code42
Computer Weekly 50th anniversary special Summary
It's been 50 years since Computer Weekly's launch on 22 September 1966. To mark this achievement, we have compiled a special edition of the magazine to reflect on how much the British technology industry has contributed over that time.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Flat Backup Changes Rules, Cost of Backup Summary
Whether it's called flat backup or direct backup, the snapshot-based technology has become increasingly popular. Find out when it's right...and wrong...for your environment.

sponsored by: SearchDataBackup.com

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