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Security Solution Trends 2016 Summary
In this report, analysts talk about five trends in the security industry. Uncover details on important changes occurring in the enterprise security space, and platform offerings that have been developed as a result.

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Computer Weekly – 30 August 2016:Get protected Summary
It is not uncommon for computer systems to be compromised by a company's own employees. In this week's issue we look at the Sage data breach, which highlight the risk every organisation faces from its staff. Staff are often motivated by revenge, but sometimes internal logins can be compromised, enabling hackers to circumvent firewalls.

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Information Management and MDM: Getting the Most from Clinical Data Summary
This white paper examines the obstacles healthcare payers experience when planning and implementing a strategy for collecting, managing, and exchanging clinical data for value-based care. Discover how to unlock truly actionable data with an integrated approach to information management, data quality, master data management, and more.

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The 8 Worst Practices in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them Summary
This white paper explores the 8 "worst practices" of master data management. Find out how to navigate these obstacles on the road to a successful MDM and data governance program for big data.

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Cloud-Based Analytics: Driving Deeper Insights into Customer Data Summary
This case study explores how Oscaro, the leading online retailer of new and used automotive parts, leveraged scalable, cloud-based analytics. Find out how they reinvigorated their data management strategy so that they could go deeper into customized analysis despite an increasing volume of data.

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11 Steps IT Needs to Take When Adopting Cloud Apps and Services Summary
This step-by-step guide takes you through the 11 things that an enterprise needs to do in order to maximize their use of adopting cloud applications and services. Learn not only the benefits, but the pitfalls and dangers, of using such services like Box, Dropbox, Office 365, and Salesforce.

sponsored by: Blue Coat Systems
Embrace a Truly Customer-Centric Approach Through Flexible, Tailored Cloud Services Summary
Access this case study to discover how, like Sigmax, to deliver a new range of cloud services that can be precisely tailored to individual customer needs. Learn how a complete, converged infrastructure can drive operational efficiency through higher resource utilization, and more.

sponsored by: IBM
7 Key Challenges to Value-Based Care: Ensuring Patient-Centered Care With Information Management Summary
This white paper explores how to address some of the challenges of moving towards value-based healthcare with a strategy for improving the way patient data is collected, managed, and exchanged. Access now to find out more about an integrated approach to master data management, data quality, information management, and more.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Anticipate and Predict Customer Needs with Cloud-Based Analytics Summary
This case study explores how Miniclip, a London-based gaming company, leveraged cloud-based, self-service analytics that empower bot technical and non-technical users. Find out how they created a centralized view of customer data with company-wide access to core business metrics.

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Why Supply Chain Leaders are Moving to the Cloud Summary
Most supply chains are becoming stagnant as they focus on maintenance rather than innovation. Building an efficient, modern supply chain means moving to the cloud. Read on to learn how cloud simplifies the 6 steps of SCM.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Key Tips to Smarter Sales with Intelligent Sales Force Automation Tools Summary
A sales rep's value no longer lies in providing information, but whether they can provide meaningful, relevant interactions with buyers. Access this ebook for 3 best practices to maximize your sales reps' efficiency and shifting their focus on the customer by adding intelligence to lead qualification and forecasting processes.

sponsored by: BPM'Online
CW ANZ September 2016 Summary
Few organisations invest heavily in IT to make sure their clients use less of their product, but that's the battle Australia's National Blood Authority (NBA) is fighting – and winning.

sponsored by: TechTarget ANZ
Analytics in Healthcare: How 5 Healthcare Providers Are Turning Data Into Value Summary
This study examines how 5 HCOs, participating in a collaborative forum for promoting best practices, are leveraging analytics and BI to drive organizational improvement and integrate data from multiple sources. Access now to learn about their data strategies and get tips about self-service BI, how to empower users, and more.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Quantifying the Riskand Economic Impactof Bad Bots Summary
Learn how to mitigate the threat of bad bots to your enterprise's sites. Discover vital information on issues faced by sites due to bad bots, such as web scraping, security breaches, spam, skewed analytics, and more.

sponsored by: Distil Networks
The New Security Paradigm for Enabling Digital Workers: 4 Pillars of Success Summary
Security in the digital age should be increasingly fine-grained, broad-based, targeted, convenient, and intrinsic to products and applications. Uncover immediate steps you can begin taking to better prepare for ongoing security challenges due to the cloud, mobility, and more.

sponsored by: Unisys

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