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The Makings of a Modern Contact Center Summary
Choosing between a hosted or on-premises model -- or a blend of the two -- is the first step to modernizing customer relationship management systems today.

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Integrated Talent Management Summary
This Independent analyst perspective into the integrated talent management systems market from Elearnity assesses the leading talent management suppliers.

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Case Study: Gigaset Innovates in the New World of BI and CPM Summary
This case study features Gigaset Communications, one of the largest manufacturers of cordless telephones worldwide, and its ambitious cost savings program that was set up to replace its planning and reporting systems used for sales, turnover and margin planning.

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Clinical Decision Support Tools Will Include Clinical Data Analytics Summary
In this expert e-guide, take a look into the future of CDS. Read on to learn about the evolution of CDS and what the different versions will look like over the span of a few years.

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5 DBA Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job Summary
This white paper reveals the 5 unforgivable mistakes that could endanger the integrity, recoverability and security of the databases, including SQL Server, DMAs are supposed to protect.

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Kicking off an e-health revolution Summary
It has been hailed as the next big thing for many years but, it is fair to say, e-health has failed to fulfill its potential. Issues around cost, ease of use and privacy have held back its adoption. Now, find out how Telefonica hopes to kick start the e-health revolution.

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8 Noble Truths of Backup and Recovery Summary
This exclusive whitepaper details eight guidelines you must follow in order to ensure effective backup and recovery for your data.

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Computer Weekly – 22 July 2014: Time to get serious about endpoint security Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, with billions of devices joining corporate networks every year, our latest buyer's guide looks at endpoint security. IBM and Apple have announced plans to work together on corporate mobility – we analyse what the deal means for IT leaders. And we take an in-depth look at in-memory databases. Read the issue now.

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Make Data Make Sense: IBM Watson Foundations Summary
Tune into the following brief video to learn about IBM Watson, an analytics platform that can turn virtually any amount of data into insights within seconds. Hear how this technology helped many leading companies make smarter decisions, gain deeper insights into their data, and more.

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Leverage Data to Enhance Customer Experiences Summary
This e-guide highlights how Disney, Cincinnati Bell, and other organizations can benefit from digital data and analytics to help improve customer experiences. Don't let valuable data slip through your fingers -- read now to learn how to take advantage of available customer information that results in maximum benefits for you and your customers.

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Three Reasons Why Visual Discovery Falls Short Summary
The following white paper examines the 3 biggest reasons why visual discover falls short for organizations. Uncover the issues of governance and trust, the importance of matching tools to people, and more.

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CIO’S Best Practices for Rogue IT Summary
In this e-guide, learn how some modern CIO's are monitoring and responding to tech outside of the IT. Examine how to identify "healthy" versus "unhealthy" rogue IT as a means of mitigating risks.

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The capabilities of self-service BI Summary
The following expert e-guide explores the benefits and challenges of self-service BI as well asd essential features and capabilities to look for in a platform.

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Future Focus: What's Coming in Enterprise Mobility Management Summary
Explore the role of enterprise mobility management in today's IT landscape.

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Why All Enterprise Data Integration Products Are Not Equal Summary
In this white paper, discover several data integration challenges and the choices involved in a tool selection.

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