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Data Doesn't Speak, It Responds by Piyanka Jain

This blog post talks about the attributes of real business questions that can be answered by data.
Top Five Reasons Analytics Fail

View this video from BeyeNETWORK expert Piyanka Jain to learn the top five reasons that analytics fail.
Aryng: Analytics Training for Business Impact

Aryng is an analytics training company based out of the San Francisco Bay area. Learn more about Aryng's Analytics workshops & on-site analytics training.
Putting Analytics into Business Context - 3 Pillar Analytics Approach by Piyanka Jain

In a product/services company, analytics generates its greatest value when a certain line-up of best practices is performed, ranging from gross intelligence to a more detailed understanding. This is achieved with a "3 pillar" analytical approach [Measurement Framework, Portfolio Analysis, and Customer Analysis]. Within each of these components, one moves from a simpler "20,000 foot" view analysis, to deeper, more comprehensive analytics. In this white paper, these components in detail, along with the tools and techniques required and gotchas to look out for.
Web Analytics - 5 step from “Data to Decisions”™ by Piyanka Jain

$120K incremental revenue identified with 2 hours of analysis! We did it, so can you! Using Aryng’s Data to Decisions™ analytics framework. In this whitepaper you’ll discover how leading organizations are successfully overcoming the challenges with turning the mountains of data Google Analytics can deliver into valuable decisions that drive positive business results. This white paper will reveal the 5-step framework that can be applied within your organization.