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Market Perspectives: IDC on Making the Transition to Hybrid Cloud Capacity Summary
In this video, ICS' Phil Goodwin talks about existing use cases for data protection in the cloud and how that will increase in the next few years. He also addresses how to make the transition to cloud but also manage the onsite data depositories.

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CW Europe: December 2016 - February 2017 Summary
Security continues to be a huge pan-European challenge for governments and businesses harnessing the latest technologies. In this quarter's CW Europe, we feature two articles focusing on security in Europe and what authorities and IT firms are doing to reduce risks.

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Transforming Customer Experience In The Digital World Summary
The proliferation of communications channels have made it increasingly difficult to provide an efficient CRM program. In this white paper, discover the benefits of integrating communications technologies to foster a consistent customer relations brand, while compiling a complete customer history to provide a unified view of the customer.

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Digital Transformation for Midsize Contact Centers Summary
E-commerce has reshaped consumer and business behavior over the last decade and omnichannel customer engagement has emerged as a result. This e-book examines problems surrounding omnichannel customer engagement and technology traps that midsize contact centers often fall into.

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Sustainable Security Operations: Optimize Processes and Tools to Make the Most of Your Team's Time and Talent Summary
In this white paper, learn about a program that takes your threat management protocols from a reactive to a proactive, while reducing complexity and improving operational effectiveness. Access now and discover how you can integrate separate security procedures, automate threat warnings, increase security accuracy with behavioral analytics, and more

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Simplify your SDDC Strategy with Network Virtualization Summary
To support the software-defined data center (SDDC), your network must be automated, agile, and fast. It also must work seamlessly with your virtual infrastructure. Discover ways to create a reliable foundation, achieve full network visibility, and more.

sponsored by: Brocade
The Sales Funnel Takes a New Shape Summary
Sales reps and marketing teams are well versed in the sales funnel, but do you really know how to exploit it? This 3-part handbook can help sales teams that feel they have hit a rut – or are approaching one – rethink the sales funnel.

sponsored by: SearchCRM
Accelerating Data Center Modernization and Your Business Summary
Tune into this video to receive best-practice insights for modernizing your data center—from updating core applications to jump-starting big data analytics to cloud migration. Discover how to accelerate the delivery of IT services by implementing high-performance computing infrastructure, and more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
8 Cloud Adoption Best Practices to Ensure Compliance Summary
Learn 8 best practices to ensure compliance when adopting cloud apps and services. Access now to avoid being the next company to lose its way under the sway of Shadow IT.

sponsored by: Blue Coat Systems
Backing Up the Cloud A Full Data Protection Guide for SaaS Applications Summary
This white paper provides information on how to back up the cloud along with a full data protection guide for SaaS applications. Additionally learn the top 5 reasons data is lost in the cloud and how to prevent it from happening to your enterprise.

sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation
8 Ways That Infographics Boost BI and Analytics User Adoption Summary
In this white paper learn how you can help increase your analytics user adoption rates by incorporating infographics in 8 ways. Discover how infographics democratize data, create connections between the information and your audience, promote collaborative decision making, and more inside.

sponsored by: Yellowfin
Speed Innovation with ANSYS and High-performance Computing Summary
Learn how high-performance computing data center tools, together with ANSYS software, can speed computer-aided simulation and time-to-market while reducing CAE design cycle time by 40%. Additionally, read on to discover the indispensable role data center modernization plays in leveraging HPC.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Powering Vital Applications to Gain Competitive Advantage Summary
Data center modernization is not just a "nice-to-have," today it's a business imperative. Access this resource to examine several approaches to data center modernization, from which you can ensure vital applications run smoothly and prepare for modern software enhancements.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Modernize Your Data Center to Survive and Thrive Summary
Discover how to turbo charge your business and apps by modernizing your data center and IT infrastructure. You will learn how data center modernization sets you up to leapfrog competitors with Big data-driven insights, accelerate workload delivery with the right cloud strategy, and more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Overcome Storage Capacity Conundrums Created by Data-driven Genomics Approaches Summary
Download this resource to support the massive growth rate of data in precision medicine with a smart storage architecture that enables superior performance in a high-density form factor. Learn how to overcome the capacity constraints of legacy storage with a platform that will improve the clinician experience.

sponsored by: Pure Storage

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