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Self-Service Business Intelligence and Data Integration Send Education Software Firm to the Head of the Class Summary
Read this case study to find out which self-service business intelligence and data integration solution allowed Illuminate to provide up-to-the-minute data to school administrators.

sponsored by: Jaspersoft
Imperative Tips to Help Improve Data Quality Summary
This e-guide reveals why good data quality is such a big challenge. In addition, unveil five valuable tips to help you improve your data quality assurance plan to help reduce data errors.

sponsored by: Compressus
The WAN Waiting Game: Can You Get New Connections Faster? Summary
Wide area network provisioning delays have become harder for enterprises as IT departments face more pressure to keep their infrastructure agile and dynamic in light of ever-changing demands.

sponsored by: SearchNetworking.com
Equinix Customer Success Story Foursquare Summary
Read this case study to learn how Foursquare doubled their database performance and scales for rapid feature and capacity improvements—all while keeping costs flat—by migrating from AWS-only technology to a hybrid cloud approach. Access now and learn more, including how this technology can benefit your business as well.

sponsored by: Equinix
How to Drive Your Cloud Strategy with Private Network Solutions Summary
This white paper highlights cloud challenges, bridging clouds and networks together, the shared responsibility of security, and more.

sponsored by: Level 3 Communications, Inc.
Boost Your Bottom Line With Storage That Optimizes Database Performance and ROI Summary
Access this white paper to learn about how flash storage, converged infrastructure, and other innovative technologies can modernize the hardware infrastructure of your database and improve performance.

sponsored by: NetApp
The New CMO Guide: A Handbook for Marketing Leaders Summary
This white paper provides a guide to help you create a marketing strategy.

sponsored by: Silverpop Systems Inc. an IBM Company
Predictive Coding: The Next Frontier in eDiscovery Summary
Predictive coding, a form of technology assisted review (TAR), has been and will continue to dramatically change the way discovery is conducted during legal cases. Predictive coding is considerably more powerful than basic keyword searches. This whitepaper examines the value of predictive coding and how it can help organizations conduct eDiscovery.

sponsored by: Zovy LLC
The Key to Maximizing the Value of Data Summary
Access this rich white paper to learn the qualities of an effective analytics program from industry leaders. See where your business stacks up in comparison to others, with fascinating findings based on various professional surveys.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Big Data for Big Industries Summary
View this informative white paper to understand how research consultants brainstormed the finding of new tools and methods to help companies use big data to its full potential. Learn what is possible in creating a richer model of your organization and how to maintain your competitive edge.

sponsored by: Qlik
5 Trends That are Reshaping Information Technology (IT) Summary
View this informative white paper to absorb just how the role of IT is in need of transformation. From enforcement to empowerment, and efficiency to efficacy, learn the areas in which IT needs to change such as visualization, big data, and the cloud.

sponsored by: Qlik
Emergence of Data Governance Strategies Summary
View this white paper to unearth viable and innovative new strategies for IT to focus on enablement, rather than enforcement. Read on to fully understand governance, how it applies to discovery, and the myriad ways it can balance the needs of IT and business.

sponsored by: Qlik
How Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs Summary
This paper demonstrates, through a series of examples, how data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery. Access now to learn more.

sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric
Data Discovery: Strategies & Quantifiable Benefits Summary
Find out, within the pages of this white paper, how an analytics consulting group staked out what top organizations are doing to better their data engagement. Learn how they benefitted their bottom line with these fascinating findings.

sponsored by: Qlik
Expanding your Virtual Infrastructure: An Equation for Achieving Optimized Control Summary
Research has shown that more than half of SMBs could deliver 50% greater ROI from virtualization. This white paper explores the steps necessary to do so. Access now to find out more.

sponsored by: VMware

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