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Executives Wise Up to Cloud Financial Apps Summary
In this three-part handbook, experts give advice on how to make the move to cloud-based financial applications and offer examples of the best functions to move to the cloud.

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Computer Weekly – 9 February 2016: How software protects people Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how software is helping to maintain safety in high-risk sectors like oil & gas, aerospace and healthcare. We offer six tips from CIOs for innovation with data. And we examine the continuing threat to businesses from denial of service cyber attacks. Read the issue now.

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Achieving an All-flash Environment with no Limits Summary
In the following presentation transcript, learn how flash storage can be the differentiating factor of data that's valuable, or data that just takes up space. Additionally, uncover how to achieve a limitless, all-flash storage infrastructure that when used correctly, can deliver an almost unfair advantage in the market. View now to learn more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Demystifying Five Myths of Virtualization Management Summary
Virtualization of servers and applications is clearly the driving paradigm for IT growth. In this white paper, you will demystify the five most common myths of virtualization management. Access this paper to uncover the truth behind application virtualization and IT service management.

sponsored by: eG Innovations, Inc.
Support Your Innovation Needs with SQL Server Summary
Access this white paper and uncover ways to leverage the data explosion in the face of customer demand with SQL Server.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Public PaaS for Dummies Summary
Organizations need to adopt a solid PaaS approach that accelerates the creation of new products and services for customers, employees, and partners. Access this book to learn what to look for in a PaaS solution.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
How To Evaluate the Top All-Flash Storage Systems Summary
Access this expert eGuide to dive deep into the top nine all-flash storage systems to find out how they compare. Read on to find out how these arrays differ in performance so you can make an informed decision about all-flash storage.

sponsored by: Kaminario
Navigating Modern Data Architectures Part Three of Four Summary
In this white paper, learn how continuous data growth has created a demand for flexible, non-relational NoSQL databases. Explore how NoSQL works, the benefits and tools for leveraging NoSQL, and how to avoid common mistakes when setting up your data architecture with NoSQL.

sponsored by: Rackspace
ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch: Fast, Scalable, Highly Available and Fully Managed Summary
In this white paper, learn how ObjectRocket—a fully managed hosted platform for Elasticsearch—can simplify application development with pre-configured, fully managed, highly performant and available Elasticsearch instances.

sponsored by: Rackspace
Customers Speak: Cloud Needs Guarantees Summary
In the following exclusive white paper, learn about the various challenges that organizations face when deploying cloud. Additionally, uncover the lesser-known driving factors for adoption, the most crucial capabilities of cloud, and more.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Server-Side Flash Storage Lowers Latency, Boosts Caching Summary
Server-side caching software lifts flash output by lowering network file traffic and latency. Server-side caching takes place at the file level, OS level or hypervisor level.

sponsored by: SearchSolidStateStorage.com
The Top 8 Best Practices for Deploying XenApp and XenDesktop Summary
In this white paper, you will discover how to improve the security and remote access of your virtual applications and desktops, and moreover access the top 8 best practices for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x deployment. Learn how to separate databases for site configuration and logging by reading on now.

sponsored by: eG Innovations, Inc.
Deliver Total Performance Visibility Over All Network Applications Summary
In this case study, you will discover how St. Charles improved their patient care and boosted satisfaction by unifying their application performance monitoring. Learn how to streamline your IT service delivery with this platform and accelerate diagnosis of performance issues in virtualized applications by reading on.

sponsored by: eG Innovations, Inc.
Identify and Address Five Pressing Application Performance Challenges Summary
In this white paper, you will learn how to identify and address 5 common Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop performance challenges, in order to deliver excellent end-user satisfaction. Access this paper to address these problems, and iron out their solutions in order to achieve total performance visibility.

sponsored by: eG Innovations, Inc.
Stay in Compliance: Clinical Standards Data Management Summary
In this short video explore the capabilities clinical data standards management systems, and discover how your organization can stay in compliance come December 2016.

sponsored by: Cambridge Semantics

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