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Isilon Solutions Showcase - Tech Talk on Isilon Summary
This webinar features an expert discussion and technical demo on the Isilon solution.

sponsored by: EMC
5 Best Practices for Sharing Government Data Summary
As data becomes more and more important to the overall success of a given company, transparency within your data is an imperative feature to have. Consult the following white paper to learn about the top 5 best practices for achieving data transparency.

sponsored by: Tableau Software
A Fresh Approach for Improved Application Delivery Summary
Access this white paper to consider a new approach to desktop and application delivery that reduces costs and complexity.

sponsored by: VMware, Inc.
E-Guide: Virtual Desktop Strategies and Architecture Summary
In this expert e-guide, Brian Madden discusses how to analyze the costs of a virtual desktop deployment. Also learn the pros and cons of hosted virtual desktops, like Desktops-as-a-Service, and whether they are right for your environment

sponsored by: Dell
Modernizing Existing Apps Summary
Check out this webinar to hear from Gary Calcott of Progress, as he explains why modernization is needed and helps you create a go-forward strategy that mobilizes existing app and data assets.

sponsored by: Progress
Big Data is Key to Responding to Customer Needs Instantly Summary
Find out how a leading big data technology extracts vital information from a network and correlates it with more static information about the subscriber, so you can provide a better customer experience.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company
E-Guide: Considerations for Deploying VDI Summary
Explore this expert e-guide to learn 7 tips from experts who have already implemented a VDI solution and why you need to consider your current network bandwidth/stability, desktop storage requirements and application management procedures before implementation.

sponsored by: Dell
Chapter 3: Patching Security Holes In Private Clouds Summary
Without the right safeguards in place, private clouds can be nearly as risky as public clouds. Protecting your system's vulnerabilities and data requires a new approach. Access this expert resource to learn how you can securely operate a private cloud infrastructure.

sponsored by: CDW Corporation
E-Guide: Managing Virtual Desktop Environments Summary
This expert e-guide explores the steps involved in a successful virtual desktop licensing management, including how to select the right licensing tools to get the best performance from your VDI.

sponsored by: Dell
Is Your Identity Management Infrastructure a Mess? Summary
This infographic depicts the reasons behind identity management challenges, the impact that they have on organizations, and what your enterprise needs to do to confront these issues head-on.

sponsored by: Radiant Logic, Inc.
Chapter 4: Hybrid Clouds And The Interoperability Challenge Summary
Users want cloud interoperability and data and application portability to make the leap into hybrid clouds. But today'scloud stacks still have a way to go to achieve this nirvana state. Access this resource to learn about the benefits and challenges surrounding hybrid clouds. You'll also get insight into hybrid cloud management.

sponsored by: CDW Corporation
Proactively Manage Service Levels - How to Improve Customer Experience, Avoid Penalties, Improve Performance, and Increase Agility Summary
This whitepaper starts by exploring the challenges of meeting SLAs in this new world that we find ourselves in. It then goes on to highlight the critical capabilities needed to proactively manage SLAs and explains how the Automic Business Automation platform provides the capabilities.

sponsored by: Automic
What CIOs Need To Know To Capitalize on Hybrid Cloud Summary
To explore the emerging business and technological opportunities, CIO Magazine discussed hybrid cloud with David Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure. David has 30 years of technology industry experience, nearly half at EMC, where he has led new business development and worldwide customer operations, and served as CFO.

sponsored by: EMC Corporation
ATC Test Labs: Flash technology Summary
This test lab evaluates flash products and provides challenges, benefits, and use cases for your organization to consider.

sponsored by: NetApp
Data Management Guidelines: Four Records Retention Issues To Address Summary
This e-guide details data management guidelines to help you determine what you should keep when implementing a records retention policy. Learn about four issues that can occur if you retain too much unnecessary data, including access trouble, cost influx, and more.

sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

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