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The Breakup of the Corporate Performance Management Suite Summary
In this Gartner report, explore the impacts and recommendations relating to hybrid corporate performance management. Additionally, learn about the emergence of financial and strategic CPM, and how they play into modern day CPM strategy.

sponsored by: IBM
Uncover Your Application Performance Management Needs Summary
The right APM/test product is out there -- it's just kind of hard to find. Our experts show you what questions to ask and what you should expect.

sponsored by: SearchSoftwareQuality.com
Infor CRM for industrial manufacturing Summary
Industrial manufacturers are struggling to maintain profit and achieve any significant growth. This CRM solution designed for industrial manufacturers enables you to identify key data trends and deliver the best products and services possible.

sponsored by: Infor
Flash Revelations From 1,000 Storage Users: Workload Performance and Adoption Sentiment Summary
Discover how 1,000 expert storage users responded to the question, "What surprises have you experienced since you started deploying flash storage in your organization?" and assess how well flash pairs with VDI, big data, Microsoft SQL Server, and more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Supercharge your Apps with All-Flash Storage Summary
Uncover must-know strategies for migrating from spinning disk in this exclusive white paper. Inside learn which alternative to consider, how to find a system that offers the right set of abilities, and more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Securing Windows XP with Traps and Advanced Endpoint Protection Summary
Locate a way to continue using Windows XP even though its end-of-life has passed. Using a lightweight security client you can keep your legacy systems viable even longer.

sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks
9 Ways to Migrate IT to a Value Center: Quick Tips for IT Leaders Summary
Discover 9 surefire ways to transform IT into a value-generating department within your enterprise. Some simple, some challenging, these tips will help you use your IT department to drive growth across your entire enterprise.

sponsored by: Blue Jeans Network
Imagine an All-Flash Data Center Summary
This infographic covers four ways you must adjust your data protection strategies in an all-flash environment to ensure the safety of your data. Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Take Control of your Data Summary
This white paper provides readers with a functional and informative guide to understanding storage technologies in today's world. Access now and get the lowdown on which storage systems have emerged as the most powerful, the benefits the right system can bring to the enterprise, and much more.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Implementing an E-Commerce Platform in Three Months Summary
This paper provides guidance on how companies can navigate a variety of e-commerce implementation choices to accelerate time-to-market. Discover various platform options and features to look for when evaluating solutions and vendors.

sponsored by: SAP
Modernize IT to Unleash Productivity Summary
Don't let your aging IT resources and bandwidth constraints inhibit you from entering new markets. Consult this white paper to discover how to boost IT productivity and service response time by integrating your big data, cloud, and mobility strategies all into a new business-IT infrastructure model.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Admins Nudged to the Cloud With Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode Summary
See why VMware is now expanding Horizon View into a cloudplatform to satisfy IT admins.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Tools to Simplify Mobile Application Development Summary
There are many approaches and tools for mobile app development that companies can deploy to support devs and admins in their quest to enable mobility.

sponsored by: SearchMobileComputing
The Advantages of Hadoop Storage Systems Summary
Vendors like EMC, IBM, NetApp and SanDisk offer Hadoop alternatives via data center-grade storage systems with built-in data protection, integrity, security and governance.

sponsored by: SearchStorage.com
State of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Summary
Find out how a network function virtualization (NFV) appliance takes the action of a single device and converting it to a virtual machine to simplify your networks decision making process. You'll also learn how to select and NFV vendor, other functions you can run besides networking, and more.

sponsored by: Accelerated Concepts

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