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Must-Haves for Your Predictive Analytics Programs Summary
The following e-guide details the importance of utilizing predictive analytics to gain actionable intelligence from your data. Discover important factors that need to be taken into consideration before being able to successfully implement a beneficial predictive analytics program.

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The new promise of BI realized: IBM Cognos Enterprise Summary
Top performing organizations are analytics-driven. They use business intelligence (BI), performance and strategy management, statistical analysis, modeling and predictive and advanced analytics to guide their actions, large and small and in all corners of their businesses. View this resource to learn how you can make better and smarter decisions.

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Competitive Differentiation Through Innovation In Business Intelligence Summary
Did you know that enterprises typically only use 10% of their data for analytics and decision-making? Is your business letting so much of its data go unused? To get the most value out of corporate data assets, forward-thinking organizations are looking for the right tools -- namely business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications.

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Up your game with a Predictive Analytics Program Summary
Many companies are beginning to adopt predictive analytics practices. Why? Because the ability to predict market change can provide a serious competitive advantage. This expert E-Guide looks at the critical aspects BI and analytics professionals often overlook when it comes to predictive analytics.

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The new promise of BI realized IBM Cognos Enterprise Summary
The top performing organizations are analytics-driven. By using business intelligence (BI), companies can better guide their actions in all areas of the enterprise. This resource also provides information on what you can do to stay ahead of the competition.

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Key Considerations in Evaluating Data Warehouse Appliances Summary
Data warehousing can be an expensive, complicated bag of hardware, software and support. However, adopting a data warehouse appliance will benefit your business today and in the future. In this new white paper, learn about their evolution, pros and cons and if this technology is the right fit for your business. Read it today.

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Presentation Transcript: Unraveling the Data Warehouse Performance Traffic Jam Summary
Today's data warehouse architectures can be highly-complex, expensive to maintain and overburdened by the increasing demand for advanced analytical workloads. Review this presentation transcript to learn the importance of deploying database technology that can handle mixed, shifting, and high-concurrency workloads, and more.

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Presentation Transcript: Transform Your Service Offerings with Agile BI Summary
Many companies are finding that legacy business intelligence (BI) tools are hindering their ability to obtain the real-time insight needed to remain competitive in today's market. Read this transcript to learn how one company overcame this challenge by implementing a BI tool that reduced their reporting development time from months to days.

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Learn How to Enable Agile BI presentation transcript Summary
It's estimated that most businesses only analyze 1-5% of their data for business intelligence (BI) ÔÇô causing missed opportunities for improving business processes. Review this transcript to learn why BI is paramount for today's enterprises, why traditional approaches are falling short, the importance of agility in BI applications, and much more.

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Presentation Transcript: Three Leading Practices for Agile BI Success in Mid-Market Organizations Summary
As organizations are faced with analyzing and understanding exponential pools of information, the need for a solid BI strategy is greater than ever before. Check out this presentation transcript for more on the changing BI atmosphere and how you can update your strategy with three leading practices for agile BI success.

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Succeeding with Data Virtualization - High Value Use Cases for Operational and Data Management Data Services Summary
This paper discusses virtual data services for operational business processing and data management as well as successful virtualization use cases.

sponsored by: Denodo Technologies
Agile Business Intelligence: Real-Time Intelligence for Smarter, Faster Decisions Summary
Read this comprehensive white paper now to learn more about real-time business intelligence (BI) and the benefits of implementing agile BI into your current BI strategy.

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BI Trends and Strategies E-Zine Issue 1 Summary
The inaugural issue of BI Trends & Strategies offers sound advice to help you in ensuring your organization is on track to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of BI and analytics. In this issue, readers will learn about a big data definition and the impact it will have on BI and data warehousing, agile development methodology and more.

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Speeding up BI and analytics: Real-time analytics business cases and challenges Summary
This e-book offers IT, business intelligence (BI) and analytics managers tips on building a business case for real-time analytics and also for avoiding potential pitfalls that can trip you up during the implementation stage.

sponsored by: Starview Inc.
Alteryx PT Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK transcript of a webcast, industry expert and author Cindi Howson details the current state of business intelligence (BI) adoption, the business impact and offers BI best practices from both organizational and technical perspectives.

sponsored by: Alteryx, Inc.

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