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Deployment Guide: Configuring a highly available Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 environment on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX Summary
This white paper outlines the best practices for configuring Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment on Dell PowerEdge VRTX architecture.

sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft
Executives Wise Up to Cloud Financial Apps Summary
In this three-part handbook, experts give advice on how to make the move to cloud-based financial applications and offer examples of the best functions to move to the cloud.

sponsored by: SearchFinancialApplications
ERP Selection for Offshore Drilling Summary
In this white paper you will learn how your offshore drilling company can address its unique needs to maximize efficiency by integrating your EAM system with your existing ERP platform.

sponsored by: IFS
There's More to Backing Up VMs Than Meets the Eye Summary
This whitepaper highlights a built-in infrastructure for application backups that can enable the full backups of virtual environments. Read on to see how this infrastructure, combined with Veeam's backup and recovery solutions, can provide your virtual environments with a wide array of backup, recovery, and replication functionalities.

sponsored by: Veeam Software
The State of App Security Summary
In this white paper, learn how to proactively approach mobile app security. Explore the features one mobile security option provides, including automated responses to threats like malware, integration to make existing security stack mobile-aware, and more.

sponsored by: MobileIron
Managing storage for virtual environments Summary
Participate in our Virtual Storage Research Program and get immediate access to our comprehensive how-to guide on managing storage for virtual environments. Discover expert tips for troubleshooting capacity issues, explore hypervisor-specific management advice, uncover best practices, and more.

sponsored by: TechTarget
Uncover the Advantages of Storage Virtualization Summary
Participate in our Virtual Storage Research Program and get immediate access to our comprehensive Special Report in which SearchVirtualStorage.com experts help you realize the benefits of storage virtualization. Discover expert tips, techniques, and best practices to help ensure your virtual storage architecture can support today's requirements

sponsored by: TechTarget
Deploying Cloud Applications on PaaS: What to Consider Summary
Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies are moving on up – all the way up. In this guide, you'll find key considerations for deploying cloud applications on PaaS platforms

sponsored by: SearchSoftwareQuality.com
Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data Availability Summary
This white paper outlines a virtualization architecture that leverages techniques to make VMware backup and recovery easier. Read on to learn about how you can achieve greater flexibility, as well as 10 tips for implementation.

sponsored by: Veeam Software
The Enterprise Guide to Developing Secure Mobile Apps Summary
This guide outlines essential best practices and recommendations across all 4 stages of the mobile app lifecycle: design, develop, deploy, and maintain. Discover the top 5 mobile app traps to avoid, FAQs on mobile development, and more.

sponsored by: MobileIron
Expert E-Book: Blending On-Premise and Cloud Environments Summary
In this exclusive e-book, our data center pundits break down everything you need to know in order to successfully blend your data center with the cloud.

sponsored by: SearchDataCenter.com
Bullet- Proofing Office 365 with MAX Mail Summary
This white paper outlines a cloud-based email system that can protect sensitive corporate data in Office 365. Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: LogicNow
Accelerate Time-to-Time Market with your Open, Private Cloud Summary
In the following exclusive white paper, learn how open, private clouds are allowing businesses to combat and overcome unrelenting market pressures to deliver services and products quicker. Additionally, find out why getting the right platform mix is absolutely crucial, and learn where you can attain the right combination for your own business.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Key trends for IT leaders in 2016 - Part 3 Summary
Spencer Izard, head of executive advisory programme at IDC, considers the key CIO and IT leadership trends for 2016 in this PowerPoint presentation given at the January 2016 Computer Weekly CW500 Club meeting.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Defense-In-Depth: Database Securing Summary
Today, a DBA can leave work with terabytes of information easily. In this technical primer, you'll find details on ways to control access for your authorized users. Uncover strategies for data theft, SQL injection, and noncompliance prevention.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

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