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Deployment Guide: Configuring a highly available Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 environment on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX Summary
This white paper outlines the best practices for configuring Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment on Dell PowerEdge VRTX architecture.

sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft
Security Solution Trends 2016 Summary
In this report, analysts talk about five trends in the security industry. Uncover details on important changes occurring in the enterprise security space, and platform offerings that have been developed as a result.

sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.
Optimize Application Life Cycle with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Summary
This white paper discusses how you can create a seamless app development process by leveraging a hybrid cloud strategy. Access now to uncover a 3-phase approach to a faster app lifecycle.

sponsored by: NetApp
Your Guide to SAP to AWS Migration Summary
This guide covers four AWS migration scenarios, with discussion on potential SAP tools and methodologies. Access now and you'll also uncover common SAP on AWS use cases and migration options.

sponsored by: UXC Oxygen
The Right Backup and Recovery Solution Can be a Business Enabler Summary
Your data protection strategy needs to deliver the quality and service levels required to enable your digital business. Discover a backup solution built on a converged platform that enables efficient and cost-effective data management that will truly help put your data to good use.

sponsored by: Veritas
OCHIN Utilizes All-Flash Systems to Improve Healthcare Quality for Ambulatory Providers Summary
Consider the move from legacy hybrid storage to all-flash. In this case study, learn how to regain workforce—and workload—productivity by investing in all-flash storage. Read on to reduce non-production downtime and recover workforce productivity losses with this scalable, secure environment.

sponsored by: EMC
CIO Trends #2: Nordics Summary
Computer Weekly talks to more IT leaders than any other publication, and our reporters gather in-depth insights into the challenges facing CIOs, CTOs and CDOs. This guide offers a collection of our most popular articles for IT leaders,

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Spotlight: Increasing Enterprise Application Performance with Flash Storage Summary
Enterprise applications (EAs) are the lifeblood of the IT circulatory system but a sluggish storage system can impede the flow and success of your enterprise. Flash storage is an effective method for boosting EAs performance but choosing the right flash storage solution can be tough. Access this paper for expert recommendations and storage tips.

sponsored by: NetApp
Moen's All-Flash Arrays Enable Improved SAP Performance, Better Inventory Planning Summary
This case study illuminates the benefits all-flash storage arrays, and in it you will discover how flash arrays improve SAP performance and accelerate data access. Read on to learn how to consolidate IO-intensive SAP applications, and more.

sponsored by: EMC
Launching an instance of Red Hat® OpenStack® with Horizon Summary
Taste of Red Hat Training course excerpts, labs, videos, and webinars give you a sample of the expert level of educational content you'd find in a full Red Hat course. This excerpt is from our Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110) course. It includes some actual exercises from the full course. Think of it as a no-cost preview of the course.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Combat Escalating Threats to Your Data Center Summary
This brief discusses the security threats that businesses are facing in the data center, the consequences of substandard or nonexistent security measures, and primary strategies for these problems. Access now to learn more.

sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.
Cloud-Based Facilities Management: Enhancing Productivity, Operational Efficiency, and Performance Summary
This white paper provides a look at some of the trends effecting facilities management today and how you can become more efficient and dynamic in the face of new challenges. Learn how a cloud solution for facilities management can enable you to collaborate beyond boundaries securely, pull insights from chaotic data, and more.

sponsored by: Infor
IDC White Paper: Flash Accelerated and Cloud Ready: New Storage Requirements for Enterprise Apps Summary
Hybrid cloud and flash storage is the new power couple in the IT world but many still have questions regarding their compatibility. Discover Eric Burgener's answers to the top 5 questions posed by NetApp customers regarding this new couple's compatibility and how you can benefit the most out of the relationship.

sponsored by: NetApp
Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture and the Vendors Aiming to Enable and Manage It Summary
Nearly all enterprise IT infrastructures are multi-clouds but the middleware used to connect and integrate apps and systems is ill-equipped to deal with hybrid architecture. Vendors must offer better services but what exactly? In this report, use the reference architecture to discover which services and capabilities you should demand from vendors.

sponsored by: Embotics
Flash Storage: Powering the Future of IT Summary
Access this white paper to learn about how flash storage not only provides the performance necessary to run critical, next-gen applications, but also the security to prevent data breaches—including in mobile, cloud, and data analytics content.

sponsored by: IBM

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