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Deployment Guide: Configuring a highly available Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 environment on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX Summary
This white paper outlines the best practices for configuring Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment on Dell PowerEdge VRTX architecture.

sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft
How to Win in the New API Economy Summary
Access this white paper to learn how a solid API strategy can help you compete and grow in new ways. Additionally, see best practices for determining your API business strategy, managing the digital value chain, establishing an API business model, and choosing an API management platform.

sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.
A Guide to Scalable On-Premise Datacentre Platforms and the Public Cloud Summary
This tech analysis explores the trends affecting enterprise data centers today, and in it you will learn how the public cloud figures in scaling on-premise data centers with third-party service providers.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
The 2015 State of Storage Automation Report Summary
This white paper features a report of current trends in storage automation. Read on to learn how automation can reduce data center downtime by cutting the risk for human error, as well as which automation technologies are most popular among your peers.

sponsored by: SolidFire
Get Ready for Global, Cloud-Based Financial Management Summary
This white paper discusses a cloud-based, financial management technology that helps users work more efficiently and allows them to find, evaluate, and share information easily. Read on to learn how this solution can allow your enterprise to adapt to new technologies and make sharper business decisions, based on accurate, complete and current data.

sponsored by: Unit4
Successfully Integrating DevOps Teams Within Your Organization Summary
Access this exclusive e-guide to discover expert recommendations for building a proactive DevOps team within your organization and how you can successfully integrate security with DevOps.

sponsored by: evident.io
5-Dirty-Secrets-of-CPQ Summary
Access this white paper to get 5 secrets no one tells you about CPQ software.

sponsored by: Pros.
Ohio National Guard Uses Nutanix Converged Systems to Support its Troops Summary
In the following case study, learn how by adopting Nutanix Compute and Storage, the Ohio National Guard was able to support new operations and smoother troop mobilization. Access now and learn what this technology can do for your business as well.

sponsored by: Nutanix
Small to Mid-Range Storage Vendor Landscape Summary
The following exclusive white paper provides readers with an expert evaluation of the top nine competitors in the small to midrange storage array market. Access now and gain insights into each vendor product as well as an evaluation of the vendors themselves to ultimately give you the best opportunity to choose the right system the first time.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc.
DevOps: Past, Present, and Future Summary
In this expert e-guide, learn how to leverage DevOps tools with cloud computing to perform more efficient deployments and how to prepare for the cloud of the future of. Additionally, explore the ways in which the cloud is redefining DevOps and how you can apply this to often tricky cloud integrations.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
The Drive for Efficiency in Branch Office IT Summary
This infographic explores the challenges of WAN optimization and suggests how you can overcome those challenges. Take a look to learn how you can increase efficiency, decrease complexity, and create the best WAN possible.

sponsored by: Citrix
How Vale Australia Used the Cloud to Easily Scale Up or Down Summary
Access this case study to learn how Vale, a global mining company, strategized cloud to drastically lower costs and boost computing efficiency.

sponsored by: Melbourne IT
Dell Compellent SC4020 All Flash Solution Summary
The following white paper examines Dell's Compellent SC4020 All Flash MEDITECH system—a combination of fully integrated and tested system components, software and MEDITECH-specific services – a complete storage solution for hospitals. Access now to learn more on what this technology can do for your practice.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc.
Long-distance IT: Driving Efficiency in Remote Offices Summary
Access this white paper to learn how a WAN optimization solution with a built-in Windows Server, cloud capabilities and more can solve your remote office IT needs.

sponsored by: Citrix
Cloud Computing Comes of Age Summary
This report finds a correlation between an organization's cloud maturity and the health of its growth initiatives. Read now to gain insight into your peers' use of the cloud.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

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