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Book: Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems: Revolutionizing Data Integration for Data Warehouses

Rick van der Lans provides a comprehensive explanation of data virtualization and how it contrasts with older forms of data integration such as ETL and replication.
EII - The Return of the Virtual Data Warehouse

This article looks at the how the virtual data warehouse is now re-emerging as enterprise information integration (EII).
Independent Analyst Platform


The Independent Analyst Platform is an informal organization of independent analysts. Each year, a three-day event is organized where the analysts meet with vendors. At these events, the vendors inform independent analysts about their new technologies, ideas, products, and developments. In addition, the vendors get a chance to brief the analysts personally and organize demo's.

The participating analysts are based in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. All the analysts are considered to be top experts in their areas.

The topics addressed at IAP events, include business intelligence, data warehousing, mashups, information integration, and data governance and quality.

The Virtual Data Warehouse (Again)

Bill Inmon looks at the challenges of the virtual data warehousing approach.
The Virtual Data Warehouse - Transparent and Superficial

Bill Inmon provides a comparison of traditional data warehouses and virtual data warehouses.
Virtual Data Warehousing Comes to Derivatives

This article reviews how a virtual data warehouse can be an alternative to a massive physical data warehouse.
Virtues of a Virtual Data Warehouse

This article by Paul Holland looks at traditional data warehouse versus virtual data warehouses.