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Security Solution Trends 2016 Summary
In this report, analysts talk about five trends in the security industry. Uncover details on important changes occurring in the enterprise security space, and platform offerings that have been developed as a result.

sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.
Computer Weekly – 30 August 2016:Get protected Summary
It is not uncommon for computer systems to be compromised by a company's own employees. In this week's issue we look at the Sage data breach, which highlight the risk every organisation faces from its staff. Staff are often motivated by revenge, but sometimes internal logins can be compromised, enabling hackers to circumvent firewalls.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Foresee Future Purchasing Behaviors Summary
This case study explores how a French supplier of household electronic appliances strategically approached their big data and predictive analytics needs. Find out how they created secure predictive models to answer critical business questions about consumer behavior so that they could identify the likelihood of future purchases.

sponsored by: Intel Corporation
Analytics in Healthcare: How 5 Healthcare Providers Are Turning Data Into Value Summary
This study examines how 5 HCOs, participating in a collaborative forum for promoting best practices, are leveraging analytics and BI to drive organizational improvement and integrate data from multiple sources. Access now to learn about their data strategies and get tips about self-service BI, how to empower users, and more.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Making the Business Case for Database As A Service Summary
This white paper highlights the key benefits of database-as-a-service technology. Learn how you can accelerate performance and service delivery, while standardizing, consolidating, and automation when deploying DBaaS through the hybrid or private cloud.

sponsored by: EMC and VMWare
Quantifying the Riskand Economic Impactof Bad Bots Summary
Learn how to mitigate the threat of bad bots to your enterprise's sites. Discover vital information on issues faced by sites due to bad bots, such as web scraping, security breaches, spam, skewed analytics, and more.

sponsored by: Distil Networks
Your Guide to Addressing Modern Manufacturing Concerns Summary
This white paper reveals how certain tools can help manufacturers digitize their business. Explore shifts in customer-centric operations, mobile and social adoption, cloud deployment, and more.

sponsored by: Infor
The New Security Paradigm for Enabling Digital Workers: 4 Pillars of Success Summary
Security in the digital age should be increasingly fine-grained, broad-based, targeted, convenient, and intrinsic to products and applications. Uncover immediate steps you can begin taking to better prepare for ongoing security challenges due to the cloud, mobility, and more.

sponsored by: Unisys
Data Genomics Index: A Report on the True Makeup of Storage Environments Summary
Veritas analyzed tens of billions of files and their attributes from many customers' unstructured data environments in 2015 to gain a better understanding of what their environments really consist of. Discover what they found in regards to the true makeup of storage environments.

sponsored by: Veritas
Case Study: ESL Education Implements Easy-to-Use Advanced Analytics Tools Summary
This case study explores how ESL Education enabled more advanced analytics within their organization. Find out how they were able to mix data from multiple sources, connecting its CRM, accounting system, and its in-house tools. Plus, discover how they improved the user experience with simple, easy-to-use tools and enhanced data visualizations.

sponsored by: zendesk (bime by)
How an Entertainment Company Improved Marketing with Advanced Analytics Summary
This brief video explores how Caesars Entertainment, a large and geographically diverse casino company, handled the influx of large unstructured data types. Find out how they updated their analytics strategy to adapt to changing customer needs, create stronger marketing campaigns, and improve overall customer experiences.

sponsored by: Intel Corporation
Massive Data Sets Are No Match for Powered-Up Data Centers Summary
Deriving insight from big data is growing as a success factor. Access this white paper to discover how to speed up your data center's analysis. Learn how three big name companies came together to provide a tool, find out what they came up with, and see whether it's a good fit for your organization.

sponsored by: Intel Corporation
Case Study: Cut Mobile Data Costs and Bolster Security Summary
Discover how Hillcrest identified and addressed its mobile data usage problem, and now is enjoying annual savings of roughly €34,700, equating to an 850% ROI. Learn how it cut its mobile bills by 68% and also protects its workers from browser malware, leaking apps, phishing attacks, poisoned cache exploits, and more.

sponsored by: Wandera
6 Issues That Can Derail Your Big Data Initiative Summary
55% of big data projects are never finished. Your Hadoop ecosystem is more important to these projects than you may realize, so it is important to fully understand the role it plays in handling big data projects. This white paper discusses the 6 primary issues that are knocking big data projects off the tracks.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Integrated Copy Data Management: A New Source of Agility Summary
Discover an all-flash array strategy that manages copy data in a way that not only limits the sprawl, but also reduces costs and unlocks new business agility.

sponsored by: EMC

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