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What to Look for in 802.11ac Access Points Summary
More and more enterprises are looking to upgrade their wireless LAN access points (APs) to Gigabit Wi-Fi 802.11ac standards to improve WLAN access and performance for users increasingly accessing the enterprise LAN from a mobile device.

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Delve into Data and Optimize Sales Summary
This brief case study highlights analysis, reporting and forecasts as prime catalysts for effective and efficient business performance management. Access now and discover methodologies that will grow your revenue and enhance your decision-making.

sponsored by: Cortell
Manufacturing Business Intelligence Tools More Powerful Than Ever, Experts Say Summary
This expert guide highlights the importance of looking at BI tools from your ERP provider. Discover how to evaluate third-party BI and analytics technologies effectively for optimal decision-making.

sponsored by: IBM
Predictive Analytics is Making Headway in Manufacturing Summary
This e-guide emphasizes analytics' role in ERP. Learn from experts how analytical processes reduce expenses, improve quality, optimize the supply chain and boost customer service for manufacturing organizations.

sponsored by: IBM
How to Deliver Services to Every App Summary
This white paper discusses a strategy to use cloud technology to improve your data center performance and facilitate growth in your enterprise.

sponsored by: F5 Networks
Insider Threat Patterns and Ways of Prevention Summary
This expert guide addresses the danger of accidental insider threats, giving you insight into how to prevent these threats from happening and how you can analyze network activity to stop unusual actions.

sponsored by: Varonis
As Data Threats and Mandates Persist, Governance Vital to Manage Risk Summary
Read this e-guide for expert tips on implementing data governance processes that will simplify IT management while keeping your business secure.

sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc
SMS Doesn’t Translate To Secure Messaging In Healthcare Summary
This exclusive e-guide details the limitations of SMS messaging for healthcare organizations and hospitals and offers a quick guide to securing a safer alternative.

sponsored by: EverBridge Inc.
Lead the Pack with Next Generation Business Reporting Summary
This case study features the benefits of maximizing compliance. Learn how to use regulatory law to your advantage by optimizing business operations, reducing costs, and giving business users simple and intuitive access to data.

sponsored by: Cortell
Top 5 Reasons Retailers Go Google Summary
Many retailers are building an amazing, immersive mobile presence through interactive apps that match the brand and help customers locate stores. It also helps stores recognize customers across all channels, providing a seamless shopping experience and more personalized offers.

sponsored by: Cloud Sherpas
What to Look for in Email Security Gateways Summary
Email security gateways protect the networks of organizations of all sizes from email-borne threats. But there are a wide variety of these security tools available. How do you know which is best suited for your network?

sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com
Rethinking Governance In an Analytics-Driven World Summary
This eBook stresses the importance of remaining competitive during and after the shift to an agile, analytics-based, decision-making environment. Access now and examine how the increased focus of analytics, demand for self-service tools, and sharing of data is changing the role of IT. Additionally, learn why governance must adapt.

sponsored by: Lavastorm analytics
Endpoint Innovation for More Viable Desktop Virtualization Summary
Recent advances have given desktop virtualization more capabilities. Learn how this has led to a range of new use cases.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Flash Storage Hits Its Stride in the Data Center Summary
This white paper explains how enterprises are using hybrid-flash and all-flash storage arrays to speed up application performance and surprisingly, lover their total cost of storage ownership.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc.
Conquer Demands for Fast Cloud App Development and Delivery Summary
This white paper breaks down a platform as a service (PaaS) solution that will speed up your cloud application development and help you meet market demands.

sponsored by: Red Hat

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