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Educating the Next Generation of Business Intelligence Professionals Summary
Mark Bradbourne and Christina Rouse explain what is necessary to fully and effectively educate the next generation of business intelligence professionals.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Mark Bradbourne, CBIP, Christina Rouse, Ph.D. | 1 comment
Business Intelligence: Identifying Profitable Niches Summary
Read how BI provides visibility into your most profitable and unprofitable niches.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Best Practices, Analytics, Sales & Marketing Analytics

by Janet Kuster, MBA, PMP, Christina Rouse, Ph.D. | 0 comments
Improve Top Line Revenue with the Right Customer Risk Analysis: Rethinking Customer Profiling after the Recession Summary
Christina Rouse and Janet Kuster explain that it is possible for companies to profit despite the recent recession. They provide guidelines to follow as you evaluate your options.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM, Data Warehousing

by Christina Rouse, Ph.D., Janet Kuster, MBA, PMP | 0 comments
Canary Metrics – A New Thought Process Summary
Janet Kuster and Christina Rouse explain that canary metrics hold the best promise for recognizing a market disruption early, while an organization still has time to adjust its focus, minimize performance risk and exploit the market opportunity.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, KPI

by Janet Kuster, MBA, PMP, Christina Rouse, Ph.D. | 1 comment
A Business Intelligence Primer for Higher Education Summary
Christina Rouse and Janet Kuster describe four highlights of a higher education business intelligence (BI) initiative: getting to “institutional intelligence,” application challenges for a typical business intelligence solution, scoping business intelligence deliverables, timeframes and cost, and sample dashboards for revenue and expense management.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence

by Janet Kuster, MBA, PMP, Christina Rouse, Ph.D. | 3 comments
Canary Metrics, Part 1 Summary
This article, the first of a two-part series, introduces canary metrics and describes how they can provide early notices of challenges and opportunities for the business.

Topics: Analytics

by Janet Kuster, MBA, PMP, Christina Rouse, Ph.D. | 1 comment