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Nucleus Research Note: IBM Announces Watson Analytics Summary
To learn about one specific cloud analytic platform that has just hit the market access this exclusive resource. Discover how your organization can take advantage of the predictive and visual analytic capabilities of Watson to combine natural language cognitive computing capabilities with the ease of cloud technology.

sponsored by: IBM
5 Steps toward Enhancing your App with Mobile BI Summary
Five easy steps go into the process of enabling software for mobile BI. Access this detailed guide to ensure you're on the right path toward a more competitive app, a larger user base, and ultimately, higher revenue.

sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.
Embedded BI: Putting Reporting and Analysis Everywhere Summary
Overwhelmingly positive embedded BI trends are fueling the "buy vs. build" debate. Access this report to see whether your peers favor incorporating commercial software into their applications, or if they'd rather develop custom BI functionalities.

sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.
Memory-Optimized Transactions and Analytics in One Platform: Achieving Business Agility with Oracle Database Summary
This white paper provides an introduction to memory optimization and how it allows for querying live transaction data while also improving transactional processing speed. Read on to learn about how live data is empowering business managers to improve business agility.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Accelerate Application Performance with Cloud Bare Metal Configuration Summary
This white paper discusses the typical database problems in the cloud, describes several use cases for bare metal database servers, and outlines a cloud server solution for each. Read on to access future guidelines for enhancing your cloud and bare metal servers.

sponsored by: BlueBox
Choosing an online backup tool - Why speed should be a key consideration Summary
In the following white paper, uncover why speed is one of the most important factors when considering an online backup tool. Additionally, learn about an online backup tool that can deliver the speed necessary to avoid costly mishaps.

sponsored by: LogicNow
Case Study: 3 Companies Integrate Success with 6 Embedded BI Techniques Summary
This document will help you determine which approach to embedded BI is right for you. Uncover the advantages you'll experience with proper BI software selection after you review 6 integration techniques to get you started.

sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.
Your Role in AWS Security Summary
To secure Amazon Web Services, users need to do their part by being smart about IAM permissions and AWS security groups.

sponsored by: SearchAWS
Using NoSQL for High-Performance Applications: Introducing the NoSQL Maturity Model Summary
This white paper describes what NoSQL database technology is and how it makes taking advantage of unstructured data possible. Additionally, you will learn the steps to implementing a NoSQL solution in your organization with a NoSQL maturity model. Read on to uncover the advantages of NoSQL technology in this data-saturated world.

sponsored by: Basho Technologies
Data Governance Strategies for the Digital Age Summary
The digital age has forced many companies to alter - and sometimes completely revamp - data governance processes. In this handbook, learn about big data governance complications and the latest information management strategies for adapting to increased storage needs, data-specific compliance mandates and security vulnerabilities in the digital age.

sponsored by: SearchCompliance.com
Pros and Cons of In-Memory DBMs Summary
This eGuide explores the world of in-memory DBMSes in an effort to help you decide if the boost in transaction processing and analytics performance is worth the investment.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Solutions Brief:  IP Storage Networks for VM Farms Summary
The following white paper explores the benefits of moving to an IP dedicated storage network for VM farms and examines a system that can make this move as easy and seamless as possible.

sponsored by: Brocade
A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to log management Summary
In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how companies analyse server and security logs to tackle cybercrime and internal fraud;how application log management provides insight into application behaviour, which can be used to build better software;and how network administrators can use data from log files to automate security systems.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Business Information E-zine Vol. 3.4: The Importance of Keeping Data Connected Summary
Data isolation followed applications into the cloud. Any company that values their data should seek a way out. If applications can't share data, companies become disconnected. In this issue of Business Information, learn why it's essential for companies to integrate their disparate business and IT systems to make the most of their investments.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement
Insider Threat Report 2015 Summary
This survey of 500 cyber security professionals offers insight into the state of insider threats and solutions to prevent them.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com

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