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Nucleus Research Note: IBM Announces Watson Analytics Summary
To learn about one specific cloud analytic platform that has just hit the market access this exclusive resource. Discover how your organization can take advantage of the predictive and visual analytic capabilities of Watson to combine natural language cognitive computing capabilities with the ease of cloud technology.

sponsored by: IBM
Corral the Future With Predictive Analytics Summary
Predictive analytics software is useful to companies, but the technology and business practices behind it are still maturing.

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Put Your Data First or Your Migration Will Come Last Summary
This white paper discusses how to be successful at data migrations in a world where most projects fail or significantly exceed their budgets. Read now to discover how a data migration factory approach could help your organization.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Harvard Business Review: Analytic Services Cloud Finance Study Summary
This white paper highlights emerging technologies - such as cloud and in-memory computing - that deliver information, insights, and consolidated financial statements in real time. Discover how to modernize your BI strategy and remake products, services, and operations quickly and easily.

sponsored by: Workday
The Data Governance Keys to Successful GRC Automation Summary
Automated compliance processes can cut costs and create smoother compliance workflows, but they can be challenging to integrate with a company's governance strategies. In this SearchCompliance handbook, learn strategies to deploy automated GRC processes that support existing data governance objectives.

sponsored by: SearchCompliance.com
Solving Virtualization Complexities Summary
This white paper details a survey organization's priorities and spending intentions, which an overwhelming amount responded with an increased use of server virtualization. Read on to learn about a hyperconvergence platform that can help you achieve your server virtualization goals while controlling costs.

sponsored by: Springpath Inc
How to Make Smarter Data Discovery Decisions Summary
This white paper seeks to illuminate customer pain points that data discovery may address, as well as ideal features and functionalities to consider. Read on to learn why research states that data discovery surfaces insights quickly, easily and affordably in comparison with traditional BI.

sponsored by: Qlik
A New Breed of Software-Defined Storage Summary
This white paper introduces a new breed of SDS in the form of storage that allows organizations to build their own public or private cloud storage infrastructure.

sponsored by: Cloudian
Securing your Enterprise in the Cloud Summary
This white paper addresses the issue of cloud security and discusses how you can invest in the cloud without putting your business at risk.

sponsored by: Symantec Corporation
Computer Weekly – 21 July 2015: How the internet of things could save the honeybee Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, with bee populations being decimated, we find out how the internet of things could save the honeybee. Amid fears that artificial intelligence could end human innovation, we hear from the experts on AI about the reality. And we examine the challenges of customer service in a multi-channel world. Read the issue now.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Learn to Make File Sync and Share Fit Your Enterprise Summary
Enterprise sync-and-share technology can be added to endpoint backup as well as helping solve the "Dropbox problem" of employees storing company data on personal devices.

sponsored by: SearchCloudComputing.com
How to Enable Better Microsoft Private Cloud Provisioning with the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Summary
This reference paper provides readers with an architectural outline for Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft Private Cloud. Access this paper now and uncover how this solution delivers rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual machines, with the tight integration of the storage architecture.

sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems
Cloud Maturity: Measuring Organizational Excellence in the New Era of IT Summary
This white paper discusses the results of a study showing how cloud maturation can benefit businesses. Read on to learn about what IT departments must do to ensure the security and privacy of the cloud, as well as how to translate the cloud into meaningful innovation.

sponsored by: IBM
Essential Elements of Private Cloud Summary
This white paper discusses hybrid-ready private cloud, including both why and how to build it.

sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Intelligence-Led Security: Develop a Concrete Plan Summary
This white paper discusses the importance of proactive, intelligence-based security and gives suggestions for implementing it in your business.

sponsored by: Cyveillance, Inc.

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