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Universal Storage for Data Lakes: An ESG Evaluation Summary
This ESG paper challenges the de facto standard of direct-attached storage, and in it you will discover how scale-out NAS mitigates the challenges associated with data lake storage. Read on to see outlined the storage selection criteria for data lakes, which includes in-place analytics, accessibility by multiple app types, and more.

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Furthering the Potential of Public Cloud Services Summary
In this survey of 373 storage decision makers, learn why 37% say that using cloud to improve storage capacity will impact spending in the next year, how hybrid clouds can mitigate the concerns related to both public and private cloud environments, and more.

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Channel Partner Survival Guide to SD-WAN Summary
If you sell WAN appliances, you have already felt the impact of SD-WAN...and it's only going to get worse. In this white paper, you will learn how to adapt by choosing the right SD-WAN technology partner, and take a look at the emerging world of SDN and SD-WAN from both the customer and channel perspectives.

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Data Sheet: The Features of a Cloud Managed SDN Architecture Summary
Read on to discover the power of this cloud managed SDN system.

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How Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS allowed this Production Company to Capture the History of Japanese Internment Summary
Discover how the Densho Project gained the storage visibility they lacked in their traditional SAN arrays by switching to data-aware scale-out NAS. Learn how they cut storage management time to just 5 minutes a week, visualized key metrics on their customized analytics dashboard, and more.

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Tool Overview: HyTrust Multi-Cloud Security and Automated Compliance Summary
In this technology brief, learn about HyTrust Multi-Cloud Security and Automated Compliance, security software for a multi-cloud infrastructure. Discover key features and benefits, and how you can implement this tool for your own enterprise security.

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Product Overview: 30 Minutes to a More Secure Enterprise Summary
DNS-layer security offers a first line of defense for your company – DNS request proceed internet activity, after all. But which DNS security is right for you? In this product overview, discover how implementing Cisco Umbrella can help you improve your company's security.

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The Department of Embryology at the Carnegie Institution for Science Tackles Volume and Variety of Research Data with Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS Summary
Learn how this research institution saw huge benefits in capacity planning and scalability by adopting a data-aware, scale-out NAS storage system. Learn what they gained by deploying a 4 node, NFS and SMB-based cluster with a petabyte of raw capacity by clicking inside.

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A Data Protection Suite Built to Back up Your VMs Summary
Click inside to watch this webcast, and learn about a new data protection suite that can bring continuous data protection, analytics reporting, and more to your VMware environments.

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Continuous Application Security Testing Benefits Summary
Security scrutiny is heavier than ever for financial services. Learn 4 benefits of properly deployed continuous application security testing can give your organization to help shine under the current environment of scrutiny.

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Security analysis principles and techniques for IT pros Summary
Data-driven security is central to fighting back against hackers. Learn how best to spot the essential data sets and protect enterprise assets.

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Buyer's Guide to SAP HANA Infrastructure Hardware Summary
Download this buyer's guide to learn how to select the proper infrastructure hardware for SAP HANA, with a particular look into Lenovo's X6 server models that provide HCI-like architecture for both single node and scale-out systems, for database performance.

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Why This Company Chose Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS to Handle Peak Rendering Workloads Summary
Discover why the creative firm Ant Farm leveraged the analytics inherent in scale-out NAS in this case study. Read on to learn the benefits they gained, like Interactive web-based REST API, which provided user interface customization, 2-week software development and release cycles, for real-time updates, and more.

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This Design Studio Chose Scale-Out NAS to Intelligently Manage Data and Users Summary
Click inside to learn what the video advertising company Blind gained by adopting scale-out NAS. Learn how they were able to implement real-time analytics, provide scalability for upcoming 4K growth, and more.

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7 Features You Can't Live Without: Scale-Out NAS Buyers Guide Summary
NAS systems are a smart way to plan for the surge of data, which is expected to crest in 2020 with 44 zettabytes created annually. But not all systems are created equal. No matter what vendor you choose, this white paper outlines the 7 features your new NAS system must have.

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