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Deployment Guide: Configuring a highly available Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 environment on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX Summary
This white paper outlines the best practices for configuring Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment on Dell PowerEdge VRTX architecture.

sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft
Protect Your Data from Malicious Ransomware Threats Summary
Ransomware attacks are on the rise, with almost 40% of businesses attacked. Even with strong countermeasures, networks are constantly penetrated. Access this white paper now to learn how to mitigate the risk of succumbing to a ransomware attack.

sponsored by: Veeam Software
The Changing Role Of The CIO Summary
No department has undergone such profound change as IT. And with the evolution of IT tools, skills, and platforms, the role of the CIO has changed as well. Discover the fundamental shift in how IT provides services, the new platforms behind digital disruption, the shift in CIO from improver to influencer to transformer, and more.

sponsored by: Skillsoft
Investigating Surprise Attacks at the Application Layer: Bat Bot Report Summary
Bad bots can do everything from maliciously scraping data from sites without permission to undertaking criminal activities, such as fraud and outright theft. Access this report to gain a unique, focused view on bad bot activity at the application layer (layer 7 of the OSI model).

sponsored by: Distil Networks
The Truth Behind 6 Call Recording Myths Summary
Although seen as a necessity by any regulated business or contact center that takes itself seriously, call recording still remains one of the most undervalued and underutilized features. But why is this? Discover the truth behind 6 common call recording myths. Plus, uncover what features to look for in a call recording system.

sponsored by: West Corporation
A Database Appliance for Every Organization Summary
In this infographic, you'll get an overview of a purpose-built appliance for your Oracle database. Get details on performance, consolidation, and availability.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
10 Golden Rules Of Outbound Contact Center Campaigns Summary
Making effective contact with your customers and prospects is critical to business success. But outbound contact center campaigns are fundamentally different than inbound campaigns. Learn 10 key rules to help ensure your outbound operations achieve success.

sponsored by: West Corporation
Case Study: Streamlining Security Without Creating Vulnerabilities Summary
Cuts to security in the name of "streamlining" can be more than just costly – they can leave an organization vulnerable. Learn how a large pharmaceutical company made an important change in its ICT strategy when it started considering cost effectiveness.

sponsored by: Cisco and Dimension Data
Efficient, Cost-Effective VDI Expansion on Converged Infrastructure Summary
Access this IDC research white paper, to learn more about how a successful converged infrastructure deployment could provide your healthcare organization with reliability, strong performance, scalability, and more.

sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®
Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition Solution Specifications Summary
Inside learn about what you can gain by adopting the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft
The Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service: Empowering Your Tech Solutions Business Summary
The "as-a-service" business model isn't all hype. Technology is cheaper, so now your clients are redirecting their spending toward utilizing your expertise. This e-book gives advice on every part of the process of adding new practice areas from business planning to client retention.

sponsored by: TechData - Connectwise
4 Market Trends Driving Mobile Banking Summary
Learn about 4 market trends that are changing the way people are banking and accessing their money, and what this means for the future of mobile banking as well as the security concerns that it raises.

sponsored by: HID
Making the Case for Modern, Hybrid Laptops in the Legal Profession Summary
Modern work means using modern tools – and to find out how legal professionals utilize technology like laptops, desktops, and tablets, Microsoft commissioned a survey of 300 solicitors, barristers, clerks, and paralegals. Learn how intuitive, hybrid laptops modernize work, helps secure data, and more.

sponsored by: Microsoft
The Imperative of Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Storage Summary
In this white paper learn about some of the requirements of hybrid cloud storage, as well as how to coordinate both your on premise and cloud resources to gain full advantage of this environment.

sponsored by: IBM
10 New Rules of the Inbound Contact Center Summary
This guide defines a variety of "new rules" for contact centers that take into account the evolving demands of cloud, web, and mobile-enabled customers. Learn how to keep up with the rise of the multichannel, customer-centric model of business and uncover 10 rules for modern contact centers.

sponsored by: West Corporation

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