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Deployment Guide: Configuring a highly available Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 environment on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX Summary
This white paper outlines the best practices for configuring Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment on Dell PowerEdge VRTX architecture.

sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft
Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve: Adapting to the New Era Summary
The following analysis of cloud maturity is based on findings from 784 surveyed IT leaders around the globe. Access now to unlock five key fundamentals of cloud maturity, from aligned strategy to good governance.

sponsored by: IBM
File Sharing Insecurity: The Final Data Leakage Frontier Summary
In this webinar, discover how you can strengthen security for you shared files without staunching innovation and collaboration.

sponsored by: FinalCode
Building a Business Case for Order Processing Automation: How to Propel your Project to the Top of the List Summary
Before an automated order management project can hit the ground running one critical hurdle must be cleared — getting buy-in from upper management and other key stakeholders.This white paper will help readers build a strategic business case for order processing automation.

sponsored by: Esker Inc.
Cultivating the API Economy Summary
This e-guide explains what the API economy is, what's prompting this renewed interest in APIs, and what it means for developers as well as the business.

sponsored by: IBM
The Business Case for Deploying SDN in Enterprise Networks Summary
This white paper outlines the business benefits of deploying software-defined networks in enterprise environments. Read on to learn about the impact the advantages of SDN can have on your business.

sponsored by: NEC
Cloud-based Workforce Management, Designed for Integration Summary
This white paper details a flexible alternative to the all-in-one human capital management suite, providing 100% configuration, and therefore allowing you to decide what to automate. Learn how you can capitalize on best-of-breed time and attendance and scheduling capabilities while meeting all of your requirements for core HR and payroll.

sponsored by: Workforce Software
Leveraging Your Virtual Infrastructure for Easy VM Deployment Summary
This webcast details a platform that leverages a hyper-converged appliance to help your virtual storage infrastructure easily scale and deploy VMs. Tune in to learn about how you can simplify storage management as well as reduce deployment time.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
The New Reality of Mac in Business Summary
This resource explores the state of Mac adoption among enterprises. Access and learn how Macs went from being routinely ignored by corporate IT to being widely considered as a good fit for many organizations.

sponsored by: JAMF Software
Red Hat puts Docker, Kubernetes at the center of its OpenShift 3 PaaS Summary
In this 451 Research report, learn how one recently updated platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provides support for the enterprise use of containers and how this option fits into the current PaaS landscape. Furthermore, learn about 4 transformations happening in IT right now to better understand the business need for container support.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Deploy Apps with Speed and Consistency with a Distributed Application System Summary
In this white paper, learn about a distributed applications system designed for on-premise, public, or hybrid cloud deployments. This platform-as-a-service has several features that can help developers and operations teams deploy apps more efficiently.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Case Study - Global Financial Services Provider 60 TB PST Migration Summary
This case study chronicles how one company made the decision to eliminate PST files through migration, and how compliance played a part in this decision. Read on to learn how this company was able to quickly and easily archive 67,000 files.

sponsored by: QUADROtech
Virtualization: Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits Summary
Read this white paper to learn how you can better control power and cooling within your data center.

sponsored by: Schneider Electric
Calculating Space and Power Density Requirements for Data Centers Summary
This paper demonstrates how the typical methods used to select and specify power density are flawed, and provides an improved approach for establishing space requirements, including recommended density specifications for typical situations.

sponsored by: Schneider Electric
Stay Connected With Customers, Wherever They Roam Summary
Companies are using mobile location-based services to make shopping and marketing better for the customer -- and for themselves.

sponsored by: SearchCRM

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