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Is Open Source BI the Right Choice?

Read this excerpt from Lyndsay Wise's new book, Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize ROI. Her book provides a wealth of information to help organizations determine whether to go with traditional BI software or look to open source BI.
Lyndsay Wise's new book: Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence

Open source BI solutions have many advantages over traditional proprietary software, from offering lower initial costs to more flexible support and integration options; but, until now, there has been no comprehensive guide to the complete offerings of the open source BI market. Writing for IT managers and business analysts without bias toward any BI suite, Lyndsay's new book covers the benefits and challenges of all available open source BI systems and tools, enabling readers to identify the solutions and technologies that best meet their business needs. For business managers who are hard pressed to identify the best BI solutions and software for their companies, this book provides a practical guide to evaluating the ROI of open source versus traditional BI deployments
Big Data Analytics Projects Easier Said Than Done -- But Doable

Lyndsay Wise provides sage planning advice for organizations considering a big data analytics initiative.
WiseAnalytics' Online Community for BI for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

This community provides SMBs with BI industry insights, forums, events, end-user driven research, and a way to collaborate with others looking to optimize their business intelligence investments. Come join the community. Be a part of shaping the way SMB needs are addressed.
Avoiding the pitfalls of deploying packaged data warehouse systems

Lyndsay Wise reviews the business and technical challenges that organizations need to address when implementing a packaged data warehouse system.
Wise advice: When diving into business intelligence projects, start small

Read the SearchBusinessAnalytics with Lyndsay Wise to get solid advice about business intelligence implementations.