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Computer Weekly – 21 February 2017: How to develop mobile apps for business Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, our latest buyer's guide examines the emerging innovations and best practice in mobile app development. We find out how Microsoft and Amazon are opening up their artificial intelligence tools to developers. And GE's CIO discusses the digital transformation of one of the world's industrial giants. Read the issue now.

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Transition from Scripting to a Business Process Automation Platform Summary
Discover how switching to a dedicated business process automation platform can greatly reduce costs while boosting productivity. Learn how to schedule and automate complex processes without having to write and manage code so that you can keep the benefits of automation without the associated costs of traditional batch files and scripts.

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Bridging The Gap Between Sales & Finance Summary
Imagine a company where sales and finance agree on everything – it's not a thought so far removed. The key to bridging the infamous divide between these two departments is technology. In this white paper, uncover 7 reasons why finance needs to get a better grip on sales incentive compensation to wield it to your company's advantage.

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Automated Operations: 5 Key Benefits for Your Organization Summary
This white paper explores the 5 core advantages that automation offers. Discover how to overcome the obstacles and unlock the benefits of automated processes for key functions like enterprise job scheduling to enable smooth, successful IT automation.

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Modern Infrastructure E-zine – February 2017 Summary
Machine learning, scientific computing and similar technologies are reshaping the GPU vs. CPU discussion.

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Process manufacturing and ERP: Worldwide customer insight Summary
This white paper presents best practice examples of how real manufacturers addressed how to buy and properly utilize an ERP system. Learn what barriers you can overcome when trying to purchase ERP tools.

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Embedded BI Tools: Putting the Power in Business Users' Hands Summary
With insights from research firm Dresner Advisory Services LLC, learn how to use embedded BI to create new products and services built around analytics capabilities, why and how embedded tools don't have to serve external users only, benefits of embedded BI and what might be limiting its adoption (Q&A with analyst Howard Dresner.)

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Report: Understanding The New Customer Landscape in Retail Summary
With seemingly unlimited access and knowledge, consumers control the terms of retailer engagement. Retailers need to effectively extend their brand experience to reach customers wherever they may be. This report explores the trends, attitudes and technologies shaping the customer landscape, and a 6-part roadmap to help you achieve CEM success.

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Computer Weekly – 14 February 2017: Under surveillance – what the Investigatory Powers Act means for business Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, the UK government has passed the Investigatory Powers Act, labelled a "snoopers' charter" that expands the scope of state surveillance – but what does it mean for businesses? We find out what digital transformation means in the fire and rescue service. And we examine the public cloud and storage. Read the issue now.

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Focus: Agile DevOps Summary
Businesses in every industry are finding themselves under pressure to out-innovate their competitors, and push out new products and services to customers at an ever-increasing rate.

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Which Platform is the Best Fit for Your Use Case? Summary
Access this white paper to learn how to best evaluate different platforms and figure out which one best fits your particular business needs. You'll understand the 5 keys to deciding which business process management platform works best for your organization's particular use case.

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How Cloud Providers Bridge the Gap Between IT and the rest of the Enterprise Summary
While 95% of C-level executives have a 5-year cloud strategy, only 38% have integrated their business and cloud computing strategies. Access this e-guide to get advice from four expert cloud service providers, as well as three considerations to improve your cloud orchestration toolbox.

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IT priorities report 2017: UK Summary
Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities from across the UK.

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Common Hadoopable Problems – And Real-World Hadoop Use Cases Summary
Explore concrete examples of companies that leveraged Hadoop to advance the state of their data analytics and drive business impact.

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Your Guide to Business Efficiency & Productivity Summary
Access this white paper to learn 5 key considerations for improving business process management, including: pinpointing inefficiencies in your operations, the silos of chaos, and more.

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