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Empower Business Processes by Modernising IT Infrastructure and Data Center Performance Summary
In this white paper, you will learn how to adopt an IT infrastructure that supports a flexible consumption approach, and that optimizes your server management. Read on now to take advantage of new business opportunities created by this IT modernisation.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Intel ®
State of Security Operations: The 2015 Report on Cyber Defense Maturity Summary
This report brings you the latest information on the capabilities of today's security operations centers and how they need to improve.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hadoop is Hard: Here's How You Can Make It Easy Summary
In this white paper you will learn how one vendor has created a solution to make Hadoop more easily accessible to all businesses. Discover how your organization can get the powerful benefits of big-data analysis without the challenges of configuring clusters, maintaining the platform or troubleshooting jobs.

sponsored by: Rackspace
E-Guide SQL Server 2014Upgrade BestPractices Summary
In this e-guide, readers will find best practices for upgrading to SQL Server 2014, including tips for avoiding pitfalls when upgrading, options for the clustered and nonclustered columnstore index, and how Microsoft SQL Server 2014 for Windows can be leveraged.

sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Boosting ROI with MDM and BI Summary
In this e-guide, find out how you can effectively combine MDM and BI programs, as well as why some organizations continue to find the most value in tried-and-true BI dashboards.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Measure Your Impact: 5 Key Principles of Analytics Proficiency Summary
This helpful resource will help you to assess your enterprise's current analytics capabilities in 5 key areas, and to access a roadmap to implementing immediate improvements.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Build an End-to-End Frame for Your Enterprise Mobility Security Summary
In this report, you will learn how to deliver holistic mobile security architecture to your organization that will preserve end user privacy, and extend this protection to new devices and OS's.

sponsored by: Good Technology
Why App Modernization Needs Are On The Rise Summary
In this expert e-guide, find insight into common key drivers for application modernization efforts. Plus, you'll learn why binding components to suit event-driven models of execution are now crucial to supporting business processes.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc.
Business Transformation Through Converged Solutions Summary
In the following case study, learn how by now relying on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform, SPAR Austria Group was able to handle vast quantities of in-memory data all while remaining nimble, secure and manageable over the long term, allowing them to support innovation and expansion. Access now and see what this technology can do for you.

sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems
How to Get Social Media Influencers Talking About You Summary
How do you bring influencers into your circle and get them to drum up positive reviews? Access this guide to learn 6 tips for doing just that when you find influencers inside and outside the box.

sponsored by: Sysomos
5 Questions Every IT Department Should Be Able to Answer Summary
Key decision makers are on the hunt to uncover patterns that illuminate unforeseen trends once buried in your data.Here are the top 5 questions your IT professionals should be asking — and ways to get the answers. Access now to ensure you're getting the most out of your data.

sponsored by: Salesforce.com
Transforming Business Processes with Agile Integrated Platforms Summary
In the following white paper, uncover the importance of choosing the right agile integrated cloud vendor and learn about a system that promises to bring the agility, flexibility, and functionality needed to remain competitive now and in the future. Access now to learn more.

sponsored by: SAP
Make Fast Data A Priority: Accelerate Revenue With Reduced Latency Summary
This white paper details finding of a study that looked at system performance issues and how businesses are solving them. Read on to learn how flash improve operations by reducing latency, as well as what internal improvements IT pros are looking to make.

sponsored by: SanDisk Corporation
How to Accurately Track Your Social Media Buzz Summary
What is "buzz?" It's something that confuses most marketers, and what smart marketers exploit. Access this step-by-step guide to learn how to create buzz-worthy campaigns like a smart marketer.

sponsored by: Sysomos
CW Nordics – November 2015 Edition Summary
IT is becoming more important to businesses, in part due to the digital revolution, and the women and men who lead IT are now increasingly coveted.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com

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