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Master's Degree in Business Intelligence – St. Joseph's University

In today's rapidly moving and increasingly digital world, it has become even more necessary to understand advancing technologies and processes in order to succeed. Business leaders must have the ability to collect and interpret information concerning customers, suppliers and competitors, and make decisions that affect their company's performance. By completing the Business Intelligence graduate program from Saint Joseph's University, you gain a solid foundation in both technology and quantitative decision making tools that will aid your ability to interpret information. This program seeks to put the technology and mathematical concepts into a relevant, functional business application context. Our online Business Intelligence Graduate Program provides you with a diverse and advanced business education in the field of technology and decision sciences. After completing this program, you will have the valuable, sought-after skills that give you the advantage in the eyes of employers. Our program is designed to equip the 21st century manager or analyst with the relevant skills to succeed in a technology-driven, data-intensive world. High-paying job prospects abound for our graduates. Our program was developed by industry for industry. If you want to distinguish yourself from your peers by acquiring a set of essential skills that make a difference in today's organizations, then the Saint Joseph's Business Intelligence graduate program is for you.
American Sentinel University Master of Science in Business Intelligence

The Master of Science in Business Intelligence (MSBI) program is a professionally oriented program which develops the diversified analytical skills and competencies required to gain insight and intelligence into the operations of a modern business enterprise. The Business Intelligence program is designed for students seeking to acquire a higher level of knowledge and understanding of business operations. Students will acquire the key analytical skills needed to define and implement key performance metrics across business units. Further, students will learn to use tools such as Six Sigma to identify business processes ideal for improvement. With a focus on quantifying business operations, students will learn to tell a business story using verifiable numbers. Business intelligence is about using data to understand and improve operations. This program teaches those key skills.
Business Intelligence

A new technology can analyze data at amazing speeds. So why is higher ed slow to adopt?
Business Intelligence Journal

The Business Intelligence Journal is an in-depth, unbiased information resource for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. This quarterly publication provides fresh ideas and perspectives to help organizations operate more intelligently. It provides actionable insight on how to plan, build, and deploy business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.
Institute for Advanced Analytics Master of Science in Analytics

The Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) is an intensive 10-month degree designed to give students a thorough understanding of the tools, methods, applications and practice of advanced analytics. It is both focused and practical in its orientation, with the goal to provide an education that is directly applicable to positions in industry. The MSA is an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum consisting of courses developed exclusively for the program. Topics of study include data mining, forecasting, optimization, text analytics, databases, data visualization, data privacy and security, financial analytics, and customer analytics, among other areas. Students gain hands-on experience with the same complex tools used in industry today. Team projects are based on real analytical problems facing organizations.
International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining

The IJBIDM publishes and disseminates knowledge on an international basis in the areas of business intelligence, intelligent data analysis, and data mining. It provides a forum for state-of-the-art developments and research, as well as current innovative activities in business intelligence, data analysis and mining. In contrast to other journals, IJBIDM focuses on the application of data analysis and mining techniques in business applications.


Masters of Science in Business Intelligence – a Daniels College of Business, University of Denver degree

How important is business intelligence to today’s enterprise? Consider that information is competitive intelligence that drives strategic business decisions – that are made by global organizations with the power to change the world. You get the picture. Information, business intelligence, is no longer the exclusive domain of IT or research departments. That’s why Daniels has created a one-of-a-kind program that takes you across disciplines – data warehousing, marketing, finance and management and operations – so you’ll know how to gather and leverage information to lead organizations, control decisions, and be relied upon to steer enterprises. Just imagine what you can do with all that information.
MBA concentration in Business Intelligence for the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama

Welcome to the MBA concentration in Business Intelligence for the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama. One of the few programs of its kind offered within a college of business, it delivers the exceptional knowledge, skills and experience you need to produce valuable results for your organization. And, it’s one of the few graduate business programs to prepare you for certification in SAS Enterprise Miner, the premiere software tool for the data mining industry. Data mining reveals how organizations can improve their performance. By detecting hidden patterns and relationships among massive amounts of raw information, data mining produces knowledge that leads to action that produces results. Data skills won’t do it alone. It also takes a broad understanding of business and hands-on experience solving real business problems. Precious few professionals possess this unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience.
MBA in Business Intelligence – London School of Business and Finance

In today's competitive marketplace, organizations must focus scarce resources on the strategies most likely to yield success. Business intelligence helps them achieve this by building a complete picture – learning from the past, monitoring and communicating the present, and gaining insight into the future. Business analysis and solutions help more people, across more departments, to reach the right decisions. They provide decision-makers with a strategy-focused view of the entire enterprise – including customer behavior, supplier spending, employee retention, financial performance and more.
Colorado Business Intelligence Community Connection

COBICC is the consortium of data warehousing, business intelligence and data integration professionals working with Daniels College of Business, Denver University.