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Holistic Detection and Business Intelligence


Originally published August 12, 2009


James Taylor discusses why a different approach is required for repeatable and repeating decisions.

James Taylor
James Taylor

SOURCE: Holistic Detection and Business Intelligence



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Posted August 16, 2009 by Mark Norton mark.norton@idiomsoftware.com

I think this is a nicely balanced article that makes an important point in highlighting the relationship between BI and decision automation. Decision automation is the operational implementation of what is learnt through BI; and BI then provides the feedback as to whether this automated decision making is optimal and effective, which leads to further insights for improved decision making and so the virtuous cycle continues. Almost enough to make me want to read about Dirk Gently (I already have Smart Enough Systems!)


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Posted August 12, 2009 by Neil Raden nraden@hiredbrains.com

Why do you insist on hammering BI? You always seem to cast it as the retarded stepchild of decision management. Most people are content with being informed to make their own decisions without a decision engine and all of its incumbent drawbacks. 

Despite this, I agree that the usual approach in decision making is to make it first, then justify it. 

Neil Raden

Hired Brains

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