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VIA IoT Analytic Data Flow Summary
Many companies face serious challenges when it comes to actually implementing IoT analytics. Learn about the Vitria Analytic Data Flow platform and discover how to integrate data from multiple sources, accelerate analytics with machine learning, and provide full lifecycle management for data flow models.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Analytic Data Flow: Visual Development for Analytic and IoT Apps Summary
Learn about the VIA Analytic Data Flow platform and discover how to process streaming data flows in visual, low-code development environments.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Compass Guide: Evaluation of Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2.1 Summary
In this WCM product analysis produced by Ars Logica, gain a better understanding of the Sitecore Experience Platform. Uncover key developments, product strengths and limitations, who the ideal buyers are, and 4 key functionality categories for business users and IT.

sponsored by: Sitecore
VIA IoT Analytics Platform by Vitria Summary
Explore the challenges of IoT analytics in an ever-changing business environment, and the potential benefits of implementing an advanced IoT analytics tool.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
VIA IoT Analytics Platform Tech Brief Summary
Learn about the VIA IoT Analytics Platform, a unified platform that focuses on accelerating time-to-value for IoT initiatives. Find out how to move forward confidently with IoT projects, and discover how you can speed up analytics for IoT data, enable data-driven, self-service IoT app development, and more.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Advanced Analytics and IoT for Energy Utilities: The Path to a Profitable Future Summary
When it comes to leveraging IoT analytics, achieving the best possible outcomes depends on understanding the use cases across all the operations of the business. In this white paper, explore today's utilities infrastructure vs. a future infrastructure (use cases), the IoT analytics value chain, a supply/demand response use case, and more.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
IoT Analytics in Manufacturing: How to Get Value Quickly from your IoT Projects Summary
In this white paper, gain a stronger understanding of how manufacturers can gain value quickly from IoT analytics projects. Explore use cases, a maturity model for analytics in manufacturing, the new sales arena for manufacturers in IoT, and more.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Speed the Time-to-Value With the VIA IoT Analytics Platform Summary
Find out how to optimize the value you can derive from IoT and streaming data by updating your analytics tools and strategies. Plus, learn about Vitria's IoT Analytic Platform and how it helps you adapt to handle big data volumes.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Major Retailer Optimizes Supply Chain Management with Advanced Analytics Summary
Find out how a major retailer used advanced analytics with targeted dashboards and data visualizations to integrate data from across disparate apps and gain deeper insight into and optimize each stage of the supply chain.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Private PaaS: Unlock Faster, Agile App Development without Sacrificing Security Summary
In this e-guide, we help you weigh the benefits of private PaaS and offer advice on how to evaluate and test various PaaS offerings. Learn how to assess PaaS tools for compatibility with your existing infrastructure, integration into your app lifecycle management, alignment with compliance and governance, and more.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Supply Chain Management & IoT: Just Another Evolution? Summary
How are big data and IoT impacting supply chain management and ERP? Find out how to harness the power of these two trends to optimize supply chains with data lakes, real-time streaming analytics, predictive insights, and more.

sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.
Using Data Replication to Upgrade your Oracle Database with Minimal Downtime Summary
Uncover an overview of hardware, OS, and Oracle migrations, and find out how you can minimize the downtime and risks associated with these migrations.

sponsored by: Quest
Understand enterprise file sync-and-share deployment models Summary
Learn why enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) services can be risky and how you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing a deployment model. Additionally, discover the pros and cons of several different deployments models including, public, private and hybrid-cloud EFSS services.

sponsored by: Citrix
Why DevOps + Security = A Bright Idea Summary
By combining DevOps and security, software developers will be able to produce more secure applications and infrastructures and defeat the long-standing bias that security is an obstacle, not aid, to good software development.

sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com
The Evolution of Enterprise File Sync and Share Summary
Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) tools have evolved significantly over the past few years. Given these changes, it can be difficult to know exactly which business needs any given tool will meet. Read on to gain an understanding of the changes happening in EFSS, the market, which deployment model is best for your organization, and more.

sponsored by: ibm box

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