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An EMM Checklist for CIOs: Factors to Consider When Choosing an EMM Solution Summary
For help deciding on an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution consider the issues in the following white paper. It's derived from third-party research and best practices. It covers the critical areas you'll need to think through as you arrive at a decision. It also provides a CIO's Guide to EMM.

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Integrated Talent Management Summary
This Independent analyst perspective into the integrated talent management systems market from Elearnity assesses the leading talent management suppliers.

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Launching Effective Document Imaging and Management Programs Summary
In this expert handbook, Steve Weissman, consultant and New England AIIM chapter president, discusses the key issues surrounding document imaging, capture, and management.

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Improve the Confidence in Your Big Data with IBM InfoSphere Summary
This informative white paper discusses how organizations can use information governance to improve the confidence in big data.

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The Fourth of Five Truths for Tomorrow’s Marketer Summary
Uncover the 3 questions you must ask yourself to find out if your company is ready to make localization strategy a top priority.

sponsored by: SDL
Understanding Big Data Quality for Maximum Information Usability Summary
The following white paper explores the importance of data quality when it comes to mining insights from big data. Learn about some of the challenges posed by managing the quality and governance of data, what solutions are available, and more.

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Creating smarter campaigns with the IBM Advanced Analytics platform Summary
The following white paper details how a business can vastly improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by implementing and integrating advanced analytics into their operations. Learn how by using this technology, you can visualize data better, dig deeper into patterns, and deliver far superior campaigns.

sponsored by: IBM
Measure, analyze and manage: optimizing marketing results with business analytics Summary
The following white paper explores how businesses can measure, analyze, manage, and capitalize on market data by implementing a business intelligence solution. Learn how by doing so successfully, you can market smarter, target customers with personalized content, improve operations, and more.

sponsored by: IBM
Harnessing the tyranny of autonomy: the Dropbox problem and the manager’s dilemma Summary
Access this resource to discover whether your employees should be able to share information that improves productivity, or if it should be tightly controlled for privacy and security purposes

sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc
Explore the Enterprise Storage Vendor Landscape Summary
Read this white paper to understand what's new in the mid-range to entry enterprise storage array market and determine which products are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios. You will read the evaluation of eight competitors in the storage array market to help you choose a solution that will optimize your IT infrastructure.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
The Benefits of Social and Cloud-based CRM Tools Summary
In order to stay competitive, you need to know what customers are saying about your business, and you need to participate in the conversation as well. In this e-guide, learn from CRM experts what makes a social CRM tool successful, and why cloud-based CRM systems may be the right choice for you.

sponsored by: Microsoft India
Automate, Monitor, and Improve Your Compliance Procedures Summary
This white paper explores the benefits of automating compliance procedures. It also highlights a solution that delivers this automation as well as monitoring capabilities.

sponsored by: Interneer, Inc.
Succeeding as an ACO: A 6-Step Guide for Health Care Organizations Summary
The number of ACOs has risen dramatically in recent years. Some research supports the effectiveness of the ACO model in improving the cost and efficiency of care without sacrificing quality. However, there are important concerns about ACOs. Read this whitepaper to see our 6-step guide to success for health care organizations.

sponsored by: athenahealth Inc.
Three steps to put Predictive Analytics to Work Summary
The following white paper provides readers with the three steps needed to put predictive analytics to work. Learn how to integrate this technology into day to day operations, ultimately facilitating a much stronger, more accurate decision-making environment.

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Dow Benelux maintains a happy workplace Summary
The following case study explores how the Dow Chemical Company leveraged analytics technologies to monitor and reduce their employees' stress levels across their organization. Gain a firsthand look at the technology they used and discover what it takes to attain similar results.

sponsored by: IBM

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