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FlashArray//m for the Public Sector Summary
The proverb "good things come in small packages" rings true when it comes to flash storage – with the ability to lower storage spending by 50% and boost performance up to 300,00 32K IOPS and <1ms average latency, what more could you ask for? Learn about a flash storage solution that's small but mighty powerful (and as cost effective as it gets).

sponsored by: Pure Storage
Modernize Your SAP Implementation — Make Real-Time Business a Reality Summary
Learn how businesses can extract data directly from SAP ERP, CRM, and SCM systems and analyze data in real-time, enabling business managers to quickly make data-driven decisions.

sponsored by: Pure Storage
Pulse E-zine: Vol. #4, No. #3 Summary
In this issue of Pulse, we explore the current role of data analytics in value-based reimbursement efforts and its future responsibility within population health management and precision medicine.

sponsored by: SearchHealthIT.com
Unleash the Power of Predictive Analytics Summary
By finding the link between historical data and trends, businesses can execute the right promotions and increase sales -- and more importantly, learn what to avoid. Discover ways to make a difference to your bottom line with predictive analytics.

sponsored by: SAP
Transform Digital Technology with Analytics and Business Intelligence Summary
Using the right tools, businesses provide access to powerful, role-specific analytics anywhere across the extended digital enterprise. Discover ways to achieve greater business agility while tapping into insightful data analysis.

sponsored by: SAP
The Planning Survey 16: Top-Rated Tools and Planning Approaches Summary
This resource explores the finds of the Planning Survey 16, which uses KPIs like business benefits, flexibility, customer satisfaction, and agility. Access now to get an in-depth look at one of the survey's top-rated products and learn about the latest in planning approaches, BI, and performance management.

sponsored by: Infor
The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Business Intelligence and Planning Summary
Agility, big data, and cloud computing drive a number of imperatives related to BI and data management. In this research note, discover how BI practitioners are leveraging data discovery, self-service BI, predictive analytics, and BI-integrated performance management to enable digital transformation and planning processes.

sponsored by: SAP
Should HANA Be a Part of Your Enterprise's Future? Summary
With Business Suite 4 SAP HANA, SAP has underlined its commitment to its in-memory database.

sponsored by: SearchSAP
Enterprise Integration: Identify Areas to Improve and Remain Competitive Summary
Learn how a configurable, cloud-based web experience that supports single sign-on, common navigation, and a common look across application can streamline ERP for users.

sponsored by: VAI, Vormittag Associates, Inc.
New Flash Storage Appliance: Game-Changing Performance for Current and Future Applications Summary
This data sheet discusses a storage platform that unlocks the full power of flash storage for your mission-critical workloads and applications. Learn how this platform enables you to tap into all of the performance and capacity that flash storage can provide, maximize the capabilities of your existing data and performance-intensive applications.

sponsored by: Dell EMC
The Role of Storage for Today's Mid-Sized Workloads Summary
Storage virtualization's high-performance and affordability is the best at meeting mid-size and enterprise needs. Access this paper to find out the top 6 requirements for mid-size storage, and learn how effective one storage virtualization solution is at tackling mid-sized workload requirements.

sponsored by: IBM
Storage Designs for Big Data and Real-Time Analytics Summary
In this e-book, you will gain in-depth understanding for how recent trends have led us to the need for flash-based systems to support big data efforts; learn about the evolution of big data systems and how infrastructure architecture is being reshaped for these workloads; and discover the key technical characteristics behind flash storage.

sponsored by: Tegile
Extreme Performance in a Shared Storage Environment Summary
Improve big data analytics by leveraging the advancements of rack-scale flash.

sponsored by: Dell EMC
Improve Your Bottom Line With Real-time Analytics Summary
Existing infrastructures are complex and inefficient. Simplify with a solution that runs OLTP and OLAP simultaneously.

sponsored by: Dell EMC
Improve Performance of Data-Intensive Applications Summary
Current storage options do not satisfy demand for insightful results. Optimize data with the next-gen storage solution.

sponsored by: Dell EMC

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