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Automated Budgeting Processes: How to Gain Greater Insight into Business Performance Summary
Access this in-depth paper to get a better understanding of who is involved in budgeting, how to analyze and validate the budget, and how to eliminate the use of spreadsheets within budgeting processes.

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Big Data and Hadoop Bring Big Changes to Storage Summary
Big data storage challenges include the speed at which analytical processes must deliver results, the ability to scale capacity and integrating HDFS with storage.

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Pyramid Analytics: Freedom to be Mobile Summary
The following white paper examines how Pyramid BI Office suite can grant you the self-service BI ability that is critical for success in today's market. Read on to learn how this multi-tier BI application architecture can help balance load and deliver faster on mission critical deployments, and much more.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
The BI Survey: Pyramid Analytics Summary
Check out the following BARC BI Survey to learn what customers really think of their BI solutions and how to eventually choose the right solution for you. Learn how 13 of the top BI vendors compare in terms of visualization strength, ease-of-use, collaboration, and much more.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
8 Great Ways to Improve Your Quarter-End Analysis & Reporting Summary
This white paper presents 8 steps that will help your finance department gain key analytical insight from your data, and highlights the tools available in the market (ERP, best-in-class, OLAP-based, and others) that could help improve quarterly reporting processes.

sponsored by: Prophix Software
Memorial Health Service Case Study Summary
Check out the following case study to examine the business intelligence solution Memorial Health Services upgraded to that allowed them to gain a single user-friendly interface, faster insights, self-service BI, and more.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
Budgeting and Planning made easy - How technology changes the game Summary
This white paper explains how budgeting and planning has been made easy by one technology that unifies BI and CPM in a single integrated environment. View this paper to learn from the clients that have found success with this system.

sponsored by: Board International
Enhance Performance and Availability for SQL Server Deployments with Dell, Fusion-io, and SIOS Summary
This white paper explains the benefits of choosing a SANLess cluster platform to handle the demands of mission critical SQL Server workloads.

sponsored by: SIOS Technology Corp
Data Integration Checklist Summary
This white paper provides a checklist with key functional requirements for implementing and deploying data integration for an enterprise.

sponsored by: Talend
Analyst report: vendor of choice for SSDs Summary
Read this white paper to compare flash and solid state storage vendors to find the one that will benefit your business the most.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Bloor Research: IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration comparison Summary
This paper discusses the relative merits of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration running on Power Systems as compared to SAP HANA, Oracle Exadata and Microsoft SQL Server running on x86-based platforms.

sponsored by: IBM
MicroScope July 2014: An issue covering changes in the business intelligence market Summary
An issue highlighting the changing business intelligence market and the opportunities for resellers

sponsored by: MicroScope
ZiffDavis - Big Data, Little Data, and Everything in Between - IBM SPSS Solutions Help You Bring Analytics to Everyone Summary
The following white paper explores the current state of importance with being able to successfully mine actionable insights from data. Learn some of the biggest problems facing organizations taking on big data and how technologies such as predictive analytics can offer a solution. Read on to discover more.

sponsored by: IBM
Cognos Business Intelligence on z/OS Summary
The following white paper explores a business intelligence and analytics solution that intends to address some of the biggest problem areas of conventional analytics solutions such as data visualization, dashboard design, and more.

sponsored by: IBM
Anatomy of an Analytic Enterprise Summary
The following white paper provides readers with the anatomy of a successful analytic enterprise and reveals key technology, implementation practices, pain points to avoid, and more.

sponsored by: SAS

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