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Mining Valuable Data from Financial Analysis Summary
In this e-guide, Dave Murray, Director of Thought Leadership for the Professional Networking and Research Organization, shares answers from top executives on how they successfully managed financial data for planning and analysis.

sponsored by: Tagetik Software
A Guide to Optimizing Predictive Analytics Summary
This guide reviews how predictive analytics will help forecast upcoming trends, allowing you to make smarter decisions and improve outcomes. Identify ways to adopt technologies specific to different organizational needs and user skillsets.

sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.
Embedded Analytics: What it is and why you Should Care Summary
This informative white paper highlights analytics tools, placing utmost importance on correctly enabling embedded analytics for competitive advantage. Use this resource to ensure that your current strategy yields the benefits of embedded analytics capabilities.

sponsored by: LogiAnalytics
How Storage Virtualization Can Increase Opportunity Summary
In this white paper, discover how storage virtualization can allow both smooth IT operations and growing innovation.

sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems
Decision Makers Divulge: How to Determine your Perfect Analytics Summary
The following white paper features thorough research conducted by decision management consultants. Examine the different types of analytic capabilities available to organizations and business situations for which they are most appropriate.

sponsored by: Actuate
Wide-ranging Business Objectives Demand a Wide Range of Flash Solutions Summary
This report from ESG examines why there have been so many misperceptions about the nature of flash-utilization within an IT environment and explains how organizations can successfully counterbalance their lineup of solid-state options, types, and deployments for optimum service delivery.

sponsored by: Arrow + NetApp
Striving for, and Achieving, BI and Analytics Platform Success Summary
The following white paper captures an organization's ability to become data-driven, with the combination of flexibility and speed, as well as the consistency and governance required by BI tech professionals. Discover how successful companies navigate the complexities of centralized and decentralized organizational models for business intelligence.

sponsored by: Birst
Study: How Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Measure Up Summary
In the following white paper, you'll uncover findings from an in-depth study conducted by BI researchers. Use this resource to gage what is important to your enterprise in order to make solid cloud BI decisions.

sponsored by: Birst
An Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Big Data Summary
This white paper will serve as your guide to the big data ecosystem and the choices that an enterprise architect will likely face in this new environment. Read on to learn how through an enterprise architecture approach, decisions can be made to ensure business alignment, a value-centric roadmap, and ongoing governance.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Modern Infrastructure April 2015 Summary
As the initial hype around cloud computing fades, now more than ever IT must concern itself with where its data workloads live.

sponsored by: SearchDataCenter.com
The New Era of Self-Service Analytics Summary
Access this informative white paper to learn how organizations are taking advantage of the boom in self-service analytic apps by deploying them to users. Discover solutions that let consumers visualize, analyze and explore data that matters to them, while helping them convert insights into action in real-time.

sponsored by: Information Builders
Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Providers Summary
Access this white paper for an in-depth buyer's guide to the major players in the CPM suite market.

sponsored by: Tagetik Software
Self-Service Business Intelligence and Data Integration Send Education Software Firm to the Head of the Class Summary
Read this case study to find out which self-service business intelligence and data integration solution allowed Illuminate to provide up-to-the-minute data to school administrators.

sponsored by: Jaspersoft
Accuracy & Completeness of Clinical Documentation within NHS Trusts Summary
Ignetica, a specialist research and management consultancy company, was commissioned to carry out research into the Clinical Documentation Challenge. In this white paper Peter Booth, MD Ignetica, explains the background and early findings from the reasons along with the potential value of the research.

sponsored by: Nuance
Buying vs Building Business Analytics Summary
Access this exceptional white paper for to unlock the benefits of buying. Learn the major Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI) drivers that illustrate why partnering with analytics providers can be advantageous over building your own.

sponsored by: Pentaho Corporation

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