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From Data to Disruption Innovation Through Digital Intelligence Summary
In order to keep yourself from being disrupted out of your role or even your organization out of competition, you need to be able to harness data into a competitive advantage. Take a look at this whitepaper to see what steps you can take as an IT decision maker to embrace data and digitization.

sponsored by: IBM
Scalability and High Performance with MicroStrategy 10 Summary
Examine an enterprise analytics and mobility platform, designed to accelerate insights and scale to hundreds of thousands of users without restrictions on data size.

sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated
Top 5 Data Discovery Applications for Optimizing Sales Operations Summary
A successful sales team is at the heart of every successful organization, but companies need powerful analytics & data discovery tools for their sales teams to harness insights. Explore the top 5 data discovery applications that sales teams can use to stay ahead of the competition.

sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated
The Top 10 Reasons to Choose an All-Flash Solution for Oracle Database and Analytics Deployments Summary
Does your storage system allow you to access and analyze your data at-speed without reducing I/O or causing bottlenecks? If not, then it's time to consider adopting an all-flash array. inside, learn the 10 reasons you should consider this switch

sponsored by: Pure Storage
5-Minute Guide to Machine Learning Summary
Read this white paper to discover how cognitive search uses machine learning for search applications.

sponsored by: Attivio, Inc.
The Modern Data Storage Platform for Oracle Analytics Summary
Inside, discover an all-flash file-and object based storage system designed specifically to handle big data and data warehouse workloads housed in your Oracle databases.

sponsored by: Pure Storage
How SQL Server 2016 Measures Up: Business Value, Database Performance, and Security Summary
Uncover Crimson Consulting's findings about the potential business value of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and how it performs when it comes to high speed analytics, database security, big data, cloud integration, and beyond.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Getting Started with Advanced Analytics Summary
As big data from AI and IoT grows, it's essential to make sure you have your infrastructure and business goals in order before you start your next project. Explore this planning guide that offers 5 steps for getting maximum insights out of all data types and a decision-tree to help you identify the right analytics solution for your organization.

sponsored by: Intel
Digital Transformation Success Stories with a Virtualization Platform Summary
Learn from 6 organizations which virtualization platform establishes the infrastructure performance, availability, and efficiency needed for any solid cloud foundation. Read on to see use cases in action for this architecture's universal app platform, including for cloud-native apps, VDI, test/dev and tier-2/3 apps, and more.

sponsored by: VMware
From Data to Disruption: Innovation Through Digital Intelligence Summary
In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, examine the role played by data, analytics, and automation in organizations' ability to sense and respond to change during the age of digital disruption.

sponsored by: IBM
Enterprise Defense at the Speed of Data Summary
Discover 5 key factors for efficient security operations, including: using multi-sourced threat intelligence, using advanced analytics to operationalize security intelligence and more.

sponsored by: ThreatConnect
The Challenges of Legacy SIEM Platforms Summary
Explore 3 reasons why legacy SIEM tools no longer meet the needs of most organizations. Plus, uncover the benefits of a modern security intelligence [platform.

sponsored by: Exabeam
The Future of I.T. Security starts with Virginia Tech Summary
Data breaches are costly – in revenue and reputation – and organizations are actively looking for talented professionals who can help protect data stores. Learn what issues are keeping CIOs up at night, and the career opportunities available in this growing field.

sponsored by: Virginia Tech Online
Buyer's Guide to SAP HANA Infrastructure Hardware Summary
Download this buyer's guide to learn how to select the proper infrastructure hardware for SAP HANA, with a particular look into Lenovo's X6 server models that provide HCI-like architecture for both single node and scale-out systems, for database performance.

sponsored by: Lenovo and Intel
Building High Performance Infrastructure for Databases Summary
Often underperforming databases are not a hardware issue. Click inside to learn the storage requirements for latency reduction in databases, an adaptive parallel I/O technology that can help you optimize database performance, and more.

sponsored by: DataCore Software Corporation

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