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Healthcare IoT Universe Engages Its Customers Summary
The Internet of Things is used in healthcare to locate patients and give them information about their care. The IoT trend may soon evolve to more directly affect patient care. For example, IoT technology may allow more providers to remotely monitor discharged patients.

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Business Intelligence: Enable Flexibility Without Sacrificing Security Summary
In this infographic, discover a BI platform that can enable flexibility and speed without sacrificing security or control. Learn about easily conducting complex analyses, generating rich visualizations, and scaling to match increased user needs.

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High Velocity and the Future of Applications Summary
Discover three strategies that can help propel businesses at the pace of technological innovation. Learn the extent to which legacy applications can hold you back, how to adopt liquid, intelligent, and connected application strategies, and why embracing 4 new roles within your organization can prepare your app strategies for success.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Advance Enterprise Analytics with Self-Service and Governance Summary
Self-service BI can help business users quickly create data models and enable better decision-making, but this can't be achieved without centralized, managed security. Discover a highly scalable BI platform that can balance self-service BI with complete governance.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
Dramatically Improve Database Performance with Integrated Infrastructure Summary
This white paper highlights an integrated infrastructure solution that combines computing, networking, storage and management into a single integrated system. Read on to learn how this solution can enable you to dramatically improve your database performance and reduce its complexity and costs.

sponsored by: IBM
Combine SAP HANA Tailored DataCenter Integration with the Power of Convergence Summary
With the volume of business data growing exponentially—there is a need to store, search, and analyze data in real-time to keep competition at bay. This white paper details how combining SAP HANA software and an integrated infrastructure solution can support the analysis of data from SAP within seconds.

sponsored by: IBM
The Race for Supply Chain Excellence Summary
Supply chains in the future will be a success differentiator. Learn how to be among those that do it best to create profit, service level, and working capital improvement.

sponsored by: Infor
BI in the Sky: Making Cloud Analytics Work Summary
How can you decide if you should invest in cloud BI tools? This expert guide reveals crucial information on cloud BI and analytics for IT decision-makers. Discover the biggest trends, benefits, and challenges of cloud BI tools.

sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics
Cloud computing storage key management Summary
Jagat Paudel addresses key management in cloud computing storage in this thesis from our Royal Holloway security series.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Value Creation in a Digital Economy Summary
In a world where every business must become a tech business, you won't want to miss this report on creating value in a digital business landscape. Learn how the rules have changed, how to evolve with disruptors, and ways to survive and thrive in the digital economy.

sponsored by: SAP
An Executive Guide to IBM’s Strategy and Roadmap for its Integrated Operating Environment for Power Systems Summary
As the integrated operating environment for IBM Power Systems server, IBM i is used by companies of all sizes in all regions of the world. Explore this white paper to understand IBM's strategy and roadmap for the IBM i operating system.

sponsored by: TechData Corporation
SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems: What can you gain? Summary
Explore how the flexibility, resilience, and performance of IBM Power Systems make it an optimal platform to meet the unique requirements of SAP HANA, now and in the future.

sponsored by: IBM FD
Changing the Economics of SaaS Businesses: How Flash Storage Improves SaaS Infrastructure Summary
This white paper highlights an all-flash array with software-defined architecture that can deliver on-going cost-efficiencies, predictable performance, and easy scalability. Read on to see how this solution can enable your enterprise to achieve the optimum balance between application performance, controlling costs, and providing the best service.

sponsored by: Kaminario
Add Speed, Flexibility to Enterprise Applications Summary
This featured solution brief introduces you to how a composable infrastructure can allow businesses to lower operating costs, increase operational velocity, and support resources on demand, ultimately allowing them to capitalize on the ability to turn ideas into value faster and conquer today's toughest workload challenges.

sponsored by: HPE and Intel®
Visual Analytics for Making Smarter Decisions Faster Summary
This analyst report examines experiences with BI, visual analytics, and visual data discovery to uncover how organizations can move forward. Uncover ways to help users be more productive with data.

sponsored by: SAS

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