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How QuickBooks and NetSuite Compare for Financial ERP Services Summary
Assess if your financial ERP system meets these criteria and compare how NetSuite compares to QuickBooks.

sponsored by: Oracle NetSuite
Are you Missing 82% of Your Ethics & Compliance Reports? Summary
40% of employees who see misconduct never report it, according to the ECOA National Business Ethics Survey. Take a look at this white paper to learn why an effective ethics and compliance program is crucial to business intelligence.

sponsored by: Navex Global
2017 SAP Australian Digital Experience Report Summary
In this study, learn where businesses are succeeding at digital customer experience management, and where they need to improve.

sponsored by: SAP
The Essential Guide to Modern Network Monitoring Summary
In this e-book, gain valuable insights into the tech trends impacting enterprise networks and issues those trends create for network management. Then, find out how to future-proof your network to support the demand for strong network performance and reliability.

sponsored by: CA Technologies
Workforce Management for Small and Midsize Contact Centers Summary
Explore how you can evaluate and evolve your workforce management practices for small and midsize contact centers, with the help of better workforce management tools.

sponsored by: NICE Systems
Seven Laws for Universal Data Summary
In this era of digital chaos, explore what you need to have a data management framework that can sort through the mess and provide useful information.

sponsored by: SAP
Definitive Guide to Incident Management Summary
Explore this 28-page guide to gain insight into incident management through advice and examples to help companies implement and manage effective ethics and compliance programs.

sponsored by: Navex Global
Report: IAM Leadership Compass Summary
This 53-page report provides an overview of the market for consumer IAM and provides you with a compass to help you find the IAM strategy that best meets your needs.

sponsored by: Janrain
SQL Server for the Oracle DBA Summary
The role of the DBA is evolving faster than ever and Oracle DBAs are increasingly expected to support Microsoft SQL Server. In this white paper, learn why organizations are adopting SQL Server and how to evaluate database management solutions.

sponsored by: Quest
Which Mobile Operating Systems Are Best For Your Company? Summary
Download this white paper to compare mobile the top OSes and uncover five things to consider when updating your mobility strategy.

sponsored by: SOTI Inc.
Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study Summary
Discover how business views have changed on advanced and predictive analytics.

sponsored by: TIBCO
How TIBCO Data Virtualization Software Delivers and Integrates Data Summary
Receive an introduction to TIBCO Data Virtualization. Explore features and benefits that can enable you to quickly integrate data with cost effectiveness.

sponsored by: TIBCO
Top Trends That Will Shape CIAM in 2018 and Beyond Summary
In order for digital businesses to manage, govern, and secure customers' access to systems and data without hurting the customer experience, businesses should implement a customer IAM strategy. This Forrester report details 12 key trends shaping the customer IAM landscape and how security and risk pros can respond to them in a productive manner.

sponsored by: Janrain
It's the Outcome, Not Output, That Matters Summary
Explore survey results to learn how you can deliver flexible self-service capabilities in a governed data environment.

sponsored by: IBM
Report: A 36-Criteria Evaluation of CRM Suites Summary
In this Forrester report, explore a 36-criteria evaluation of CRM suites to help you identify which tools may best fit your organization's needs.

sponsored by: Microsoft

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