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A Strategy for Moving from Reactive to Predictive Analytics Summary
Learn the importance of an information management strategy for companies in the oil and gas industry.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Analytics

by Elliott McClements | 0 comments
Smart Grid ≠ Smart Architecture Summary
With this article, the BeyeNETWORK is pleased to welcome Elliott McClements as the new expert leading our Energy Channel. In his first article, Elliott explains that smart meters/grid can provide great insight in terms of consumption, forecasting, demand response and trading. The necessary analytics to unearth these potential benefits have a significant latency requirement that will be explored in this article.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing

by Elliott McClements | 0 comments
Business Performance Management – A Road Map for Utilities Summary
This article examines how business performance management (BPM) has been positioned as a key strategic offering in the world of utilities.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence

by Sudz Kar, Marco Lopez | 0 comments
Building a Case for Change – Budgeting and Analytics Summary
Leading organizations are looking beyond traditional metrics like profit-and-loss metrics and expanding their forecasting processes to include cash flow, working capital and risk-adjusted returns for budgets and forecasts.

Topics: Analytics

by Sudz Kar | 0 comments
Emerging Dimensions in Budgeting – Sustainability Summary
Modeling sustainability entities during budget redesign will help in reducing costs to provide this valuable information downstream.

Topics: Analytics

by Sudz Kar | 0 comments
Phased Delivery for Business Intelligence Success Summary
To achieve business intelligence success, begin with a modest and achievable start, envision enterprise capabilities and functionality, and evolve over time by delivering capabilities through multiple phases.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Best Practices, Business Intelligence

by Christopher Oldham | 0 comments
Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence, Part 2 Summary
This article continues the discussion of the implications of the top 10 business intelligence trends.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Metadata, Unstructured Data, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

by John Ruddy | 0 comments
Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence, Part 1 Summary
What are the implications of the top 10 BI trends for the energy sector?

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Master Data Management (MDM), Information Quality (IQ)

by John Ruddy | 0 comments