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AI, Analytics and the Future of Your Enterprise Summary
Tapping into the power of big data is necessary, but daunting. Learn about emerging trends in big data, 3 major challenges you'll face, and how to prepare your storage for the influx of big data that's sure to come.

sponsored by: Pure Storage
Securely Managing your UNIX Environment Summary
Take a look at this white paper to uncover how IAM challenges within UNIX can be overcome with the right practices and tools.

sponsored by: One Identity
World of Change Summary
Which four major trends came together to create the current wave of change? How can your organization leverage these changes? Why will you need to lean on your employees to get you through the coming changes? Read this e-book to answer all these questions and more.

sponsored by: Ricoh - HarveyDavid
The Life-Changing Magic of Information Governance Summary
Learn how to create effective information governance with 3 keys to manage even cloud-based content soundly and securely throughout its entire lifecycle.

sponsored by: Box
Moving to the Cloud? Pro Tips for Vetting Cloud Vendors Summary
This white paper offers practical advice on selecting, implementing, and migrating to a new cloud offering safely and affordably.

sponsored by: J2 Cloud Services
A Modern Approach to Marketing Product Information Summary
CMOs are investing in an array of marketing tools, but now need a way to consolidate data into an efficient, easily accessible package. Access this white paper to learn about product information management tools and how they are helping marketing teams work more effectively.

sponsored by: Censhare
The New Age of Communications Summary
34% of digital marketers are now using personalized data, such as name, gender, and location to give their customers a more unique and personal experience. Access this white paper to learn how you can manage your personalization data to enhance your customers' experience.

sponsored by: Censhare
The Untapped Power of Self-Service Data Analytics Summary
Data analytics is critical for many business decision makers, but many still rely on spreadsheets and other legacy-era tools that fall far short of current needs. In this Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Report, learn how business and IT leaders across 15 industries use data analytics tools to gather critical insights.

sponsored by: Alteryx
360 Data Management for GDPR Summary
The GDPR is one of the most comprehensive global privacy regulation ever developed. Read this whitepaper to reveal approaches you can take to prepare for the GDPR.

sponsored by: Avnet
Become GDPR-Ready Summary
If organizations do not know what data they hold and where it is, they will not be able to comply with GDPR, risking their businesses. Read this white paper to reveal insight to prepare for the GDPR.

sponsored by: Avnet
Top 5 Data Discovery Applications for Optimizing Sales Operations Summary
A successful sales team is at the heart of every successful organization, but companies need powerful analytics & data discovery tools for their sales teams to harness insights. Explore the top 5 data discovery applications that sales teams can use to stay ahead of the competition.

sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated
Computer Weekly – 19 September 2017: Can DevOps deliver on its productivity promises? Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, DevOps is cited as a key element of digital transformation – we examine the challenges to delivering on its promise. Many retailers are investing in emerging technologies to gain an edge – but are they too far ahead of the curve? And could a new spirit of collaboration help UK broadband roll-out? Read the issue now.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
The IoT business model: Reduce inefficiencies, make money with IoT Summary
The internet of things could revolutionize modern business models, but the quest to make money with IoT requires a major investment in IT resources.

sponsored by: SearchCIO
Proliferating enterprise collaboration tools reshape the workplace Summary
The market for workplace collaboration tools has exploded. Find out how tools like Chatter, Glip and Microsoft Teams are making businesses more productive.

sponsored by: SearchContentManagement
SQL Server 2017 on Linux: Top 6 Reasons Companies Make the Move Summary
Find out how to deploy SQL Server 2017 on Linux with whatever language, platform, and on-premise or cloud deployment that suits your organization's needs best.

sponsored by: Microsoft

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