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Computer Weekly – 9 February 2016: How software protects people Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how software is helping to maintain safety in high-risk sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace and healthcare. We offer six tips from CIOs for innovation with data. And we examine the continuing threat to businesses from denial of service cyber attacks. Read the issue now.

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The Rise of Data Lakes Summary
Discover how data lakes can provide your organization with a one-stop hub for all aspects of big data, from initial ingestion to analytics-based action, to make big data more manageable unlock its hidden value.

sponsored by: Cambridge Semantics
HR Analytics Fuels Employee Management, Retention Summary
Thanks to analytics tools, HR's role is changing – enabling HR decision makers to be more strategic players in businesses. In this issue, learn how companies like Wawa Inc. and BJs are leveraging HR analytics, how data collection capabilities are heightening privacy concerns, 3 things you should know about SQL on Hadoop, and much more.

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Protect Privileged Credentials Across Traditional and Virtual Data Centers, and all Cloud Environments Summary
This white paper highlights a solution for privileged credential management that drives IT risk reduction and operational efficiency by supporting traditional, virtualized, and hybrid-cloud infrastructures. Read on to discover how this platform can allow your enterprise to protect and manage all your credentials.

sponsored by: CA Technologies.
Third-Party Analytics Tools Enrich SAP Choices Summary
Users can select from a vast array of SAP and third-party analytics tools to integrate data into SAP applications.

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The Challenge of Information Fragmentation—Where Is That Data? Summary
In this white paper you will discover how you can combat information fragmentation brought on by the cloud with a compressive information management framework that reduces risk and improves agility when it comes to locating data.

sponsored by: Veritas
Tiered Storage Architecture Demystified Summary
This white paper discusses the method of tiered storage architecture, and how to actively manage it to ensure that the different tiers meet your data requirements. Read on to learn the benefits of multi-tiering that your enterprise can take advantage of, including controlled costs, enhanced customer experiences, greater agility, and more.

sponsored by: Cintra/Oracle
Why Your Business Is (Probably) Drowning in a Data Deluge Summary
In this white paper, learn how you can extract value from a deluge of business data, and take control of your business information to glean actionable insights for your organization.

sponsored by: Cintra/Oracle
Thriving in the Age of Big Data Analytics and Self-Service Summary
Uncover the biggest trends in BI and analytics shaping the big data landscape. Discover how cloud delivery, consumer applications, and mobility are providing more information to companies, allowing decision makers to gain actionable insights faster.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
3 Biggest Challenges of Implementing Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Summary
In this e-guide, Naeem Hashmi discusses strategies to overcome episodic culture, data puddles, and IT leadership challenges in order to exploit the value of big data in healthcare organizations.

sponsored by: Dimensional Insight, Inc.
How Comprehensive Data Storage Architectures Can Benefit Your Business Summary
Explore the benefits of categorizing data and storing different grades on different tiers of hardware throughout your business. Discover how an engineered systems platform and storage appliances can drive even greater value when paired with your existing databases and applications.

sponsored by: Cintra/Oracle
Getting Real About Big Data: Build Versus Buy Summary
When it comes to updating your big data infrastructure, should your business build a customized solution, or should you buy one? This white paper explores the pros and cons of both sides, and can help you determine what big data infrastructural model is right for your organization.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Planning for Wireless Hospital Networks and RTLS Technologies Summary
This exclusive e-guide explores critical considerations for planning a hospital wireless network. Learn about planning access points, uncover the impact of real-time location systems (RTLS) for healthcare systems, and more.

sponsored by: Ekahau, Inc.
Information Lifecycle Management: Harness the Power of Your Data Summary
This resource discusses how a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management strategy can manage and govern any information that passes through your organization. Learn how you can cut costs, deliver better customer service, and improve business agility with this strategy.

sponsored by: Cintra/Oracle
State-sponsored Hacking troubles US Government Summary
This white paper explains what cyber threats the United States faces on a daily basis and what tools they have to combat them.

sponsored by: LogicNow

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