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Relizing the Value of Operational Analytics with Splunk and Red Hat Summary
In today's fast-paced, interconnected, and increasingly global market, gaining visibility into the critical applications that help meet business demands is imperative. The following white paper explores how you can do so with operational analytics. Read on to learn more and discover what it takes to leverage the technology in your own business.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Nucleus Research Note - Technology Value Matrix - First Half 2014 - Business Intelligence and Analytics Summary
The following business intelligence matrix report focuses on platforms and products that provide value in the key areas of business intelligence: enterprise-class scale and availability for data, transformation of raw data into analytic-ready queries and semantic categorization, data discovery and analysis tools, and much more.

sponsored by: IBM
HP Information Workflow Solutions for Manufacturing Brochure Summary
Access the following white paper to learn how manufactures can leverage hidden information to improve the quality and effectiveness of their operations.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited
Harvard Research Group Database Assessment: IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration Summary
Consult the following Harvard Research Group report to find out why so many businesses are going with IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration to gain deeper value from their data. Read on to learn about key driving benefits and much more.

sponsored by: IBM
10 Tips for Establishing Shared Service Center Operations Summary
Establishing and growing a global service center is boasts quite the opportunity for personal and professional growth, but unfortunately, doing so isn't always so cut and dry. The following white paper intends to help by providing readers with 10 tips for establishing shared service center operations. Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: Perceptive Software
Workload Awareness and Tiering Vital for Effective Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategies Summary
Access this resource to get results of a blind survey that will help you get a better understanding of the evolution of cloud across the world's largest IT organizations. You'll also learn how you can improve workload awarenessand tiering to ensure the success of your cloud approaches over the long term.

sponsored by: EMC Corporation
Unlocking Data to Transform Financial Services Summary
This white paper discusses data management in financial services, the key business drivers affecting the industry, how organizations are responding, and strategies you can use to transform your organization and accelerate data management optimization.

sponsored by: MuleSoft
Best Practices Brief – The 4 Pillars of Business Analytics Framework Summary
Access the following white paper to learn how to leverage the 4 pillars of business analytics to understand your application needs and design and build better overall applications.

sponsored by: Actuate
Ektron's Take on Mobile Web Content Management, Responsive Design, DAM Summary
In the following solution spotlight, Tom Wentworth, chief marketing officer for Ektron, offers critical insight on the important of mobile Web content management, responsive design, digital assets, and content across all channels.

sponsored by: IBM
No Magic Required for Effective Mobile Content Management Strategy Summary
Mobile devices are now mainstream in terms of enabling organizations' content. In this solution spotlight, Steve Weissman of Holly Group shares expert guidelines for developing a mobile content management strategy that will accelerate workforces and business processes.

sponsored by: IBM
The Evolution of Payables: How AP Invoice Automation Is Changing the Game Summary
Read more to find out how automating accounts payable (AP) has become an option for some retailers looking to streamline their process.

sponsored by: Esker Inc.
The Power of Barcode Technology Summary
Read this expert white paper to find out about why barcode technology remains the top ADIC for manufacturers, and what new technologies industry leaders are implementing to improve on an already effective system.

sponsored by: Loftware
How to get more out of Hadoop Summary
In this expert e-guide, discover how the latest SQL additions to Hadoop can improve interactive queries. Also learn how users are combining Hadoop and other big data frameworks to create powerful data processing platforms.

sponsored by: Hortonworks
Mobile from an Enterprise Perspective Summary
Becoming a mobile enterprise is about re-imagining your business around constantly connected customers and employees. This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at key challenges with mobility.  Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: IBM
Mobility Management Evolves Into BYOD and Beyond Summary
Enterprises have come to rely on BYOD policies as they strive to balance user privacy with security concerns. However, IT is shifting its focus to apps, data and the cloud.

sponsored by: SearchEnterpriseDesktop

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