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BYOD: Keeping the Benefits While Staying Secure Summary
In this e-guide, learn not only to maximize the benefits of BYOD for your enterprise, but also discover the how to mitigate the downsides and secure the traffic coming out of all these devices connecting to your network.

sponsored by: IBM
BT Cloud Compute Security: Together, We Make The Cloud Secure Summary
Discover the threats every cloud user potentially faces, introductions to advanced security measures to counteract them, and the policies and procedures to help you safeguard your valuable information. You'll also find tips to facilitate the responsibility you must necessarily take for the protection of your own data.

sponsored by: BT
City of Los Angeles Integrates Real-Time Security Intelligence Sharing Summary
Access now to learn the challenges the city of Los Angeles faced and how they were ultimately resolved.

sponsored by: Splunk
Enterprise Content Management Strategies for Integration, Access, and Control Summary
Implementing the right ECM strategy can be difficult: it means striking the correct balance between accessibility, control, and data integration. In this e-guide, we explore the concept of ECM software integration, enabling you to share formerly siloed information. You'll learn how to optimize user access without sacrificing IT control.

sponsored by: IBM
Predictive Marketing Analytics Removes the Guesswork Summary
Predictive marketing can eliminate the guesswork in the highly competitive marketplace and improve the customer journey on the road to increased sales.

sponsored by: SearchCRM
Traceability In Process Manufacturing Summary
Explore the features and benefits of asset management tools for traceability, including: improved supplier relations, product movement tracking and recording, and more.

sponsored by: Infor
Worldwide Shipping Organization's HR Team Gains New Organizational Structure Summary
In this case study, learn how Maersk Group, a large worldwide shipping organization, enabled their HR team to gain increased transparency across organizational units, the ability to browse the organization structure and access relevant key data, and more.

sponsored by: Ingentis
Can Tape Storage Save Us From the Zettabyte Apocalypse Summary
Uncover the top 5 reasons why tape storage can be essential in managing the upcoming "zettabyte apocalypse" of new data. Discover how tape storage can provide your enterprise with resiliency, growth in capacity, LTFS enhancements, and more.

sponsored by: Iron Mountain
Can Secure Cloud Storage Solve the Long-Term Archiving Dilemma? Summary
Explore the cloud-based archive solutions market, and discover the benefits of object storage as flexible software construct for digital archives. Together, cloud services and object storage can provide your enterprise with the ability to leverage an object storage repository without building a large infrastructure for it.

sponsored by: Iron Mountain
BYOD and mHealth: Navigating Security and HIPAA Summary
BYOD is almost the new norm for healthcare providers, and it has introduced the challenge of protecting devices and data without restricting employees' mobile capabilities. Find out how you can navigate the complex task of meeting HIPAA regulations while allowing the use of BYOD apps and devices, cloud services, and desktop virtualization.

sponsored by: Optum
Mobility In Government Services: A Checklist Towards Regulatory Compliance Summary
Discover the struggles faced by the mobile solutions used by government organizations and not only why compliance is so challenging, but also why it's vitally important.

sponsored by: BlackBerry
Learn the Virtues of Data Classification for Remedying Dark Data Challenges Summary
Research firm IDC states that up to 90% of big data environments today are made up of dark data. Learn how to define, understand, and identify dark data symptoms. Plus, explore ways to remediate dark data challenges and map your data into 4 categories to measure usage and derive value.

sponsored by: Infogix
Mobility In Financial Services: A Regulatory Compliance Checklist Summary
Discover a checklist towards regulatory compliance on achieving regulatory compliance for mobility/EMM initiatives. Uncover key considerations, such as: what questions you should be asking your RFP/RFQ to EMM vendors, understanding who the key regulators are and their areas of interest, and more.

sponsored by: BlackBerry
The Future of Data Warehousing Infrastructure and Architectures Summary
This e-guide examines how a shift from traditional data warehousing (DW) appliances to an infrastructure that combines traditional DWs with big data technologies offers new opportunities for businesses to address needs such as costs, flexibility and agility while eliminating key technology silos.

sponsored by: IBM
Enterprise Integration: Identify Areas to Improve and Remain Competitive Summary
Learn how a configurable, cloud-based web experience that supports single sign-on, common navigation, and a common look across application can streamline ERP for users.

sponsored by: VAI, Vormittag Associates, Inc.

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