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Build A Strong Data Foundation With A Scalable Relational Database Summary
Investigate the resources provided on the pages of this flipbook to discover a relational database program that is able to provide a secure environment for real-time analytics that you can scale to fit your business needs.

sponsored by: IBM
How to Choose the Right ERP Solution Summary
Picking the right ERP tool to manage your resources isn't easy. It's imperative that you research and find one that will meet your business needs. This guide takes you through a 6-step decision-making process to get the best ERP tool for your business.

sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited
5 Questions To Answer Before You Buy Into Or Renew Your Maintenance With Veritas Summary
Learn five reasons why you should rethink your data protection and information management vendor. Discover how factors like the scale of your organization, business attitude, innovation, and, most importantly, value should affect your next vendor decision.

sponsored by: Commvault
Forecasting BI Trends In 2017 Summary
This BARC Research Study reveals a comprehensive picture of regional, company and industry specific differences in the BI market. The study is broken down into 6 areas, discussing top trending topics in BI this year, which industries are best leveraging BI, how the perception of the importance of BI trends varies across the world and more.

sponsored by: Yellowfin
Bringing machine learning into the machine-data analytics fold Summary
One of the biggest challenges facing modern organization is harnessing diverse and increasingly profuse amounts of data to gain valuable business insights. With the launch of a broad array of machine learning, Splunk provides a comprehensive answer to this challenge. Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: Splunk
Open Source Tools: The Building Blocks of Big Data Management Summary
In this expert e-guide, we examine the evolution of open source big data software and the proliferation of platforms like Apache Spark and Hadoop. Inside, you'll learn how open source tools can act as the building blocks of big data management and uncover key considerations for implementing a sound big data strategy.

sponsored by: InterSystems
Ultra-Fast Data Access Is The Key To Unleashing Full Big Data Potential Summary
Accessing, analyzing, and actioning with big data are among the key challenges facing every enterprise. In this detailed report from Forrester, you'll see key drivers and challenges with Big Data, and some clear recommendations on how to proceed.

sponsored by: Lenovo
Search-Driven BI for a Customer-Centric Business World Summary
In this expert e-guide, we explore how to tackle the challenges of implementing self-service and leveraging big data for advanced analytics. Inside, learn about a search-driven BI approach that enables faster, more data-driven decision-making with smart, highly automated and easy-to-use analytics tools.

sponsored by: CA Technologies
Tell Your Data Story Clearly With Automated Reporting Summary
Find out how automated analytical reporting can help you can craft contextual narratives that dynamically change when your data does. Learn to automate weekly reports, create text that dynamically changes based on the rules you've created, use an intuitive scheduling engine to remove error, and more.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
5 Trends Impacting Customer Engagement & Support Summary
Every business seems to understand the urgent need to provide the best customer experience possible, so why do many struggle to meet customer expectations? Access this e-book to uncover 5 trends with the biggest impact on customer engagement and support. Learn how you can win the hearts and minds of today's connected customers.

sponsored by: BoldChat - LogMeIn
Your Guide To E-Procurement Software Summary
In this e-guide, learn the key points to consider when choosing your e-procurement software. Plus, discover a comparison of the top 15 vendors, and an in-depth look at one vendor's purchase-to-pay feature. Access tis e-guide now to find out which e-procurement best suits your business' needs.

sponsored by: Basware
Delivering Analytically Injected Digital Personalization for Online and Offline Data Summary
This white paper outlines SAS solutions and architectural considerations for providing web content personalization. Learn how you can collect clickstream data in the cloud to better analyze customer browsing behavior for more targeted personalization.

sponsored by: SAS
VxRack System 1000 with Flex Nodes Overview Summary
This white paper focuses upon a portfolio of converged infrastructure (CI) solutions; access now and see whether CI is right for your business.

sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®
CW Benelux ezine November 2016 - January 2017 Summary
In this quarter's CW Benelux ezine we analyse where the Netherlands stands on mobile payments. The country is not shy to try out the latest and greatest technologies to improve lifestyles and increase efficiency.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Enterprise NoSQL for Dummies Summary
In this special edition e-book, read about the ins and outs of what makes NoSQL different from a traditional RDBMS, and discover its capabilities and limitations. Learn how to combine data from a variety of sources in one platform; discover 10 questions to ask before moving to a NoSQL database, find real-world industries that use NoSQL, and more.

sponsored by: MarkLogic

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