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McKnight on Improving Data Warehouse Performance

In this podcast, Craig Stedman, an executive editor within TechTarget's Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, interviews William McKnight about improving data warehouse performance.
White Paper: Improving Data Quality Through Data Modeling

White paper: Master Data Management - Making Information Management the Foundation of the Future

AMR Research Looks at Retail RFID Adoption

AMR researchers review what the industry has learned since April of 2004 when the first cases of consumers goods product with RFID tags shipped to Wal-Mart retail stores and forecast the future of RFID in improving retail interactions.
RFID Recruiters

Specializing in recruiting services for companies and individuals involved with RFID technologies, products, applications and services.
Axcess International

The company provides full system RFID solutions for improving productivity and security in industry and government.  
RFID Passports Cloned Without Opening the Package

A security consultant discovered how to clone a passport as it's being mailed to its recipient, without ever opening the package.
What the Experts Say about RFID

Read what the experts have to say about RFID technology.
An RFID Makeup Test That Goes Well Beyond Cosmetics

An innovative RFID trial in Tokyo is using RFID-tagged lipstick to record when various products are sampled and to give store clerks a full customer history of products purchased and tried.
Edible RFID

Kodak recently submitted patent application for edible RFID tags to be used to probe a person's digestive system.
RFID and Beyond by Claus Heinrich

Leading business and technology experts offer contributions, business scenarios and insights on the value of RFID for both companies and the end consumer.
RFID Field Guide by Manish Bhuptani and Shahram Moradpour

Whatever your industry or application, RFID Field Guide is your comprehensive guide to planning, designing, and deploying RFID technology into your business.
RFID in the Enterprise by Tom Polizzi

This Handbook is about successfully incorporating RFID Technology into existing Enterprise Automation Systems to cut costs dramatically.
RFID Compliancy Help Available

RFID, Ltd., Denver, is offering an inexpensive slap and ship tag-only RFID solution to small businesses that may be feeling financially stressed by the RFID compliancy mandate issued by the Department of Defense and Wal-Mart.
Tech Trade Groups Form RFID Council

The RFID Technology Council will support the U.S. Senate RFID Caucus, which was formed last summer to better understand RFID technology and its potential benefits. RFID is still seen as too expensive for widespread use, and international interoperability standards have yet to be developed. The Council aims to work on both issues.

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