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What Digital Transformation Means for HR and Payroll Summary
We're currently in a time of transformation in HR and payroll. Learn how you can bring together social media, mobile apps and platforms, people analytics, and new technologies to provide new ways to manage your payroll and create a great workplace experience.

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Employee Performance Management: 4 Strategies For HR Leaders Summary
According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 90% of performance appraisals are painful and don't work. It's time for HR to rethink traditional forms of employee performance management. Learn 4 strategies that HR leaders can use to help manage the performance of talent more effectively.

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CW Nordics May 2017 Summary
The cloud is so pervasive within enterprises today that it is easy to understate the way it has changed businesses. The internet of things is putting your security at risk. How did application performance monitoring prevent a business disaster? Read on to explore all this and much more.

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Embedding Analytics in the Organization Summary
How can organizations embed analytics more thoroughly? Find out how in this research brief from the International Institute for Analytics. Access now and discover how to execute 5 common success factors.

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Making the Business Case for Analytics: 5 Best Practices for Getting Approval Summary
Business analytics help decision makers understand and improve their business. But it can be hard to make the case for investing in analytics technology. Learn 5 best practices for assembling a business case to secure funding for your analytics initiative.

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Modern Infrastructure E-zine – May 2017 Summary
Cloud computing is influencing data center strategies, as lessons in efficiency are increasingly being applied to on-premises IT environments.

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The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 365 For Healthcare Organizations Summary
Forrester Consulting looked at ways that healthcare organizations might benefit from Microsoft Office 365. Uncover the complete results of this Total Economic Impact study and see what Microsoft Office 365 could mean for your organization – including a potential 212% ROI.

sponsored by: Microsoft
How to Deliver Comprehensive, End-to-End Mobile Security Summary
Learn how EMM could be your key to managing personal devices in a corporate setting at scale – without impacting user experience, and without inflating costs or introducing security risks.

sponsored by: Citrix
IT as a Service: Transforming Your Organization into a Trusted Service Provider Summary
Learn the essentials of implementing IT as a Service (ITaaS), and how to transform your organization into a trusted services provider. Access now to create a sustainable ITaaS model by deconstructing the importance of modular services; value of hybrid cloud delivery models; ITaaS lifecycle management, and more.

sponsored by: IBM
5 Principles That Enable Service Providers to Grow Summary
Access this white paper to learn the 5 principles service providers should implement across their architecture to maintain profitability moving into the future.

sponsored by: NetApp SolidFire
Cloud ERP – a sleeping giant awakes? Summary
For a long time now, ERP has been an important but sleepy aspect of enterprise IT. But is the time for cloud ERP now?

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Support Services and Customer Engagement: What's Changing? Summary
The traditional support organization focused on break/fix is a thing of the past. The successful support organization of 2017 and beyond is one focused on the overall customer experience. Learn about the current state of support services, including how to strengthen your customer experience and engagement strategy.

sponsored by: LogMeIn, Inc.
How Anaplan Could Have Prevented One of the Most Notorious Excel® Errors of All Time Summary
When 3 researchers reproduced a well-known Harvard economics report, they didn't expect to find a massive Excel® coding error. Learn how Anaplan could have prevented the mistakes within the report, and how to circumvent your own coding errors.

sponsored by: Anaplan
Guide to Wholesale Distribution Software Summary
As the wholesale distribution industry becomes increasingly competitive, it's not just about offering the lowest prices anymore. Learn how business leaders can find ways to add layers of service to set themselves apart and build customer loyalty.

sponsored by: Infor
8 Signs Your Organization Has Outgrown it's Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting Processes Summary
Only half of surveyed finance teams said their CFO is doing a good job of exploring and implementing emerging technologies, like cloud-based systems. Learn how to assess if your organization has outgrown your current planning system, and whether you need to make important technological investments.

sponsored by: Anaplan

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